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Review JN088: Trial Mission! The Deep Sea Diver Research Team!!

I have to say that this was a bit of a disappointment

I'm glad that Ash and Drake recognized each other but was hoping Goh would catch the Seadra and evolve it to complete his mission

And the Regirock scene had potential but they didn't show much
Was a pretty mediocre episode. Ash and Drake recognised each other, so now Journeys is the first series since BW to have continuity from every previous series. The rest was underwhelming though. His mission was to get a Kingdra, but he wasn’t shown evolving Seadra. Plus the Regirock scene was a disappointment. I know they’re building up for Regieleki and Regidrago’s anime debut in some large Crown Tundra Regi arc, but they really couldn’t devote a minute to it and cut out some of the opening. The only good thing here was the battle against Kingdra and Goh analysing Ash’s old battles which was cool. This episode is a 4/10 saved by Galar water types
A decent episode for the boys heading for the another mission of the Project Mew. It really ashamed that Seadra didn't get evolve as the sinking submarine got swept away from the current pattern wave, which I presume and also how disappointed that when the researcher battle the Regirock and cut short to back Ash and Goh complete mission just less than 30 second.

Overall rating: C+
Good things about this episode:

- I saw my Lizard boy after a long time and he was awesome here! :bulbaLove:

- Goh using a recording of Dragonite battling to lure in Kingdra was smart!
Ash's PWC matches helping in Project Mew is a nice touch!
How do you think that Inteleon even learned Liquidation?
Because Goh was watching all of the Bea battles! He got the idea from Grapploct!

- Red Boy and Blue Girl didn't show up with their Bears to impede on the mission

- The Seadra was cute

Cons about this episode:

- Not a single AG flashback really? Ok

- Minor but I wish we got to see Inteleon learning Liquidation ya know, on-screen? I would've rather had an episode about that instead of that Blue Mania sh!t we got a few weeks back :rolleyes:

- That battle between Inteleon and Kingdra was just way too short. They could've easily cut the Regirock scene and extended the battle a little longer.

- Dracovish only got like 5 seconds of screentime

Anyways 7/10
I know that's probably being a bit too generous because of my bias towards Inteleon but whatever

Lol Anyways Based Iwane animating the highlight of the episode! :bulbaLove:

Full VA list courtesy of Adamant

Rica Matsumoto: Satoshi
Daiki Yamashita: Go
Ikue Ohtani: Pikachu
Yuichi Nakamura: Professor Sakuragi
Megumi Hayashibara: Manyula
Yuji Ueda: Jugon
Daisuke Namikawa: Lucario
Kenta Miyake: Kairyu
Kei Shindo: Tamanta
Risa Shimizu : Marilli
Hana Takeda: Sarunori
Shogo Sakata: Inteleon
Shozo Iizuka: Genji
Hiroshi Kamiya: Tsurugi
Ryoko Shiraishi: Asahi
Sayaka Senbongi: Kikuna
Noriaki Kanze: Renji
Marina Aicholtz: Go's Smartphone Rotom
Kenyu Horiuchi: Narration
It's very nitpicky, but I don't like how they present diving into such depths in such casual manner. And it's not even how Ash and Goh held their breath for so long.
If the pressure didn't kill them, the decompression definitely should've.
I though it was okay, I’m fine with Drake returning but not necessarily for an episode about him, they included the warm milk which was beautiful continuity with his previous appearance.

Hey Dracovish appeared two episodes in a row, shame it displayed no personality whatsoever in either episode.

I also wish that could have been more underwater battling – but I really do think this episode was… Okay
Surprised there was no flashback at all when even Chuck got one. The writers really don't care about AG at all do they? lol
This was a dreadful episode.

I was right that cramming so much would end up disrupting the flow.
The mission was dragged, there were so many unnecessary scenes, and the battle turned out boring and anticlimactic.
Satoshi didn't need to be here, him tagging along has to stop.
Nostalgia pandering without flashback sucks even more than their continued use of it.

Also hated how much they mishandled Kingdra, it didn't deserve this treatment.

And we are still stuck with the same opening.
I mean the only mission was to capture a Kingdra. The episode would have been 5 minutes long without all the other scenes exploring the ocean for it. I actually really liked the Inteleon vs Kingdra scenes and how it used a sniper shot on the pokeball to get it
I came into the episode with no expectations, as of a hunch everything would either be anti-climatic (Regirock, Inteleon appearance, Drake), or just mundane.

Having had that in place, the episode was really just average. The main thing it showed was Goh’s ingenuity when it comes to problem-solving; using Dragonite’s audio to create a turf-war between dragons, to call Kingdra out, was pretty awesome, as well as clever. Then, blocking off Kingdra’s path with ice-pillars, making adaptive use of Snipe Shot, suggesting to use Lucario’s Aura, pretty good stuff from Goh.
Despite that, usage of Pokemon in episodes, like Lucario, is not an area to be praised. This should really be common footing for the show.

