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Let’s rank Pikachu’s VAs! (+fancast)


Sep 27, 2023
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  1. He/Him
I haven’t seen anyone talk about Pikachu’s 3 dub voices so I decide to rank his voi

Rachael Lillis, who voices him in the episode “School of Hard Knocks” - her delivery is fine but the voice is too squeaky though her performance did show potential. 4/10

Kayzie Rogers, who voices him in much of the episodes of Learning League - There’s nothing much to say about her performance, out of the 3 ladies she does sound the most like Ikue and I feel if Pikachu talked the performance wouldn’t be too bad. 5/10

Kate Bristol, his only speaking voice, who who voices Pikachu in that one movie 20 scene - Technically she’s at an advantage since she’s the only VA (until TPCi remembers the ANA Pikachu shorts) to actually speak and the performance is great. Though the only thing bringing it down for me is that her voice doesn’t scream “Pikachu if he spoke” for me. 5/10

TIE. Kayzie/Kate
3. Rachael

Fancast: I don’t know why, but I always imagined Pikachu either sounding like Matt Hill’s take on Kero in Nelvena’s dub on Cardcaptor Sakura (he has this chill surfer dude voice) or a androgynous voice to match his actual speaking voice in the Japanese version
I guess for the first thing, Max Mittelman, giving his take as Plagg in Miraclous and for the second thing, I feel Sarah Natochenny and Casey Mongillo would do a great job if TPCi ever remembers the ANA Pikachu shorts
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