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Review HZ042: Transform! Hero of the Seas, Irukaman!!

What a funny and lame episode for to see the debut of Wiglett, Finizen and Palafin with both Zero and Hero Form. On top of that, Ludlow have a alter ego such as Mighty G. Look like it not a total washed of him to show how rip. He and Palafin saves the day by claiming down bunch of Klawf when paparazzi try to reveal the identity of Palafin and accidentally provoke it.

Overall rating: B-

Well that sucks, really thought Kilowattrel would debut by Roy's Wattrel evolving into it, oh well. (Also, damn! Just like in the games, Kilowattrel's huge! :lapras:)

Oh, and speaking of Wattrel, y'know what else is sad? That we got to see more of these two random wild Wattrel here than Roy's. Seriously, when the hell is that poor neglected bird gonna be able to do anything?!? :tentacruel:
I had a feeling Ludlow was still holding out on us...but I didn't expect THIS! :lapras:

Well......that episode was, uhhhhh.......something. Yep. It was something, all right.
This sure was... an episode. Of the pokemon anime. That I have indeed watched... it happened alright I do not know what else to say
What? They just kickin' thangs old school, OS-style! Dis hewe like sumthin from the Shudo era! :p
The superhero theme made this more interesting than it had any right to. Ludlow I can easily see becoming a dark horse character in this show if it keeps up. I'll give this an 8, fun stuff.
And also, he is the Master Roshi of Pokemon series.
Uh, I slept through the initial airing and I’m only just watching it now. Unfortunately, this meant the internet spoiled the punchline hours in advance, so the hype was kinda killed for me. I’m not bitter, not at all, Eitarou lied through his teeth.

Funny how Ludlow is the All Might parody when we have Miyake literally voicing Murdock. Maybe they’ll get to team up in the future.

God, I love episodes like these that show you in depth how a Pokémon is supposed to work. I know the cape and gloves are supposed to be made of water, but I never expected them to be come off and be used in such ways.

Ludlow once again proves he could solo literally everyone if he unleashed a mere 10% of his true power. They have to nerf him otherwise the show would’ve ended before episode 10.
That was a really fun episode. I love episodes about highlighting a certain species.

Sprigatito looked like she sniffed out Ludlow already and I guess Quaxly just likes people who have an alter ego.
Really nice episode. I love Palafin, so this was certainly a treat. I like how Liko was the only one who respected Palafin's wish to not be seen transforming, which caused it to a take a liking to her. It was also nice to see a ton of Paldean Pokémon debuting here like Wigglet, Nacli, and Klawf. Ludlow being this secret superhero was a surprise. I still don't care much for the adult Volt Tacklers but I admit that this made him far more interesting. I wish Dot would have also gone to the beach with Liko and Roy, but it's totally in character for why she wouldn't want to go. I'll give this episode a 7/10.
A surprisingly fun episode!

Ludlow being an All Might parody was not something I was expecting! Him mentioning his 3 minute time limit made me go "OHHHHHH, I GET IT." I should have known there was something more to him. I liked how in his regular form he has these deep philosophical quotes while it seems like his hero form makes really silly puns like "hear-o". I wonder how long it will be until everybody finds out that Ludlow is Mighty G (presumably during a conflict with the Explorers).

Liko respecting Palafin's feelings was a nice showcase of her personality and she got to see its transformation because of it. Of course, totally dodging the "has to be sent out into battle, recalled, and sent back in to transform" gimmick.

A ton of Paldea Pokemon got to make their anime debuts, which was nice!
Liko befriends a wild Palafin (even becoming the only one to see it transform) and Landau is revealed to secretly be the superhero Mighty G (who relies on a Sharpedo rather than his Quagsire). Also, some suspicious people who are probably the Explorers built a thing for some reason. The last of those points will definitely come up again but the other two have a decent chance as well.
This episode was...cringe. Well, I'll describe it in quarters: the first quarter was adorable, the second quarter seemed like the start of something interesting but then fizzled out, the third episode seemed like the start of something even more interesting, and then in the fourth quarter it all devolved into this cringe where Landau turns into All-Might out of nowhere. Liko's reaction to Mighty G's stupid pun is the only understandable thing in this episode. And was there indeed not even a plot here, or did I miss something???

In brief, this episode reminded me that this is a weekly kids' show. I'm more excited by the preview for next week's episode, where we finally get to see the Explorers again.
Guys are huge fans of Palafin. They want to see it transforming.
They set up scenario to trick Palafin into transforming. It goes horribly wrong.
Liko helps Palafin. It saves the day. Also Ludlow is a superhero.

It’s not complicated.
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