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Is this fic too much?

Feb 15, 2021
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Hello fellow mods.

I have a... sex ed fic? A fic focused on sexuality? It's a one shot that focuses on sex ed topics like reproductive health, contraception, and how sex is not a bad word. I'm not sure if it's Bulba-okay or not? Because while it is about discussing these topics, sex isn't explicitly show, and the characters aren't talking about how to have sex. But I'm not sure, and I'd like a second opinion before I post it. So maybe it's a TEEN or MATURE?

This is stupidly hard to explain I'm so sorry

CW//Discussions of sex, periods, and contraception; mentions of pedophilia (in the context of a character saying "if you are 18+, sending nudes is not CP").

Cruzita’s brows furrowed as her smile faded away. Without looking away from Winona, she closed the door.

“Is something wrong?”

“No! No, no, nothing is wrong.” Winona quickly sat down. “I just… um… I wanted to know… um… uh… how does sex work?”

Oh. Well, it was normal for someone Winona’s age to be curious about sex. Maybe she was a bit… old to be asking about how it worked, though.

“What do you mean,” Cruzita asked as she sat down next to Winona, “by ‘how it works’?”

“Like, I know a woman puts a man’s… pe… thing in her mouth or her… her… you know… but… That gets her pregnant, right? Does anything else get a woman—”

“Winona, where did you learn about sex?”

Winona scrunched her face in embarrassment. “We talked about it once in… health class in middle school. About how you needed to use protection. And how if we sent nude photos we would break the law. My mom… always said that if I had sex before marriage, then I’d get pregnant and be abandoned and—”

Winona swallowed. “But… I’ve been reading books where people… have sex, and I’ve been… I’ve been dating someone for a couple of months now, and… People seem to enjoy sex. It seems like an enjoyable thing. I want to do it. I really, really want to do it. It seems like a good thing. But I don’t want to die or get abandoned or break the law.”

“Okay, okay, so we have a starting point. So…” Where to begin? Winona had dropped so many questions on Cruzita without even asking any.

“How old are you, Winona?”


“How old is the person you’re dating?”

“Also eighteen.”

Cruzita took a deep breath. “Okay, so when your teachers were talking about sending nude photos, taking pictures of underage people, even yourself, and then sending it to someone is creation and distribution of child pornography.”

Winona’s face went red with terror, but Cruzita continued, “but since you and your partner are adults now, if you take nude photos and send them to each other, you aren’t creating and distributing child pornography. You’re just distributing… pornography, I suppose. But if you do want to send nude photos, you have to make sure you trust the person you’re sending them to. Do you trust… Wallace, is it?”

Winona nodded, albeit a bit nervously. “How did you know it was him?”

Cruzita smiled. “Call it a psychic’s intuition… or just being very observant during meetings.”


She waved a dismissive hand. “But anyway, the… books you read.”

Winona frowned in confusion. “Which books?”

“The ones about se—”

“Don’t say that word!”

Winona covered up her face. Cruzita sighed sympathetically.

“Winona, ‘sex’ isn’t a bad word. You won’t go to prison or die saying it.”

“I know,” Winona mumbled. “It’s just… it’s just a scary word.”

One day… One day they would get to the point where “sex” wasn’t a scary word for Winona. But for now, Cruzita said: “A lot of erotic books, and a lot of sex education at school, has a… focus on traditional views of sexuality, that sex is between a man and a woman, that it’s mostly penis-in-vagina sex”—at that, Winona curled up again, but Cruzita continued—“that the man, the person with a penis, enjoys the act of sex as a primal urge and the woman, the person with a vagina, uses the act of sex to please her partner. But… women can and do enjoy sex. Men can have sex with other men, and women can have sex with other women. And not every man has a penis, and not every woman has a vagina. There are trans and nonbinary people with all sorts of different parts down there. And there’s plenty of ways to have sex besides penis-in-vagina.”

Cruzita smiled. “And above all else, sex should be something you do because you and your partner or partners want to do it, not because someone is being pressured in the relationship or by soci—”

“I’m not dating more than one person.”

Cruzita could intuit that Winona was lying, based on an… earlier slipup, and based on how defensive Winona was, but she didn’t press her on it. Instead, she continued: “Sex can be a beautiful, wonderful thing, but it can be very awkward and very intimidating at first. You don’t want to go into it without any idea of what you’re doing.”

“But how do I figure out what I’m doing?”

“First off: why do you want to have sex?”

“Um… well… it seems… enjoyable. It seems like sex makes you feel really, really good. And it makes your partner feel really, really good. I like doing things with Wallace and—”


After a few days, Winona had emailed Cruzita, saying she was willing to take up the offer for help on anything, sexuality or otherwise. And now the two were in a konbini store. Winona was staring at the products in the health and beauty aisle. Or more specifically, the condoms.

It was like she had never seen them before… Maybe she hadn’t. It wouldn’t be surprising to Cruzita.

“Do you…” Cruzita began, “…know what these are?”

Winona snapped her head up. “Yeah! Uh, yeah. I see them when I get, um, well, feminine hygiene products.”

Cruzita sighed, more resigned with the world than Winona. “You can call them ‘period products’. ‘Period’ isn’t a dirty word, and periods aren’t a dirty thing—”

“But then blood gets all over and your underwear gets all dirty and it’s not fun at all.”

