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If you had one Legendary what would it be?

Arceus because he can force every other legendary to be under my control. Also, since he is God there, I could control the Universe.
Heatran definatly, I think it has the most interesting design and wouldn't do much damage to take it out of the system.
That or Giratina origin form but that would mess things up too much :p
I personally love Houou, but for me to have, Mewtwo all the way. You just can't get any better than the original Uber.
Melotta. Mewzik-themed pokey ftw.

Edit; although the wish-granting Jirachi may be a better choice.

I wouldn't want any.

Legendaries are meant to be there as part of equilibrium. Taking them away could cause many problems - just look at what happened when Groundon and Kyogre were set free, if someone had captured Rayquaza before things would have gotten ugly.
Also, part of why they are so special is because they are legends - people wouldn't really carry around legendary creatures. (I don't care about the Brains; they are cheaters :p) At the best, you'd see very rarely someone with Lati@s or something, but even then... no, just no.

As much as I like Lugia, for instance, I admire its graceful design and legendary status; using it in combat, no matter how good the Legendary Pokémon is, would withdrawn part of the fascination I have for it, to be frank.

However, if I had really to chose one... maybe Latios. It's one of the legendary I'm more comfortable to use in combat, and that's the only reason why I'd want to use it, for aesthetics I don't need to own the Pokémon.

I agree. The legendaries are just a way of spending more time on the aftergame. It isn't all that fun when you carry it around all the time. The only time I have ever used a legendary in battle was when I used the 3 regi's to help catch Rayquaza. I don't really like people who, when I'm battling them, immediately bring an EV trained, level 100 Palkia.
It's one of the many reasons Salamence was banned from competitive battling, along with it was just too powerful.
Ghaskan Lettuce and Flygon 101...what if the legendary wanted to go with you? Would you really tell them no?

Really, I think legendaries are capture-able in the first place is because they want to be with you (or the player character, I guess). They battle first to see if you are worthy, like any other Pokemon. And I doubt removing them from their home so they can travel with you will ruin the world. D:

Take Platinum, the official canon timeline, for example. When you defeat/capture Giratina, the Distortion World and the regular world aren't destroyed, or disappeared. Everything was fine. And in the case of Platinum's timeline, if someone HAD captured Palkia and/or Dialga in the first place, then Cyrus's plan would have failed.

...that, or there really IS more than one Dialga and Palkia, and Cyrus is simply summoning another one. But eh, off topic, that.

Legendary Pokemon are powerful, true, but that doesn't mean they'll always win a battle. To quote that one COTD from the OS: "A Pokemon that is weaker, but better trained, can still win." I say this because I defeated my sister's uber Palkia with my Gastrodon.

In the end, a Legendary Pokemon is still a Pokemon. They certainly deserve more recognition and respect than other Pokemon, but traveling around with one wouldn't be a bad thing at all. If anything, it would be an honor!
I understand what you mean, Fairy Red, especially since that happens, to an extent, in Pokémon Special. I'm especially fond of the way they handle Legendaries.

If you don't mind spoilers / have read it already, there is an example:

when Suicune choses Misty to fight with it against some evil doer. However, after a few turns and spins, it doesn't stay with anyone.

However, for the most part, I still disagree with your point.
Sure, you don't want Cyrus to take Giratina with him, but, if the gameplay didn't matter, I'm sure the player would capture Giratina, beat the crap out of Cyrus and proceed to release the Legendary as soon as possible. However, keeping the game pleasant (kids wouldn't find it fun to release an awesome looking Pokémon!) makes it harder to keep the storyline more consistent.

And, obviously, Legendary Pokémon won't always win (pretty nice quote, by the way) but it's true if a good trainer fights a trainer of equal skill with a stronger Pokémon (note: I don't mean stronger in terms of stats only, but all the other things as well, such as moveset), his or hers chances to win are higher, that is given. And most Legendary Pokémon are very strong.

But of course, yes - I wouldn't say "no" to a Legendary if it wanted to go with me, after all I wouldn't want to be blasted off :lol: Seriously though, that would probably be the only way for me to train one if I was a habitant of the Pokémon world.
A great honour, sure, but I wouldn't capture it out of my pure will.
DIALGA. You could friggin control time and do whatnot. You go back in time with a cellphone and in the future, you'll be known as the inventor of the cellphone XD
Kyogre. So I can create Rain where ever I go!

On the other hand, maybe a Shaymin...
Mewtwo. Anyone who'd get in my way will be destroyed. But Genesect seems plausible too...
Fairy Red,
While I agree with your point that they might wantto go with you, I disagree with everything else.

I do know people who, when creating teams, have based their whole gameplay on catching legendaries.
Bug-type Arceus. I would ride him and have him fly me wherever we needed to go.

"Okay Arceus! Take me to school!"

"Dooriiiiiidooo!" :D -zoom-
Probably Heatran. It's my favourite Legendary, and one of the only I'd probably ever have a chance of getting (if I lived in the Pokémon Universe), seeing as it's among the few that stay in the same location at just about all times, and isn't insanely strong.
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I like the legendary dogs of Johto....and my favorite out of those is Entei, so I would want Entei.
Lugia, for sure.If trained right, they have uber defense and special defense, and an attack power that no one can scoff at.
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