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  • Why the heck are Joltik/Galvantula outbreaks so freaking rare in SV? I mean I've seen outbreaks of starter Pokemon far more frequently than Joltik/Galvantula. Not like it's a particularly rare or powerful evolution line. I'm even trying the "save in the area it spawns in before the outbreaks reset" trick and I've still only gotten Joltik once out of literally 100+ SRs.
    Are you Bolt the Cat from Serebii? Both your icon and username feel similar to that person there.
    Bolt Strike
    Bolt Strike
    Yeah. I used to have the same name here and tried to change it on both sites, but someone else has the name Bolt Strike on Serebii.
    You were wrong about the third version games. Third version games were made as an expansion to the first pair of games. Blue wasn't one of them Emerald did not mess with the plot, it had it's own version and was superior to Ruby/Sapphire. Same goes for Crystal and Platinum being better than the previous games of their gen.
    I noticed you liked a post in the remake patternthread that suggested gen 7 was a 5 year gig. Which if you are I also want to know if you are open to the idea of gen 6 beinga 5 year gig instead. I opened this idea months ago in the megathread(no pun intended) but it got shot down by the usual suspect, and I really would love to discuss this idea with someone.
    Basically, despite the Anime being so late into the badge quest, any sort of gen 7 game in 2017 makes no sense, but gen 6 closing and gen 7 starting on 3DS in the same year? Even less of a chance. I say that about 2017 cause its too late to start on the 3DS, but too early for the NX. Which is where I suggest Kanto sequels in 2017, doing their own thing and creating a sort of bubble in between gens to top off tue Anniversary.

    I am pretty sure its the 5 year bit you liked, cause that post suggested Kanto remakes, and I remember you being open to sequels. So yeah, I hopethis wasn'tin vain!
    Another thing that is like a Pokemon game where you can't capture Pikachu is a Super Smash Bros. game which cuts at least one character from the previous game. While the Smash games are very enjoyable, a critical weakness of both Brawl and SSB4 is that they cut some characters that were in Melee and Brawl, respectively. Two of the characters cut from Brawl were Pichu, whose status as the pre-evo of Pokemon mascot of Pikachu ultimately did not save it, and Mewtwo, the only non-moveset clone to get cut (he will be back as DLC for SSB 4 though), which makes less sense considering they retained Falco and added another clone of Fox, Wolf, instead of adding someone unique from Star Fox, Krystal - as a result, Brawl did not have any female newcomers, which we did not see until SSB4 (even then, Krystal is still absent). 2 of the characters cut from SSB4 were Snake, who was very popular among the Brawl community and was one of the first newcomers confirmed for Brawl but his lack of appearances on Nintendo consoles hurt his chances of returning, and Ice Climbers, who are the only character cut after appearing in multiple Smash games, in spite of the fact that an Ice Climber enemy, Polar Bear appears in the 3DS version's Smash Run. For a Smash game to be perfect, to me it must have all veterans from previous games return, the only one to do so to date is Melee, the second game in the series.
    I can think of several things that are like a Pokemon game where you can't capture Pikachu:

    seasons 9-12 of Two and a Half Men: the post-Charlie Sheen years. They should have killed the show when Sheen was fired, the only thing they killed at the time was Sheen's character. It's even worse considering Ashton Kutcher was his replacement. I liked him on That 70's Show, but I lost all respect for him when I found out he was cheating on Demi Moore (they divorced the day before Thanksgiving 2013). I would have replaced Sheen with either Zach Braff (whose previous series, Scrubs, had just ended at the time) or Bradley Cooper (who went on to play Rocket Raccoon in Guardians of the Galaxy, speaking of which, I was at IHOP today and I heard one of the movie's songs, Ooh Child, while I was there). I think Warner Bros. should do us all a favor and withdraw the final four seasons of Two and a Half Men from general rotation (just like what happened with the 200th and 201st episodes of South Park, a show which Time Warner, parent of WB, once had a stake in).
    Say, what would you think of Raichu getting an alternate method for Mega Evolution like Rayquaza? We all know it needs to break out form Pikachu's shadow somehow.
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