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Main cast revealed for upcoming Pack Your Pocket With Adventure live action drama series, airing on TV Tokyo from October 20th

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Pack Your Pocket With Adventure - Key Visual
At the end of last month, TV Tokyo and The Pokémon Company announced they will be producing a new live-action drama entitled Pocket ni Bōken wo Tsumekonde (Pack Your Pocket With Adventure - ポケットに冒険をつめこんで), a story about a young woman rediscovering her love for Pokémon, to air on Japanese television from October 20th. A new press release has now revealed the full list of main cast members for the upcoming show, along with their thoughts on the series and the Pokémon franchise.

As noted in the original announcement, this new show stars Nanase Nishino in the role of Madoka Akagi, a young woman who grew up in Mashiro, a port town in the Kantō region. The character's name Akagi (赤城), which incorporates the character Aka (赤), meaning Red, is a blatant reference to Red, the protagonist of the first generation games.

Shō Kasamatsu will play the role of Kageaki Hiyama, a man with a smouldering file in him who works alongside the main character Madoka Akagi at ADventure. The character's name is possibly a reference to Charmander's Japanese name, Hitokage. An actor with a decade of experience across Japanese film and television, Shō Kasamatsu is best known for his roles as Midori in the film Oishii Kazoku (Delicious Family - おいしい家族), and Takahiro Tsukata in the second season of Heisei monogatari〜nan demonaikeredo, kakegae no nai shunkan〜 (Heisei era story〜Nothing special, but an irreplacable moment〜 - 平成物語〜なんでもないけれど、かけがえのない瞬間〜)
Shō Kasamatsu said:
たしか⼩学一年生の冬、初めてのゲームは『ポケモン 金・銀』とゲームボーイカラーでした。レポートの仕方もわからず、ポケモンの貰い方もわからず、何度も何度も街から出ようとしては戻されました。そして俳優人生でまさかのポケモンのドラマに出ることがあるんだなーと、感慨深いです。ぜひお楽しみに。
I believe that back in the winter of my first year of grade school, my first video game was Pokémon Gold and Silver for the Game Boy Color. I didn't understand how to save my game, I didn't know how to get Pokémon, and I tried to leave the town over and over only to be sent back. And now, I'm deeply moved to appear as an actor in this unexpected Pokémon drama. Please enjoy it.

Tomoharu Hasegawa will be playing the role of Kazuchika Kogusuri, a salesperson working at ADventure who is known as an overly nice person who agrees to everything. He is best known for his role as Tomoki in the 2010 Japanese Movie Heaven's Story (ヘヴンズ ストーリー), for which he won Best Actor at the Takasaki Film Festival.
Tomoharu Hasegawa said:
Just glancing at the script there are an incalculable number of Pokémon. Sure enough, how many different types do you think will appear in the story? I think this will be an irresistible drama for Pokémon fans. Please watch it.

Aya Hirano will play the role of Yōko Meguro, an ADventure designer aiming to meet "high-spec men" through dating apps. This character's name is possibly a reference to Sandile's Japanese name, Meguroco. An Actress and Singer, Aya Hirano is best known internationally for her work as an anime voice actor in the mid-2000s as the voice of Haruhi Suzumiya in the The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Misa Amane in Death Note, and Konata Izumi in Lucky Star.
Aya Hirano said:
As someone who is right in the middle of the Pokémon generation, I'm delighted to be able to play a character inspired by my image of Pokémon. Moreover the casting of all the actors and everyone is perfect fit to my image, so I can't help but look forward to the broadcast. Not only does it have fans from across a wide span of generations, it's also the "Pokémon of the World"! I'd be overjoyed if this show became a work beloved by many people. I feel that the bright and fun atmosphere on set is reflected in the show. Look forward to it!

The cast of Pack Your Pocket With Adventure
Ryō Sekoguchi will be playing Yūki Koide, whose name may be a reference to Magikarp's Japanese name, Koiking. Like that Pokémon, this character has a positive disposition, but can't do much work. A noted fan of the Super Sentai series, this actor recently played the role of Stacy in 2021's Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger. Co-incidentally, that character adopted the alias of Satoshi on several occasions during that series, so it'll be interesting to see if the producers of this series end up leaning into the potential reference there.
Ryō Sekoguchi said:
I'm Ryo Sekoguchi, who plays Yuki Koide. As a Pokemon fan, I'm very excited to see a drama based on Pokémon. As someone who is the same age as Pokémon, I've been able to grow and gain lots of levels with everyone. I would like all viewers to watch this drama all the way through to the end, and aim for the final evolution as a human being where they Gigantamax-ing themselves!

Masako will be played by Eriko Sato. Masako is the manager of Rouge, a kitchen café frequented by Madoka as a place to relax, and enjoy both delicious food and Pokémon. The character's name is a reference to the Jynx players can receive via in-game trade in the original Pokémon Red and Green, which was named Masako, while the name of their café is itself reference to Jynx's Japanese name, Rougela. These references do raise questions about how this character's portrayal, between her running a kitchen café and potentially being a single mother, may be leaning into certain stereotypes associated with African-American women that the Pokémon franchise has historically received significant criticism for, both in the context of Jynx (which led to it being redesigned starting with the international release of Pokémon Gold and Silver), and Gym Leader Lenora from Pokémon's 5th generation games. Eriko is an actress and former gravure idol who is known for her roles as the the lead in Hideaki Anno's 2004 film adaptation of Cutie Honey, and as Kaho Sawazaki in the 2005 hit drama series Densha Otoko (Train Man - 電車男).
Eriko Sato said:
Not too long ago, I was saved by the hero that was broadcast on TV Tokyo, and on the weekend I went to watch the stage show at the LaLaport Yokohama Store, and at Nakano Zero and Hakuhinkan Toy Park.

