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Preview JN051: Kamonegi's Great Trials!

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Dec 16, 2020
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Episode Title in Japanese: カモネギ大いなる試練!
Air Date: January 15, 2021
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Farfetched focus episode?! About time, hopefully it evolves here.
I don't think just one battle will trigger evolution
I don't want it to evolve just by one battle.
All it needs are 3 crit hits to evolve, no experience required. Though I wonder how the anime will handle this.

I prefer if G-Farfetched evolves now so we can get his first Gen-8 Mon.
I prefer if G-Farfetched evolves now so we can get his first Gen-8 Mon.
Ash's Farfetch'd has a battle spirit congruent with Ash and we have seen that it refuses to give up even when it's almost defeated. Such a natured Pokemon shouldn't evolve right after winning a single battle.
Riolu and Farfetch'd had some sort of equal potential, However now riolu has evolved and the eagerness of battling must be transferred to Farfetch'd and I want to see some (at least 2-3) spectacular battles before it evolves.
And if those are real. (That I think they are but need confirmation)

That means that Farfetch'd gets a focus episode before Gengar and Dragonite. Oddly enoug Farfetch'd was not the protagonist in his own capture episode.

Also Farfetch'd has a evolution method that is sorta like a trial...

We have the source, so should be fine. Hoefullly get official confirmation soon , hate spedulating wether something is fake or not when we have a clear source posted.

Well sorry for not knowing japanese like everyone does...
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