She had a point there.

“But they’re not inherently feminine hygiene products,” Cruzita said. “Not all women have periods, and not all people who have periods are women.”

Winona looked up at Cruzita in surprise. “Some women don’t have periods?”

Cruzita nodded, smiling. “Menopausal women, for example. And transgender women, too. There’s some medical conditions that stop periods. And certain forms of birth control stop or reduce periods.”

Winona’s eyes widened. “Condoms can stop periods?!”

Cruzita had to resist the urge to laugh; that would be quite cruel, and… well, this whole situation was a bit sad. “Winona, do you know exactly what a period is? As in, do you know why people have them?”

“Uh… well…” Winona shook her head. “When I had my first period, my mom said it was a sign that I was growing up and that I could have children. But… she never really explained… why… or what was happening.”

Cruzita softened her smile. “Once every month or so, your ovaries release an egg—not like a bird egg.”

Winona’s bright smile fell, like her heart had been crushed. “So I can’t lay eggs? Ah…”

Cruzita continued: “A human egg is a very big cell, at least compared to other cells. The egg travels through the fallopian tube to wait for a sperm cell. Meanwhile, the uterus prepares a good home for the fertilized cell and builds up a thick lining. If the egg gets fertilized by a sperm cell, it sticks to the walls of the uterus and begins to grow into a new, baby human. If not, then the uterus throws out the lining and the egg via the vagina. That discharge is a period.”

“That all happens in five or so days?”

“No, I probably misspoke. That whole cycle happens over the course of about a month, from the egg being released to the period starting.”

“So I can’t get pregnant during my period?”

“It’s less likely than other parts of the cycle, but it’s possible. But there’s better ways to prevent pregnancy than timing it with your menstrual cycle…”

Cruzita picked up a box of condoms and held it out to Winona, who stared at it with shock… but also curiosity.

“Condoms are one way,” Cruzita explained calmly. “They go over your partner’s penis before it enters the vagina. It’s also the only contraceptive method—besides abstinence, of course—that can prevent the transfer of STDs.”

“The things that kill you?”

Cruzita froze. “Who… who told you that?”

“Well, back in health class they said STDs were deadly… and my mom said that if I have sex before marriage or with the wrong guy, I would get STDs and die.”

Cruzita almost wanted to storm over to the Kimura residence right then and give Winona’s mom the earful of the century. But instead, she took a deep breath and collected her thoughts.

“If untreated, some STDs can be deadly. But sex can’t create STDs. You can only get an STD if someone spreads it to you. Most are curable, but some aren’t yet.”

Cruzita smiled. “But there are cautionary practices you can take to prevent STDs, like testing and safe sex. And if you do get an STD, there are treatments to either cure the disease or prevent it from spreading.”

That seemed to calm Winona’s nerves, because she then picked up a box of condoms. Her eyes now sparkled with just curiosity, no longer clouded by fear.

“Are there… condom sizes?” Winona asked. “Like shorts or pants?”
hi kamo!!
i would say this warrants a mature rating because of how the fic is ultimately centered around sexual topics? but as you said yourself, it doesn't have any descriptions of the act itself or paint any characters in a(n explicitly) sexual light, so as long as you tag with the appropriate CWs (which i think you already nailed) and mark it as mature, i would consider it to be fine!
Sorry kamo -- this won't be a good fit for our forums.

I understand you wrote this with non-sexual and purely educational intent, and I don't want to suggest that you even considered the possibility of putting smut on here -- you're very careful in terms of rating things correctly, and I'm appreciative of the care you take in doing so. This isn't smut, of course, and to be clear, I do think that most of the content discussed in this fic could be found through a few searches on health websites -- but we are not those health websites, and do not have the responsibilities of those health websites as well.

In terms of content that I think would be too much in terms of breaking our rule against 'implicit mentions of sexual behavior[...]', the 'One day… One day' paragraph is too much (more specifically the latter half), though I do appreciate the inclusive sentiment in it.

Another thing I do want to watch out for, which is arguably the biggest factor into this decision, is how we'd justify letting this on when there are lots of minors on our forums -- it may seem to be only a thought exercise, but if we were to be contacted by a concerned onlooker, or worse, a parent of a user about this fic, it would be quite hard to justify to them as to why we thought it appropriate to allow on. Even if a bit minute, I'd rather not leave us open to the possibility of us as well as you, kamo, being engaged in that way -- having your work challenged couldn't be a great feeling, I'd imagine.

Essentially, we're not ever going to be responsible for our users learning of things of a sexual nature, and simply because we do have users who are minors, that possibility of influencing them in that regard is opened up -- so we have to tread carefully in order to prevent that from happening. That need to tread carefully, is the main reason why this won't fly.

I hope you understand or at least will come to understand why this is the decision -- basically, I'm hesitant to say that tweaking any discussion present in this fic would change things (I am sure AO3 and such would be receptive to it!) because sex education carries on a whole different nuance than simply sexual content (which we limit greatly anyways).

It's a strange case, in that this fic is meant to be completely educational instead of using sexual content as a plot device and such, so in terms of content in a vaccuum it's almost completely fine -- but having to worry about our responsibillities to our end users here is neccesary, so it makes this a tough decision. If you need clarification, please DM me on discord or something if you're comfy, kamo. :enzap:
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