兎に角、ちょっと前までヒーロー命だった息子。目を輝せる先にはいつもヒーローがいました。そんな息子も8歳になり、ポケモンカードを集めるようになったそんな時、ポケモンヒューマンドラマ「ポケットに冒険つめこんで」に出演させて頂きました。息子に自慢出来る作品に呼ばれ、本当に嬉しく楽しく参加させて頂きました…。なかなか なかなか なかなか なかなか大変だけどポケモンも子供も進化しますね。
My son had that hero energy until just a short time ago. Heroes were always sparking in their eyes. As my son turned 8 years old and started collecting Pokémon cards, I received the opportunity to appear in the Pokémon Human Drama "Pack Your Pocket With Adventure". I was really happy and had fun with the privilege of being invited to a work that I could boast of to my son... It's very very very very difficult but Pokémon and Children both evolve, don't they?

Child actor Towa Watanabe from Courage Kids will be playing the role of Sora Karasawa, Masako's son and a master of Pokémon who gives Madoka gameplay advice. This series isn't actually the first time Towa has been connected to the Pokémon franchise on-screen, having been the face of commercials for Sega's Pokémon Typing Computer earlier this year.

Towa Watanabe said:
I will be playing the role of Sora Karasawa, a slightly cheeky boy who is said to be a master of Pokémon! This will be my first regular appearance in a TV show. I love Pokémon, so I'm really happy to be able to appear in this work. A lot of Pokémon will appear, so your favorite Pokémon might also appear!?

I was warmly welcomed by everyone on set, and it was fun to shoot! Let's go on an adventure together late night every Thursday! I want a lot of people to watch it!

Muga Tsukaji is Kōichi Yadoya, ADventure's forgetful President. This character's name and disposition is a clear reference to Slowpoke, known in Japanese as Yadon. Outside of acting, this comedian is part of the comedy duo Drunk Dragon together with Taku Suzuki.
Muga Tsukaji said:
上京したての食えない若手時代、芸⼈仲間に借りたゲームボーイで夢中でプレイした『ポケットモンスター 赤・緑』。なんと僕が芸人を始めた年に発売!同期!そのポケモンがテーマの作品に出演するなんて運命としか!僕は主人公の西野七瀬ちゃん演ずる赤城まどかが勤める広告代理店の社長・宿谷浩一役。
When I was a young man who just moved to Tokyo and couldn't make ends meet, I was obsessed with playing Pokémon Red and Green on a Game Boy that I borrowed from a fellow comedian. It released in the same year I started being a comedian! We're contemporaries! It's just fate that I'm now appearing in a drama with Pokémon as the theme! I play the role of Kōichi Yadoya, the President of the advertising agency where the main character Madoka Akagi, played by Nanase Nishino, works.

Everyone around Nanase-chan was always laughing, both during filming and off-set, the most enjoyable episode was.... huh? It's slipped my mind. In any case, it's an interesting drama!

Masako's childhood friend and rival Midori Kudō, who works for ADventure competitor Wonder Create, will be played by Rio Uchida. An actress and gravure idol, Rio is best known for their roles as Kiriko Shijima in Kamen Rider Drive; and Chizu Arai in Ossan's Love, for which she won Best Supporting Actress at the Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix in 2018 and 2019. While using different kanji characters, their name has the same phonetic pronunciation as the word literally meaning Green, making Midori is a clear reference to the rival character from the first Generation of Pokémon games, who was known as Green in Japan but was renamed to Blue internationally.
Rio Uchida said:
I've played the original Pokémon games, and also the current SV, so I'm extremely happy to be involved in this drama. I'm Green. Yes! I serve as the main character's rival. Her name is also Midori. I've always played with the mindset of the main character, so seeing myself from the perspective of the rival was a new discovery. Look forward to "PokéTsume"!

Finally, Toshirō Yanagiba will be joining the cast as the voice of Ohkido (Professor Oak), whose voice guides the show's protagonist much how they do at the start of the main series games. Toshirō is best known internationally for their role as Shirō Sanada in the 2010 film adaptation of Space Battleship Yamato.
Toshirō Yanagiba said:
This was an important role that appears in both games and anime, and while communicating with the director and producer, I was able to become an Ohkido that could only be done in this drama. I'm looking forward to the broadcast.

Pocket ni Bōken wo Tsumekonde will air starting October 20th every week on TV Tokyo and associated channels across Japan during the Moku Dra 24 late night programming block at Friday 00:30 Japan Standard Time (written as Thursday 24:30 in Japanese guides, following standard Japanese television industry practice), with a replay on BS TV Tokyo and BS TV Tokyo 4K the following week on Wednesday at 00:00 (Tuesday 24:00). The series will also be available for unlimited streaming via the U-NEXT video streaming platform, and for time-limited catch-up streaming with ads via the Net mo TeleTo and TVer video on demand services.

UPDATE: An additional reference was added for Masako's name, and the segment discussing the references with that character and their café was clarified. The spelling of Midori's name in kanji was also clarified, and some minor spelling errors have also been corrected.
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