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Preview HZ031: The Song in the Mist

I don't see two Hero pokemon ending up in the same region, assuming they're still in Galarian territory. Anyway, a shiny(?) Lapras sounds exciting.
For some reason I doubt this would be the 6 hero Lapras, if only because they just found G-Moltres in the same region. But I could also see them making it a G-Max Lapras, so maybe it's possible.
Though let's not get TOO excited.

As common and spread out as Lapras are, there's a good chance this ISN'T Lucius'.

While some people may've been disappointed/confused/annoyed that Lucius had a Lapras, I was intrigued because, ironically, it will be the second hardest to find (after Kleavor). Because instead of trying to find a needle in a haystack, they'll have to look for a specific needle among other needles. ;)

Besides, it's too soon for another one of the Six Heroes when we JUST got G-Moltres, and it's supposed to be a Hero Pokemon per region.
It's been about as many episodes as there was between Arboliva and Moltres so it's possible.
Also it sounds to be like they are at the ocean rather than any region in particular. (I can only assume the airship can still float like a normal ship so they can land there)
Well, judging from the title, it sounds like this is where they encounter Lucius's Lapras. And if it turns out to be shiny, even better, considering we've never seen a shiny Lapras in the anime before. It would also serve to set it apart from other Lapras and make it more "special" compared to others of its species, like how Lucius's Arboliva was a giant Pokemon.
Moltres was giant, too. And if the opening isn't exaggerating its size, Rayquaza's also bigger than normal.

Also, I feel it's too early to go after another Hero. We only just got Moltres. Plus, you'd think that in a world traveling series, they wouldn't stick two Heroes in the same location.
Moltres was giant, too. And if the opening isn't exaggerating its size, Rayquaza's also bigger than normal.
Actually, Lucius's Galarian Moltres is normal sized, and so is Rayquaza. Remember, Moltres stands 6'07", and Rayquaza is 23 feet long. And when they showed Lucius standing next to Moltres, it was only a little taller than him.
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Title and Summary courtesy of Dephender at Serebii, set to air December 1st

Liko and the others hear of a shining Laplace and decide to search the sea for it, thinking it might be the one that's part of the Six Heroes...!
What good luck Lapras is going to appear and is one that's part of the Six Heroes.
And what place where in the region?
That thing looked 3-4 times taller than Liko, so unless there's inconsistencies in animation, I'm leaning towards it being giant like Arboliva.
It's not. There was an inconsistency in the animation. Watch the scene right after that where Lucius talks to it in that "flashback" part with the mist-Moltres is only a little taller than him.
I checked back as well and I don't think it's an inconsistency. It seems intentional with the ancient Pokemon appearing to have grown big since Lucius.

These two scenes are back to back and the size difference is too jarring to be accidental.

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