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Is the Synchro Machine a more developed version of the Colress Machine?

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Apr 30, 2018
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This is a theory I have been thinking of in regards to the relation of the two. In B2/W2, Colress uses the machine to move the Crustle in Route 4 and then sometime later, gives it to the player to use on the Crustle blocking the exit of the cave. While all it does is wake up a Pokemon, it seems like it's used to control the Pokemon instead, but it obviously doesn't work like it's intended, as seen that it only made the Crustle move out of the way, or in a later case, lash out against the player.

In S/V's DLC, the Synchro Machine is introduced, which allows you to control the Pokemon, while the description does say it's a prototype, it makes sense that a prototype can still be a developed version of the previous iteration, but not ready for widespread use yet. It seems that controlling the Pokemon has worked, but given that it's a prototype, there may be some issues left to fix. But still, Colress could've helped in developing the Synchro Machine and the reason why he didn't put his name on it is because he collaborated with other lead scientists.
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Other advanced versions of the Colress Machine have been made, shown in Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon. There are versions called Colress Machine No. 1198 and No. 1199, which allow the player to hold some control of Necrozma's power to fuse with Solgaleo or Lunala.

There is also a device called the Colress Machine No. 1102 which... can transport people back to the universe they previously came from. As far as I know there has not been any explanation for how this was made possible in the machine but could perhaps show the Synchro Machine holds some competition over how much of an improved version it is from the original Colress Machine.
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