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Preview JN088: Trial Mission! The Deep Sea Diver Research Team!!

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Seems like this one it is indeed a legit episode.

There says:

'This Winter too, an Adventure with Pokemon'
'Gou's Trial Mission! Get a Kingdra!'
'In order to become an official Project Mew Member, a new mission that is challenging. Will he get it?'
'Seemingly deeper under the sea. It is hard just to find!?'

I will have a serious issue, even if I don't watch episodes anymore, if he gets to keep it.
It is one of my most favourite Pokemon.
I need a little news about the Team Rocket, just a very little one or I'll go completely crazy. Please don't tell me that we'll have nothing about them for the whole month of November and mid-December, no… No… NO!!!! TT_TT
In all cases, it'd just be a Pokemon of the Day.

Kingdra deserved to be a regular/recurrent.
Goh’s second trial eh… This is gonna be nice. I’m pretty sure those scenes were in the Special Preview. Goh’s Inteleon will also show off Liquidation here, but that’s all we know
Glad we’re getting some underwater action here, happens far too little of the anime - we never saw Frogadier and Greninja under water at all!
We did have this brief shot from the episode where Serena caught Eevee

Frogadier Underwater.png
So you'd rather not see your favorite for another two decades?
As I said, wanted it to be a regular in Past Series. Not in Journeys.
Mostly because all Pokemon are shafted or vanish now.

Currently, it is good as a Pokemon of the Day. But I don't want Gou keeping it.
Catching for the mission and then release is the ideal approach.
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