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HELP: What Would Dialga Do

Jun 9, 2023
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So I'm at a section of my fic outline where my brain told me to do something crazy.
Adaman is currently in Minshan, looking for a way to seal the Four Ruins. Volo is maybe dying back in Hisui due to a severe injury and Paldea is being overrun by three of the Ruins with Laventon and the others attempting to keep damage to a minimum. Both of these factors are making it hard for Adaman to fully concentrate on the task at hand.

So Adaman's thought process is "if only time would stop so I don't have to worry about Volo or Paldea."
If Dialga wanted to stop time for Adaman, what would they ask for in return? Stopping time can't come without consequences especially when the time is indeterminate and likely to interfere with Yvetal and Xerneas. With time stopped in two regions, things can't be born or die which is likely to make the two mad.

I've had two answers that I'm not sure I feel confident enough in doing: the first one being "bro did me a solid I'm returning the favor" and "stable time loop: adaman helps Dialga in the future with something so Dialga returns to the past to assist Adaman"
Both disregard Yvetal and Xerneas who are unlikely to care about why Dialga is stopping time for a human just that Diagla is interfering with their "jobs" as embodiments of life and death.

What do you think Dialga would ask for in return for doing such a thing? What if it's not just Dialga, but Xerneas and Yvetal who ask for "compensation" for Dialga's kindness of stopping time? What would they ask for?
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