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Review HZ043: A Letter of Challenge from the Explorers

Kind of a slow start, but I'll give it a pass since it's the opener for a 3 episode saga climax.

I'm glad the Explorers are shown to be capable battlers.

Also, congratulations Tinkatink for passing Wattrell in screentime and development (and being used in a battle next episode).
Good episode that's elevated a lot by Coral's fun shenanigans as she's trying to make it to Liko and Roy. Also they went all out on that part where she eats that Rowlet lollipop. Things are no doubt going to be upped tenfold as they put their plans into motion next week.
Fun enough episode. I do question Sango and Onyx's choice to send the ice type against the fire type and the rock type agains the grass type, the exact opposite of the smart match ups on their part.

Im guessing the energy burst from Sprigatito was meant to be Overgrow activating?
Decent episode. It's always nice to see Coral in the spotlight. She's the only remotely interesting member of the Explorers. I like that Liko and Roy were able to battle against her and Sidan pretty well, and hold their own decently enough. That said, I do find it interesting that the only real 'damage' dealt is when Fuecoco launches Glalie into Garganacl. It's fitting though, since Liko and Roy still aren't on their power level, but are showing improvements since last time. I'm excited to see the more serious battling take place next time. 7/10.
Good stuff here. Coral might just end up being my favorite of the explorers and never would think this Sea Diglettman thing was so popular even the bad guys want it. A highlight of mine's was seeing Sprigatito activating it's Overgrow ability!
The build-up to the end of Season 1 is near and this was a decent one to begin with. 8 out of 10.
What a intense buildup episode and also to see how Sango have being childish for not got her wanted with Wiglett Cookies. Ashamed, it is a beatdown from explorer as kids can't stand a chance.

Overall rating: B-
I just knew Sango was gonna be pissed because she couldn't get the sweets, but I didn't expect her to be mad specifically because it was a collector's item. She was crushed when Liko opened that box lmao. Sango is easily the best Explorer with her chaotic personality. I like the detail of her Rotom Phone having tape and stuff on it, implying she probably broke it during one of her tantrums.

Onyx having an Aerodactyl as his flying Pokemon is cool.

Sprigatito activates Overgrow for the first time, so hopefully that comes in handy later on.

The little subplot about Tinkatink wanting to bring the food back to share with Quaxly was nice. If only Wattrel could do, well, anything. I don't think it has done anything of note since it assisted in the Moltres battle.
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Eh I wouldn't say Karen. I feel like this is how a lot of people who stand in line for limited time things act if they miss out.
Not that that's a good thing, but it Is a thing
Awhile ago, I brought up the possibility of Spinel becoming Dot’s personal opponent.

Now I’m feeling the same for Coral and Roy + Sidian and Liko. They even had Liko and Sidian use the same “I don’t like where this going” phrase.

That just leaves Chalce and Hamber.
The battle in this episode was rather slow for a battle. Liko and Roy were able to hold their own, without an adult carrying them for the entire time the battle lasted—I take that as a second small victory, after "Operation Perfuton Pals".
Liko and Roy get free manjuu for helping out an old man and end up in a battle against Sango and Onyx (the former having properly waited in line without getting her manjuu to her great annoyance). Sango continues to be adorable and insane. The battle is interrupted by the Explorers being called to an operation to summon Rayquayza (confirming they were the suspicious group who made that tower from last episode). Meanwhile, Tinkatink gets food and shares it with Quaxly.
I certainly enjoyed the pokemon battle in this episode. About time Liko & Roy faced off against the explorers on their own. Sango & Onyx are not a bad duo and their personalities makes up for good interactions between them, they should get more screentime. It was hilarious when Aerodactyl caught Sango and dragged her away.
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