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Mudkipz’s art! (And random things…)

Thanks so much! I rlly wanted them to stand out , I’m so glad it worked :)
I made a collage

It’s my profile banner now
I disappeared for a bit but now I’m back! And I have doodles

Yes more gold. Gold is good. I like gold.

I tried my hand a gijinka making and on request of my sis I made a glaceon gijinka thing

I like how the hat turned out

Also attempted an umbreon gijinka and i thought of a head cannon, umbreon is like either nocturnal or constantly jet lagged and sleep deprived.

(Also, I really like the exterminators’ hair and hair bands; they remind me of the player character designs from the Pokémon Ranger games!)
Thnx for the compliment!! The Pokémon ranger thing is a totally coincidence, I’ve never played them before lol

As for context…
Me and lissi were very into marvel (and still are but less) and we had a lot of head cannons for Tony, pepper, and Morgan as a family. One of those was that their mansion had a goose infestation and the geese would bite and Morgan is allergic to them.

So they hire these goose exterminators to get rid of them with their “state of the art catapults” sadly the goose exterminators are very bad at their jobs and never actually succeeded in getting rid of the geese, this might be because they test the catapults on site by launching their employees…?
This is rlly soon after my last post but take this doodle I did for lissi of green in her Pokémon masters venasaur outfit

I love drawing green, any outfit, I just love drawing her
(Srry if the lighting is bad)
Back from vacation! and back to the cold I miss +20 (Celsius) weatherrrr
Take some Dratinis on vacation at what I’m gonna call Dratini bay, the Pokémon resort!

Might do some more stuff with this location I like tropical weather, and beaches

manages to stop the rant

An accomplishment is an accomplishment no matter how small heh I got all poetic again

Ok I’m done now bye bye

Wow I really brain dumped on everyone….

Ok bye for real now : )
Effects are fun, take an espeon!

Or take two


Couldn’t choose between the light version or the dark version so here’s both

these were rlly fun to make so I’m open to taking requests for making something like this for other Pokémon if anyone wants
Very cool! As for other Pokémon…the first one that came to mind when I saw the colorful bubbles was Primarina. You definitely don’t have to do a Primarina if you don’t want; I just wanted to pass along the idea since it seemed like you were looking for suggestions.
Im taking that as a request, don’t worry about it I find making stuff for other people fun so I’ll get that primarina to you soon!
Haven’t done that much art so just a bunch of sketches today

Guess what’s invaded my brain…
Ace attorney!
Take a Maya Fey =)

6 year olds in formal wear is fun, take an Anya (spy x family)


And finally a lovely self portrait of me with microwaves

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