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kheilos' art thread

I haven't drawn much because I just started my last year of bach and I've been playing Teal Mask a lot (almost done with the Pokédex! Just need those pesky trade evos)
Here's a meme I just drew with one of the fruit ocs (like the dragonfruit lady and others from before!)


I would credit the original photo but I literally have no idea where I found it :/
More oc art! Some simple doodles with lyrics from a song (it's probably obvious which one it is, if not I warn you, the song is rather explicit). Won't have much time for finished drawings so expect a lot of little doodles like these hehe :)
Woman with curly hair belongs to a friend! Man with long hair belongs to me ^^

Captura de pantalla 2023-09-20 203437.png
Sorry, no new art still :/ I bring some old doodles instead! I drew both of them a few months ago while trying a cool calligraphy brush I found, that's why the lines are so funky (in a good way imo)


Pizza Cookie yayy, she's super cute!! :D With these doodles I was also trying to experiment with my proportions but it's not something super wild bc I hate going outside my comfort zone :')


Not much to comment here, just Lime rocking that pansexual pride shirt hehe. Had the fun idea of her having her phone inside one of her pockets! She's missing the shadow on the ground from the last drawing (oops)
I agree, your work with the new brush looks really good! I wouldn't have guessed you didn't have much experience with it. (Also, PIZZA. I'm hungry now, ack.)
Thanks! I am honestly very inconsistent with the lineart brushes I use and I haven't used that one in a while... maybe I should give it a go again :D
Guess who's battling their artblock by making very complicated pieces they will never finish?
I've always wanted to redraw some of the artwork you get when you pull a super epic costume in Cookie Run but I never finish my initial breakdowns because the art I'm trying to draw in my style is so complicated and professional. I just... lose motivation. I'm also in my last year of Bach and it's very tough, so I have very little free time :/
That being said, I will try my best to finish this! It might take a week or two because of the complexity and the lack of time but I can do it!
Anyway, enough chit-chat. Here the drawz:


This afternoon I only had time for an initial sketch, but a small step forward is still progress! Here the original piece

Feedback appreciated!
Update on the Glacial Waltz redraw:
I haven't drawn all week. Oops.
I'm kinda stuck with this one :/ This afternoon I finally did a sketch of the background but I don't know where to go from here... Right know I'm trying to find a brush for the lineart and figuring out how I'll render it.

Captura de pantalla 2023-10-05 200702.png

I like to colour code my sketches so I can make myself think I know what I'm doing :)
Haven't finished Glacial Waltz yet :(
On the other hand, I got obsessed with Them's Fightin' Herds recently and so I designed a MLP-esque/TFH-esque OC!
He's a kelpie, a Scottish water horse able to shape shift. His name is Kelvin, the name of a river in Scotland. There aren't any kelpies in TFH and I don't know if they exist in MLP so I just made it up :)
More design notes below (alongside the drawz ofc)

Captura de pantalla 2023-10-07 134934.png

Like I said, Kelpies are able to shape shift, often taking the appearance of an attractive human. But their disguises can easily be seen through because of the algae covering their hair. That's why Kelvin hides his fish-like tail and fins with a large coat of purple-pink kelp.
I don't like how the kelp looks here so maybe I'll redraw it so it looks more life-like and less round :')


Not much to say here, he's just fibsh. His tail and fins are based on carps! :D
Still no progress on Glacial Waltz. I am (kind of?) recovering from art block but I lack the motivation needed to finish pieces :/
As you can tell I've been practising character design lately, to fill the art gap that lacks finished drawings. I've also thought of starting a character design thread, since it's a topic I'm passionate about and I think it would be nice to have a place to get feedback on designs, see others' characters and give tips and advice! Should I do it?
Well that's enough chit chat, here are some ocs I've been working on:

ghaz ropa.jpg
ghaz cabeza.jpg

Remember Trafalgar and Layli? Well this gal is one of their teammates. Meet Ghaz, the punkiest lass in my OC repertoire! I really want to start talking about my gijinkas more bc I love them hehe :')
I also used the second drawing as an excuse to experiment with a chibi but realistically proportioned artstyle... conflicting feelings about it (but I'm a big fan of the design I came up with, and that's the important part!)


