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Dec 30, 2008
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This blog is just a place for me to place random ideas that hit me. Might also double as a dream journal? Maybe? Who knows ¯\(ツ)
Let's start with something I've been brewing over for a while

  • MC inherits his grandfather's flat
  • The building is near some supposedly haunted woods with multiple disappearances over several decades
  • Grandpa kept muttering about spirits/fairies/etc throughout his life
  • "Those poor kids... They took them..." < - Grandpa's words
  • Grandpa investigated multiple times, all of which ended with him unconscious outside the woods
  • "Yeah when I was a lad there were lots of times where your nan got a call saying they found him unconscious again"
  • MC investigates, definitely saw what his grandfather did but gets found unconscious too
  • Something teases him about his grandfather's death, perhaps the same entity that took those people

  • Grandpa did not kill those people
  • The missing people are eventually found and taken out, having not aged a single day since their disappearances
  • There's a Prince who's due to be crowned King
  • The old King was a bit of a tyrant (important later)
  • The citizens like our Prince better
  • There's two prominent warring families
  • The Prince always solved incidents peacefully
  • One day there's a massive incident
  • Peace isn't working, and he snaps
  • He has every single member arrested
  • All their friends are hunted down as well
  • Oh he is not happy lmao
  • The citizens are shocked at his sudden ruthlessness
  • Even his advisers are begging him to just banish them
Just had a cool dream.

So I befriend this girl from some experimental facility. I disappear for a while until I get told to immediately return because she'd taken hostages.
Later, after we free the hostages, an antagonist tries to kill her, but the blade fails and he gets his head split.
The girl then revealed her true form as a portal to another planet, whose people want to take earth's place. But they claim that earth can still be accessed by their moon which is nice.
Then all of a single sudden the girl reappears, and turns out she was replaced by portal girl just before kidnapping people. Then I appear and it ends with neither of us wanting the assimilation.

10/10 tbh
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