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Larry voted favourite Gym Leader among citizens of Paldea for the third consecutive year; victory dubbed "sick joke" by Top Champion

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A photo of Larry celebrating together with fellow Elite Four member Rika, taken by Bulbagarden's own Blanc
The votes are in and the people have spoken: with 71% of the votes, Larry is once again your winner of the most popular Gym Leader in Paldea! The hardworking man presently serves as both a member of the region's Elite Four, where he uses the Flying-Type, and the leader of the Medali Gym, where he uses the Normal-Type.

Larry has gained an unexpected following over the past few years. The comments have been flooding in from across the region as the celebrations get underway. "I want to be just like Larry when I grow up!" one young person said. "He has a great fashion sense!" an elderly woman remarked. A student named Clive had this to say: "Larry got my vote because of how hardworking he is. My fellow students could stand to learn a thing or two from him."

The praise has also been coming in from many of those involved in the League. His fellow Gym Leader and second-place finisher Iono heaped praise upon him. "Larry is just the best!" she commented. "Sure, my stream is super popular. But I can't even begin to compare how great he is! Everyone loves Larry!" Director Clavell, headmaster of the region's largest academy, said to reporters, "I have seen many people involved in the Paldea League over my long life. None have been as inspiring as Larry." Another source, who wished to remain anonymous, said, "I love Mr. Larry! He's my best friend!"

The Top Champion of Paldea, Ms. 'La Primera' Geeta, was unamused at the result. "This is ridiculous," she said in an interview with Paldea Times. "It has to be some kind of sick joke. I have reason to suspect that ballot stuffing took place. I am presently investigating it, and there will be severe consequences for everyone involved if and when I find the truth." Ms. Geeta declined to comment on her reasons for suspicion and walked away from the interview in a huff.

The man gave only a short statement on his victory: "Really? Huh." He then excused himself to get back to work. People have agreed that his modesty is to be admired.

Larry has been a member of the Paldea League for over 25 years. No other person in the history of Paldea has managed a feat such as this. Huge congratulations to Larry!
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