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If you had one Legendary what would it be?

Giratina. We could literally go everywhere. Even to the world that lies behind ours, which is his. Plus, altering reality is awesome. XD
Latios, he's my favourite legendary pokemon and would love to go flying round on him plus I think he's quite cute.

This is exactly how I feel. Except it's for Latias instead. Latios is still cool, though.

Cresselia. She can keep me from having nightmares.

I was wondering when someone would mention Cresselia.

If I had to pick one legendary, it would be a toss up between Latias or Lugia.
hmm obviously lugia because it would be so awesome to iride yet the three dog beast would be awesome too and celebi could take me time traveling but ill stick by lugia
I would choose Arceus, it's a very powerful pokemon and can become any type.

stormy weather means no classes!

wait... i can't go outdoors...

~cuddly (even for a steel) and cute. He can also grant my wishes ^^,
It's a toss-up between Mewtwo, Lugia and Latias.

Mewtwo is a psychic beast, moreso in the manga (he fights using a giant SPOON).
Lugia is less psychic-oriented, but he is a huge winged beast, and thus an awesome mode of transport.
Latias seems like a balance between the two, with undertones of a guardian/older brother going for him.

I think I'd go with Latias.
shaymin or lugia or mew

shaymin and mew are adorable and powerful and lugia is powerful plus i could fly it to school :p
i cant decide between suicune or darkrai. at least my other 3 fav(gallade, lucario and haunter) aren't legendaries.
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