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Preview JN103: Satoshi and Citron! Great Friendship Training!!

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This is the third electric Gym Ash is battling this series and the second with a Luxray. Lol, even if it's not a PWC battle it'll feel like the same thing more or less
Honestly they probably should have saved it for the Masters Eight to keep it going. I don't mind the trend but after Volkner...

I mean I don't think any of the non rival G1 Champs actually use an electric type in champion teams, and most Gary’s don't

At best you have Kukui, who isn't really a champion, and BW1 Cynthia's Eelektross
Think this is just a training battle though.
I know but it may play out like a normal battle where Ash might KO Clemont's pokemon anyway. We're basically seeing another electric Gym and Ash/Clemont battle regardless.
Okay So lemme get this straight

Goh can have a Cinderace
Asahi can have a Azumarill
Clemont can have a Diggersby

But Dawn STILL isn't allowed to have a Lopunny???

Probably because of the alluring "attributes" of this evolution. In this regard, I believe there is not much that can be done.
All these leaks and rumors I’m reading on Serebii plus twitter have me super stressed out especially because I’m scared of being spoiled since I won’t get to watch the episode live. And I feel like I’m going to go insane regardless after I watch the episode when that’s bad because I have two quizzes later in the day... I’m internally panicking rn
27 hours to go...
So is there going to be any special previews before or after the special? Any OP changes? And what will happen with that escalator?
I feel like something big is going to happen and I’m not talking about the battle.
If anyone could send me a link to any special pvs and the special itself that would be great. Where are you all watching it?
"Attributes" that have never been mentioned in the anime and are likely a non-factor.

- You don't need to mention what the eyes can see, mom ami.

1. Lopunny

Lopunny is not a bizarre Pokémon by the Pokédex description in the games, but when the player stops and thinks about the concepts that may have based the development of this little monster. Lopunny is a rabbit Pokémon with a female body that reproduces stereotypes often used in representations of women in oriental works, linked to adult content. The species has an accentuated bust and waist and always behaves as if in shame, using its hands to hide its body.

The renowned English newspaper The Sun wrote a report analyzing memes created from Alpha Lopunny, a giant version of the Pokémon introduced in Legends: Arceus. The text classifies the monster as a lightweight Pokémon with proportions in the style of the Kardashian family "when it comes to thighs and butt", says the report.

- Well, suit yourself in thinking over what is and isn't a relevant factor.
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