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In Memoriam: Celebrities


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Jun 4, 2008
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A lot of us have favorite celebrities that we like to follow. So, it can be hard to lose them due to illness or even accidental. This thread is to pay respect to them.

The passing of political leaders and such, will be discussed in The Real World forum.
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In that case ...

wrestling fans around the world were recently saddened by the loss of Chris Klucsaritis, better known to the fans as (Chris) Kanyon. He passed away at age 40 after a supposed suicide.

R.I.P. Kanyon

(was that about right?)
R.I.P Eartha Kitt, a famous Black woman who sang Santa baby back in 1953, died in 2008 December 25th...
RIP Cliff Burton (bass-metallica)
RIP Kurt Cubain (Singer-guitarrist-nirvana)
Joseph Stalin, Billy Mays, Steve Irwin, Dave Williams, Albert Einstein, etc.
R.I.P Michael Jackson :(
R.I.P Billy something...(Guy in Oxiclean chemercial)
R.I.P Elvin Presley
RIP Roy E. Disney. He helped save traditional animation at Disney and stayed alive long enough to see Princess and the Frog go to number 1 at the box office. I dedicate that movie to his legacy.
RIP-Adolf Hitler
Screw what i said about him

RIP-King of England
RIP-Walt Disney!!!
RIP, John Paul Larkin, aka Scatman John, for your inspirational music and you great messages you brought in your music, you'll always be remembered.
Even know I never knew who you were...RIP Fara Faucet...everyone is sad about Michael Jackson and no one cares about Fara even though they died on the same day.
RIP Fara Fawcett
RIP Michael Jackson
RIP Heath Ledger
RIP Billy Mayes

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