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Preview HZ033: Roaring Black Rayquaza

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Feb 6, 2010
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  1. He/Him
Airs December 15th.

Title and staff list courtesy of Dephender at Serebii.

Screenplay 佐藤大 (Dai Satō)
Storyboard 中田誠 (Makoto Nakata)
Episode Director 中田誠 (Makoto Nakata)
Animation Director 忍田雄介 (Yusuke Oshida)
Animation Director 服部奈津美 (Natsumi Hattori)
Animation Director 中矢利子 (Toshiko Nakaya)
I wonder if this episode will have anything to do with Terapagos gaining its Terastal Form, only reason that I can think of why they're hiding the title as it is revealed in tomorrow's episode
the episode is coming out right after indigo disk so the timeline adds up for this to be the episode where they start to be allowed to do more with terapagos
Actual title and summary:

The Rising Volt Tacklers thought the case was closed after they got their feelings across to the Laplace from the Six Heroes... but then the Black Rayquaza they had been chasing down suddenly appeared high up in the sky! Roy yells a challenge to a battle at it... but then Amethio from the Explorers barges in! Liko and the others are in deep trouble after Rayquaza gets enraged from being attacked... but then Terapagos' body starts shining?!
Well looks like Terapagos is revealing it's true form after all. (But nobody saw that coming though, riiiiight? :ROFLMAO:)
Oof Ceruledge is gonna take another butt-kicking this time from Rayquaza.
Only this time it's just straight-up getting destroyed from the get-go from the looks of it. (Not really surprising though considering who it's Trainer is foolishly having it face.)

But Roy wants to battle this absolute monster though.....riiight. With what? His Fuecoco (who didn't even stand a chance against Ceruledge, the very Pokemon Rayquaza just curbstomped) and Wattrel? Yeah.....keep dreaming, kid. The fight between Roy and Rayquaza would last all of about......a nanosecond. I really hope Roy realizes this. He's got a looooong way to go before he even stands a minute chance of challenging a Rayquaza.
It's Amethio time... only the poor guy isn't getting his world rocked or interrupted by Friede this time around.
Wouldn't surprise me if at some point Roy gets a Legendary to try and stand a chance against Rayquaza.
Maybe they totally shock us and this is where Fuecoco evolves? Not a serious prediction but I could see it happening. It would make sense narratively considering Roy and Fuecoco want to battle it. Though, Terapagos transforming is likely the big part of the episode.

I'm excited to see Rayquaza be the beast that it is. Backhanding Ceruledge into the earth. Another L for Amethio.

I wonder if the Lapras, Moltres, and Arboliva will come out again.
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