My first drawing posted on this thread was of one of my homestuck ocs, it's kind of funny that in such a short time I rewrote all of them into an original story! If you remember a man with long hair and fancy clothes being drawn alongside a woman with curly hair, this one belongs to the same story.
She has a ringmaster/dark circus aesthetic and their clothes are based on a male pheasant. There are also uncolored bits because I'm still figuring this one out oops :bulbaLol:

October is a busy month but there's nothing like drawing what you enjoy to relax a bit :bulbaLove:
I actually drew some stuff this weekend! To be fair, they're just some Cookie Run doodles, but I think they're pretty cute so I'm posting them here!
By the way, I might open my art shop when I finish my October exams, so watch out for that!

Captura de pantalla 2023-10-22 215659.png

Vampire and Alchemist, my favourite disasters siblings. These are their Halloween costumes from Kakao CR! Only Vampire's managed to survive that game though, which is kinda sad because I love Wicked Witch Alchemist :bulbaLove:

Captura de pantalla 2023-10-22 215710.png

My train of thought went: wine... halloween costumes... Herb's costume... And then I drew Lemon cause he also dresses up as a Greek god haha (and bc he's my fave<3) I love how Herbonysus implies that Herb loves to party, didn't expect that from him.
Recently I've been thinking a lot about my CR x Pokémon AU I've never shared to anyone here. So here's a bit of my brainworms, strangers from the internet! (affectionate)
A bit of a warning I might talk a bit about these two designs so text wall ahead:

View attachment 174624

Woooo! It's them!! What a surprise. I just love these two, their dynamic is so fun. I wanna give context to non-CROB fans so: Orange (girl on the left) is an extremely extroverted tennis player and lesbian extraordinaire, and Lemon (guy on the right) is an introverted nerd with inconvenient superpowers. And they're #bestiez4life
In this hypothetical universe they're the rivals of the story alongside the other two citrus cookies. Bc they're rivals, they don't really have a type specialty but PKMN!Orange mainly trains Fire/Fighting Pokémon and Lemon trains Electric/Psychic :)

I would gladly rant about this AU (and the weird problems I'm having with naming these alternate versions for some reason lol) if anyone's interested, probably on my profile or smth.
silliness is off the charts
I drew something tonight! Cookie Run fanart of course, haha ^^ I'm getting predictable!
The current anniversary event brings a lot of fanservice to the table so of course I had to draw one of the scenes with my favourite guys. I'm not very satisfied with the overall anatomy but I had fun drawing this and it was just something so I could disconnect from all the exams :')

Captura de pantalla 2023-10-29 001955.png

(It's a joke about paintings cus bread hat girl in the next drawing is a painter)
Captura de pantalla 2023-10-29 002014.png
Captura de pantalla 2023-10-29 002036.png
Happy Halloween! (at least here in Spain it's Halloween haha, I don't know if it's already November for you guys)
I drew Pastel Meringue Cookie with his Halloween costume this afternoon :D Hope you like it!


Sorry for the silly background, I had no ideas lol
I bring gijinka art! One day I'll explain the lore of my gijinkas because I love them a lot haha
For now, have an unfinished Yveltal reference. I'll talk a bit about the design too!


First of all, a bit of context: the legendary Pokémon in my gijinka universe have a true form which is incomprehensible to normal mortals so they change into a human form so they can do their job on (Pokéarth??) without traumatising a poor bystander. Yveltal borrows their original legs from this true form.
Underneath the suit they look sickly skeletal and they are scarred with markings similar to the OG's zigzagging black lines. I still need to draw them without their suit though.
I plan on finishing this one and then drawing Xerneas :D

(Psst, my art shop is open now, feel free to request art from me!)
I bring forth MORE unfinished art! (it's my brand now, you can't deny it)
I'm working on an animatic? storyboard? thing with a song from a musical and the two Korai's because hahaha dinosaur angst goooo. I have everything planned out, rn I'm cleaning up what I've drawn.
I don't think I'll ever finish it but I'm posting some out of context frames here hehe ^^

Captura de pantalla 2023-11-18 205419.png

Captura de pantalla 2023-11-18 205426.png

Captura de pantalla 2023-11-18 205445.png

I'll admit, drawing animals isn't my forte but everyone has their weaknesses XP If I end up finishing it, I'll post the video here! If not, I'll post the frames finished and move on haha
Evading my responsabilities by drawing more angsty dinos. I'm actually finishing the storyboard! Slowly for sure, bc school. But surely!

Captura de pantalla 2023-11-20 195918.png

Have I ever said that I love Starkid and that I've been thinking about NPMD ever since its release? Well I'm succumbing to the brainworms and drawing an animatic of the eponymous song, Nerdy Prudes Must Die (that specific part that everyone and your mother know)
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