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  • Was the serial code covered on your Diancie card? I've seen pictures on tumblr like this but my serial code was just visible.
    Why wouldn't they just be round when you scanned them first? I only have that requirement so that people don't crop out half of the border of the cards
    THANK YOU! for replying on the candidates threads. I was honestly kind of frustrated that people weren't commenting this week, and the people who did (like pumpkinking...) only commented on one of the five. That was aggravating. It is much appreciated.
    The pilot episode is a full length 30 minute episode of the radio show. The interview on the Selection CD is only one part of that.

    I do want to eventually do a write-up of the pilot for my site but I have no idea when I'll have the time.
    Cool! I like mostly rock and metal, too, but with a lot of random stuff thrown in. I haven't updated my profile to include all of it, yet. I listen to grunge, hip hop, ambient, jazz, and all kinds of randomness.
    It's everywhere. The Animate site for the CD mentions that the CD has been delayed (※発売日延期 2013/04/26 ⇒ 2013/05/31), though it doesn't give a reason why.
    Yeah, it's really cool. He's kinda the main way I discovered MSI. I love those songs :D . They're so awesome. What are some other bands you listen to?
    That's awesome :D ! Yeah, they rock. I've never seen them live, as I rarely go to concerts. What's your favorite song? I don't really have one, but I like Evening Wear, What Do They Know, and Shut Me Up a lot. I think it's cool that Jhonen Vasquez did the music video for that song. He's the writer of my favorite comics, and the creator of one of my favorite shows.
    You're so lucky. :) I'd just about kill to see them.

    I haven't really been to any major ones besides Slash, Myles Kennedy, and the Conspirators, though I'll be able to see Black Sabbath next year.
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