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Review JN139: Takeshi and Dent and the Forest Witch!

Good episode. Cilan was hilarious and well-utilized, we got to meet two of his hobbies in a natural way, though I still wish some situations had been exaggerated more. The plot was fun and well-paced, TR being absent in the climax was refreshing, as well as the Pokemon of the Week having disctint personalities and being on different sides despite belonging to the same evolution family. Brock was a bit flanderized but I'm confident he will be more into Pokemon medicine in the next episode.

I recall hearing that the similarities between SM and Yokai were purely coincidental.
Really? I remember hearing they changed the style of the Pokemon anime in order to compete with Yokai.
The only official interview I found about comparing both franchises is this one and just talks about the games. I highly doubt someone from either side would talk about each other as both anime are from the same channel so they wouldn't say bad things about the other.
I liked Hatterene finally got an episode focused on her. Many Galar pokemon suffer from not getting episodes focused on them. I think some of them just didnt appear at all , or were just in the background. No dracozolt, arctovish, runegrigus , calyrex and its horses, snom, frostmoth...
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