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Review JN032: Celebi: A Timeless Promise

Seems like an intentional over exaggeration to say "almost zero". Ash and Burnet had quite a lot of interaction, but you missed the point of my comment. Burnet and Ash's interactions felt far more wholesome and mother-son like than what Ash and Delia shared on screen.
Can you give me some examples of Ash and Burnet's wholesome and mother-son like relationship? I don't remember anything other than their goodbyes.
When was the last time we had anything meaningful between the two that didn't seem either awkward or plain, or didn't resort to the overused "change your underwear" line of jokes? Movie 3?
In the first Alola episode when she noticed her son's infatuation with Pokémon School just by watching him, and she supported him without doubt.
Did you miss me?


The show must GO on

The Plusle

  • The episode is not that bad, it has a nice pace and plot that we cannot have in a normal episode with our friend Ash.
  • Ash was not needed here. And to be fair his not appearance is better.
  • This episode really dives into how is live in the Pokémon World. Remember how did you imagined the world of Pokémon? Well mine was similar to this, also it shows that Pokémon are more than battles.
  • It's a pretty realistic plot, this could have happened to anybody. Those summer friendships can be really deep sometimes.
  • The visuals were pretty good.
  • Cutting the grass. Ah those silly 1st Gen mechanics...
  • It's a good character episode.
  • Did I ever said that I love Chikorita?
The Minum

  • Catching Pokémon on a rage attack I mean... Dont you have to earn trust to catch some Pokemon, in battling or earning his friendship? If you catch Pokemon by throwing Pokeball at full force? What is the point then?
  • Why do they have to rush everything with Go? the ending was kinda ¿romantic? but Go is one of those characters that can be really interesting and in my opinion he is rather simple. A Go resentfull by those memories could have been more interesting.
  • The main flaws with Go will still continue after this episode. His Goal is still a big problem for me. They made him more likeable? Well not for me.
  • One of the reason why I dont like Go is cause he represents Pokemon Go (Obviously) I hate Pokémon Go and everything that comes for that. I'm sorry if I'm biassed. I dont care it's my opinion.
  • Ash Ketchum is not one of those characters tha you say: Hey where is him? I mean in Chronicles? Did anybody miss him? I did not.
The questions

  • Why does everyone hate Chikorita? I will answer this myself CAUSE THEY ARE BAD TRAINERS AND THEY DID NOT KNOW HOW TO BEAT FALKNER
  • Did they give Go this episode cause he does not appear in the movie?
  • Can we have a Team Rocket alone episode? Or even beter how about a Jessie episode only? Come on do it.
  • How was that guy called? Ash Mayonaise? I already forgot about him.
  • Can Tokio reapear? With his friends Osaka and Sapporo?
The rant

No rant about this episode but how about giving Team Rocket member and episode for themselves, they have been here for 24 years and they are eating s**** this season. Give them and us Rocket fans an episode about his sad past. Cause it's time that Team Rocket does something.

The Simpsons did it

Juliet execution.png


It's a nice episode by itself. However it does not solve the faults and it fails to make Go more interesting in the future. This episode could have invested me into Go but what is the point when you solve the problem of the episode and the character out of nowhere it means that it fails. I like long term planning so this is not for me.

Since this is the movie promotion episode I will give this 3 out of 5 Cocos


What do you mean is not this Coco? But Movie 23 is not being made in 3D like last year? Not? Well I'm not opening Photoshop again.
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I didn't post here last week because the episode disappointed me. One thing that bothered me was the lack of time travel and Celebi just being there for show, but upon further reflection, maybe the idea is that even mundane things like getting a cold may turn a positive experience into a negative one. The Celebi duo might have somehow propelled Go and Tokio to go to the shrine at the same time. I'm fine with that interpretation, but boy do I have a bone to pick with OLM in terms of how underutilized Celebi's potential is. The Coco movie will surely not help.

The bigger problem I have with the episode is that it lacks a continuation, at least right now. Tokio is an interesting character and he obviously means a lot to Go (their dynamic feels somewhat more natural than Ash and Go's, since their excitement has nothing to do with battling), so there is no excuse to treat him as a COTD especially as the reunion was extremely short-lived. The episode did a bad job at wrapping up the story, which would be perfectly fine if it foreshadowed a sequel. This is very unclear, but since Tokio is from Cianwood, it wouldn't be surprising if he appeared in a Whirl Islands episode (instead of Ritchie originally, funnily enough), which could be fun if it involved the Lugia from Go's debut in addition to the Lugia mom and Silver from OS (I don't really buy that Silver "evolved" into the recent Lugia, but there could be a relation).
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