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Lie About the User Above

Your brother stole my hand.

It ‘twas a cold winters night, a blizzard raging outside, when a youth, no more than 16, came knocking upon my door. I let him inside, not knowing what awaited me. The young lad introduced himself as Johnathan Buchanan. I tossed a few logs onto the fire, and we began to talk. Young Johnathan apparently had crashed his car into a snow drift, and wandered for half a mile before arriving at my humble wooded shack. When I asked him what he was doing before he crashed, he merely said, “Searching” with a wry smile.

Searching. That word would haunt me for a long time. Nothing can send chills down my spine more than that single word. It’s changed my life, for the worse or better, I do not know. I’ve met many allies, and I have lost many friends. Before this child wandered into my cabin in the woods, I led a simple, ignorant life. No hatred, no fears, no desires, no revenge. But now that my mind has been exposed to the cold, dark truth of the universe, humanity, and the very reality on which our very existence lies, there are no reparations.

When I allowed Johnathan, nay, the BEAST, to stay for the night, I thought nothing of it. I gave him the couch, tossed him a blanket, and called it a night. Little did I know how my reality would shift when I awoke, my place in the cosmos shrunken down and reduced to a grain of sand in a desert. No longer would I be able to sleep peacefully.

When the dawn rose and I awoke, I noticed a searing pain in my right hand. I glanced over, and saw…nothing. Where my right hand used to be, there was merely a stump, a bandage wrapped over it, and blood all over the walls and my bed, glistening a bright crimson in the morning sun. I screamed and scrambled out of bed, and the world faded to black.

When I came to, a strange calmness fell over me, and I examined the cabin. The beast had left, the thief. But those markings on the walls, something inhuman was lingering within the arcane symbols, with my blood somehow not sliding down the wall, or the smell or viscosity unchanging. I can remember it clear as day, several concentric spirals leading to glyphs of unknown origins.

I know not of why the beast would do this, but in my search, I have uncovered secrets that should have been hidden, burned as they were birthed.

Let your accursed brother know this. The old man in the cabin is looking for you, and no god can save you from the search.
Is secretly member of the Rockband "Reduzosers"
Yammask as the filmer with a cam instead a mask
Seismitoad as the deepest voice
Mothim as the highest voice
Snover as the "middle" quiet voice
Skrelp as the manager because he cant sing.
Lampent makes the lights
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