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Let's Go Pikachu & Let's Go Eevee no Secret Techniques and Specials Moves Aren't appeares until now in Anime


May 17, 2015
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Hi Everyone,

Good Noon Sir,

We in My country, the time in Noon Now so Again Good Noon Sir and How are? DAIJOUBU DESU KA?

It is really beens long time for my last thread, Dawn without new Pokemon which was in Dec 11, 2021, then I decided to change my idea for new threads as always so in this time then I decided to ask about all of Let's Go Pikachu & Let's Go Eevee no Secret Techniques and Specials Moves Aren't appeares until now in Anime so the most important question from this thread is to ask about the reasons of why this things in your mind opinion?

I thought that they will do a promotion for them in Sun And Moon but they didn't. They only did a promotion for eevee and his hair style and catching Meltan with its evolution Melmetal. Can't forget about pikachu new style pokemons

They did a lot of promotion for new moves such as Z Move, Daimax and its moves, Megan Evolution. They made a promotion for riding pokemons such as Alola Ride Pokemon.

They made a promotion for new specie pokemon from past Sinnoh such as the old arginine, old warragle and so on

So what do you think? Why do you think? And really glad to hear everything that in your mind ^^ .
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Few pictures With Two videos for the collection of Let's Go Pikachu & Let's Go Eevee no Secret Techniques and Specials Moves:-









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I just guess the anime staff don't think those moves can look good!
you know things that come out of nowhere, various changes of movements and all that!

though I only speculate!
Personally, I highly doubt that Eevee's Partner Moves wouldn't look good in an anime format. Especially since for the most part they look just as simple to animate as just about any basic attack and the side-effects don't really look all that challenging either. Now Pikachu's Partner Moves are another story entirely: Zippy Zap is the only one simple enough to be animated constantly, but Splishy Splash and Floaty Fall are not (especially since they're portrayed with Pikachu harnessing items out of nowhere), and there's no way that they would showcase only one of Pikachu's Partner Moves and not the others: either all of them get used or none of them do.

Another issue on top of the above is that showcasing the Partner Moves would require a revamp of Ash's Pikachu's entire moveset with the exception of Thunderbolt (since if there's ever any Pikachu that's gonna have the Partner Moves it's gotta be him), and since Quick Attack and Iron Tail are already considered just as iconic for Ash's Pikachu as Thunderbolt is, it's unlikely they'll ever get dropped. Especially since, like I said previously, they'd be ditched for moves that aren't as easy to animate constantly, and since Pikachu is a main character who gets far more frequent onscreen fights than literally any other Pokemon ever, his moveset needs to be kept simple so as to not give the animators headaches.

So, in summation, Partner Pikachu's special moves are just too much of a hassle, and this unfortunately makes Eevee's Partner Moves colateral damage, since no way Eevee is ever gonna be given priority over Pikachu: they may be co-mascots now, but since Pikachu was the mascot first and for far longer, he's still the favorite when it comes to marketing. TL;DR, if Pikachu's Partner Moves can't be showcased, neither can Eevee's.
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