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If you had one Legendary what would it be?

Celebi. That cute little thing is mah second favorite legendary, first being Jirachi but I already have that so....^^'
Definitely Mesprit~♥

She's my favorite Pokemon, plus I have a feeling we'd be pretty good friends. I don't know if I'd necessarily want to catch her... we'd just travel together through the Sinnoh region and go on adventures, yay! :]
I'd have to go with Azelf. It's blue and small enough to live with me outside of its Pokeball.
I just love the idea of a dog that could play fetch and vaporize anyone stupid enough to offend me. :)
Raikou will always be my favorite legendary. An electric lion, who can top that??
I WOULD say Dialga, but it seems to rule "time" in the quantum physics sense. So Celebi, because it could send me to the past XD.
I would choose my favorite legendary, Articuno. I use it on my team and it is the only legendary I use. I don't feel guilty for using it; it's not uber or anything, plus I love ice pokemon, and it's kind of the mascot for Gen 1 for me.
Shaymin! It's the most adorable hedgehog ever.
And then it finds some Gracidea pollen and transforms...
Darkrai. Lord of Nightmares. You go to sleep, I CONTROL YOU!

Or Mewtwo. All that power. But I would have to heed their requests.
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