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Gen VIII LF: Meltan, Melmetal, Zarude for Sword version FT: Event Pokemon

Jun 24, 2017
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Hi I'm seeking legit English Meltan, Melmetal and Zarude for my collection in SwSh, Zarude being my main priority right now. I'm looking to get as many as I can of each Pokemon though, and yes clones are acceptable. I'd prefer if the Pokemon are untouched, but I would be willing to compromise.

I can offer these event Pokemon, multiples if necessary, many of which I obtained myself in previous games. They've been cloned though:

  • GAMESTP 01311 Shiny Suicune Relaxed Scatters things often
  • GAMESTP 01031 Shiny Raikou Rash Loves to eat
  • GAMESTP 01171 Shiny Entei Adamant Highly persistent

  • GAMESTP 01300 Shiny Pichu Jolly Somewhat of a clown
  • GAMESTP 01300 Shiny Pichu Jolly Strong willed

  • VGC09 05099 Shiny Milotic Timid Good perseverance
  • VGC09 05099 Shiny Milotic Timid Proud of its power

  • VGC10 05080 Shiny Eevee Hardy Thoroughly cunning

  • GF 02016 Mew Jolly Alert to sounds
  • GF 03016 Celebi Hardy Capable of taking hits
  • GF 04016 Jirachi Jolly Likes to thrash about
  • GF 09016 Victini Mild Somewhat vain

  • Movie14 12031 Victini Hasty Capable of taking hits

  • SMR2012 08272 Keldeo Brave Likes to run
  • SMR2012 08272 Keldeo Calm Takes plenty of siestas

  • Plasma 10072 Genesect Jolly Somewhat of a clown
  • Plasma 10072 Genesect Sassy Hates to lose

  • Hope 07245 Diancie Hardy Alert to sounds

  • Helen 10016 Volcanion Quiet Takes plenty of siestas

  • MT. Tensei 100917 Marshadow Jolly Likes to thrash about

  • Fula City 100118 Zeraora Jolly Alert to sounds

  • Eclipse 100419 Shiny Lunala Bashful Somewhat vain
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Still looking for Meltan, Melmetal and Zarude; Zarude being my priority since it's the last Pokemon I need for my collection in Sword.
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