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SwSh Looking for trades to complete my shield regional dex

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Apr 25, 2023
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I have Pokemon shield, and I am looking to complete my regional dex. The pokemon I am looking for are: every pokemon sword exclusive mons, karrablast/shelmet trade to register karrablast, escavalier, and accelgor in my dex, and phantump/pumpkaboo/swirlix/spritzee/onix/boldore trade evos. (I also need the evolved trade evos traded back so that I can register them in my shield dex.) (Also, I when trading karrablast and shelmet, I want the accelgor traded to me so that I can register it to my dex.) (For swirlix, I need it to hold the whipped dream [which I can give it to you if necessary] so that it can evolve into a slurpuff, and once spritzee evolves into aromatisse, I need that to be traded back as well.) (For Zacian, I just need to register it in my dex, so I will trade it back to you once it registers to my dex.)
Also if you want to dm me on discord my username is: Rohbro_#4713
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