Yet, that’s another episode where Goh has a slight stroll. That final battle, although displayed his creativity, was once again fairly easy. I think they’ve either got to make the final trial assistance with the Regis, otherwise it’s just going to be another stale adventure like this. The stake hasn’t been exciting to watch, and the overall conviction for me to root for Goh is kind of depleting - they still haven’t made a justifiable reason for as why to root for Goh, rather than anyone else affiliated with Project Mew. Seeing tasks being completed like this, just makes me think that Goh’s dream is a walk in the park, so why should I care if he does succeed? So, they better make the next trial a one where Goh finally faces an uphill task.
I'm liking how Goh needs to think outside the box and use actual strategy to clear these missions. I love how he bonded with Seadra and gave it the scale without wanting to catch it. But what happened to that poor thing? That Dragonite video play was smart too. Sick set piece for the final fight by the way.

But I wish that battle lasted longer, because it was actually entertaining. And although it was nice seeing Dracovish again, I'd rather Ash not come down there and let Goh do this himself (I guess he did anyway, but it's nice seeing them get separated here and there). Bit disappointed at no AG flashbacks/continuity too, albeit this episode wasn't focused on Ash this time. Drake got ample screentime and contribution within the episode anyways. Also would help to show Inteleon learning Liquidation.

I'd also like to see Project Mew 'step up' in terms of difficulty for Goh's next mission, it's not exactly easy for him but it is somewhat repetitive. Yet I simultaneously don't want them to rush anything, I like how project Mew has been a slow burner till now. Maybe a two parter or re-encounters with Gary/Asahi/Tsrugi will help, which the Regirock tease seems to indicate.

All things considered, this episode was good but nothing spectacular. 7/10, lowkey just waiting for next week.
Previously on the two Journeys episodes, Ash's flashback of his battles against Johto and Sinnoh Gym Leaders Chuck and Volkner had appeared. However, his flashback of his battle against Drake from Vanity Affair! had not, so I wonder why you think?
tbh, they could have done the episode way differently in the second half.

Let Sharpedo still chase Seadra, but instead of having Goh BS capturing Sharpedo, let Inteleon fight Sharpedo in the first bout chasing off Sharpedo by hitting it with a Snipe Shot/Liquidation hybrid (Basically a failed Liquidation). Goh gives a Dragon Scale to the Seadra. When they go outside and try to go back to the surface, the Sharpedo comes back. Its defeats Inteleon (Who still masters Liquidation in the process, but gets hurt because of Rough Skin and it gets defeated because of that). Seadra, seeing the 2 boys in the danger, evolves due to the Dragon Scale and defeats the Sharpedo, allowing Goh to catch it. After that, Kingdra escorts the boys to the surface, where it wants to go with Goh due to him previously showing kindness to it as a Seadra.

But at the end of the day, i hope Kingdra can keep Sharpedo in check, since if not, i worry for Gohs other Water types (And then Poliwag better evolves fast into Poliwrath to hit Sharpedo on the nose when it goes on a frenzy). I also hope Kingdra and Dragonite never meet.
Many of the points I was going to mention have already been described by other users, so I'll keep my review a bit shorter today:

What Iiked most about the episode was that "dreams and adventures" aspect brought in by Drake. A deep sea dive sure is an adventure and I really liked the whole environment in which this episode took place. Also, I enjoyed to see Go's clever thinking (the ingenuity part of the episode so to speak). From having Lucario use his aura in order to read supersonic waves and tracing down Kingdra to using a recording of Dragonite's voice and combining Inteleon's Snipe Shot with a Pokeball... all those moments showed that he earned the token this time. (Although I doubt you could hear sound coming from an electronic device that was surrounded by a plastic bag far enough underwater, but that's still acceptable and only a minor flaw in my eyes)

What I didn't quite like, however, was the fact how easy Go once again(!) caught a Pokemon. First, the purely accidental catch of Sharpedo and then the battle against Kindra that was way to short and easy. When facing a Pokemon that was introduced as being pretty strong and an idol for ancient civilizations you would expect the battle to be longer and more intense. So, judging from Go's ingenuity, the token was well-deserved. But judging from how easy it was to actually catch Kingdra it didn't feel deserved.

All in all, it was an episode that I found hard to form an opinion about. It had very good moments but the decisive scenes were clearly too short.
Goh remains an incompetent battler, and I would not be surprised if Inteleon is still training itself in off-screen land. It really should have been captured by Ash.

I expected that Seadra to evolve and be the Kingdra in question. Such a missed opportunity there.

Always nice to see Lucario and Dracovish (or any of Ash’s current team for that matter) :bulbaLove:
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