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Level 100 Deoxys announced for Japan: Distribution from March 20 until May 6

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Nov 13, 2005
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Level 100 Deoxys announced for Japan: Distribution from March 20 until May 6

Deoxys will be distributed at various stores from March 20 until May 6.

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Bah! I *really* hope this will come to Australia or English Wi-Fi...
What about us other countries Game Freak come on I really want a Deoxys mines sucks balls with it's Impish Nature (Got from a friend who went to the Gamestop Event back in 08 because I was unable to go and I clearly told him I had to soft reset for a good nature and he didn't listen so I got stuck with a crappy one instead).
I don't really need this event to come to the UK because I can get an unlimited amount of Deoxys from the Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs mission, Deoxys and the Odd Temple, but if this comes to the UK I hope that it will be on location like the original event in Japan.
Gaah, Japan gets all the cool stuff... ("Hey mom? Can we move?")

Man, I want a Deoxys. That would be so badass.
I really need a Deoxys, so it's be nice if the US/English games gets this events.
I sure hope this Deoxys gets distributed worldwide. I kinda feel like we get left in the dark, because Japan gets way more events than we do.
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