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Review HZ024: Reunion at the Old Castle

This first arc of the anime is already off to a roaring conclusion if this episode was any indication.

It was great for Liko to finally see her grandmother Diana and even better than that Sango and Onyx finally get to head out into action and I'm loving Sango's personality already. She's no doubt gonna rock the house with her appearances for me.

Hamber's catching my interest as well since he seems to already be familiar with Diana.

And we've got Amethio swaggering in like nobody's business already curious about Terapagos which perfectly sets the stage for next week's action filled episode.
And the plot thickens...

Terapagos seems to recognize or feel some sort of connection with Amethio.

I loved how Hatenna would try to stop baby T from wandering off to potential trouble. I think this new dynamic and Sprig's moodiness are setting up the episode about Sprigatito.
It was nice to get Diana's official introduction, though this episode was overall pretty dull imo. I'm excited for next week since it looks like things will be more action packed. I'm also glad we'll finally be seeing the pink haired explorer girl. Her design is great.
I wonder what's up with Agate.
Amethio, Hamber, Sango, and Onyx were all in the episode and I think I heared either Hamber either talking to or talking about Spinel. But Agate is just not involved. Was it just too many people for one episode (The next one not this one) so she got left out or what.
Wonder if they are going to go the "Liko and Amethio are (Distantly) related" route or the "Liko (and Diana i suppose) aren't related to Lucius at all in reality" route if thats true.
I'm guessing the former but ive seen the latter theorized.
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What a great episode with Liko and her grandmother, Diana reunion with the before storm moment into full reckoning after two week break from last month. Surprised that Liko grandmother didn't know the pendant is actually Terapagos all the time as in the past found. Also, Amethio and Liko related? Does that means, they are cousin? Only time will find out in upcoming episode.

Overall rating: B+
Surprised that Liko grandmother didn't know the pendant is actually Terapagos all the time as in the past found.
This means Liko and Roy both got heirlooms from their grandparents that they just found and had no idea of their true potential.
Back after the break and we finally get to meet up with Diana, who has a bunch of information to give us.

Her family has seemingly had the pendant for a long time and she has known about the existence of Terapagos, but she did not know that the two of them were one in the same. She also has a history with Hamber, which I am interested to learn more about. They talk about the mythical paradise Raqua, which I'm guessing will be very important down the road.

Terapagos reacted very strangely when Amethio arrived. Like Arctic mentioned earlier in the thread, it makes me wonder if Liko and Amethio are distantly related. I did consider the twist that Liko and Diana actually aren't related to Lucius, but the physical similarities (namely their hair color) is way too intentional to be a coincidence.

I think Agate and Spinel were said to be busy doing something else, which is why they aren't coming this time. Hamber also expressed his disapproval of Amethio acting on his own.

Again, we see that the Explorer admins just do not get along with each other.
It was cool to see all the Pokemon who hang out with her at the castle. Nice to see more Galar Pokemon animated.

Fuecoco tried to eat straight-up grass. He really is head-empty, lmao.

I'm excited to see some action next episode. It'll be cool to see more of the Explorers in action and how our heroes deal with them. I hope Friede and Amethio can at least finish their Charizard/Ceruledge match-up this time. I'm interested to see how Liko and Roy show off their development as trainers and how Sango and Onyx behave in battle.
So Liko's grandmother owns a castle as one of several hideouts (with a mostly useless Stonjourner as a gate), knows Hamber, and knows what Terapagos is but didn't know the pendant was one (and seemingly doesn't know about the Scarlet or Violet Book). The pendant was just something she found in her attic as a kid and not a well-cared-for family heirloom despite being an entire legendary Pokémon. Rakua is a place (probably Area Zero or some part of it but no one seems to know that yet.) Terapagos seems rather excitable, when it isn't sleeping, and reacts particularly strongly to mentions of Lucius and Rakua as well as Ametheo for some unknown reason (the theory that he's a distant relative of Liko seems plausible enough).
I feel like the main problem with Rakua being Area Zero is the fact its described as some mystical place you must travel to the ends of the world to find whereas area zero is... just kinda in the smack dab middle of Paldea, hard to miss.
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