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Magazine scans reveal events for upcoming episodes: Anime to be in HD

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Nov 13, 2005
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Magazine scans reveal events for upcoming episodes: Anime to be in HD

Last Wednesday, PokéBeach reported information on the upcoming episodes in the Pokémon anime from scans from the official Japanese magazine, Pokémon Fan. Please take note of the spoilers.

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Digital + widescreen = pretty much HD. Left side, whoaaaaa. Right side whoooa-- hey, since when did Misty come back?
Digital + widescreen = pretty much HD Not 100%, its the resolution that makes it HD, just better quality being digital. 760p is 1280×720 1080i is 1920×1080 and normal widescreen is only 704x480 which is closer but not HD.

Anyway, would be cool to see how the episodes look this way.
Are HD and Digital really similar in Japanese? It seems strange Dogasu would get that wrong.
This is what viper.fox on my forums said when I originally posted that it was in HD. Heerosferret originally translated TV Tokyo's post as "digital" too.

Yo WPM, you might want to change the 'high-definition' part as it's not broadcast in that. There are three broadcast types when it comes to television:

Analog: This is what Pokemon broadcasts in on standard TV Tokyo. The aspect ratio is 4:3.

Digital: This is what Pokemon broadcasts on Channel 7 TV Tokyo, the networks digital channel which has been in broadcast for about a year or more but only now very heavily advertised on normal TV Tokyo. Most shows are presented in 16:9 if the TV can handle it, otherwise it scales back to 4:3 depending on your digital receiver.

High Definition: Pokemon is not. broadcast. in. this. High Definition Channels cost a lot of money to run, all shows are in 16:9 with Dolby Digital surround sound. HD offers basically HD DVD or BluRay quality over a TV broadcast. It's mainly live-show based channels that have HD options. Not to mention most HD channels are on a cable service and have to be paid for.

I think I'd know, given Australia is about 5+ years ahead with TV broadcasts in terms of quality and moving to digital compared to Japan and the US especially. I really highly doubt that we'll see cartoons broadcast in HD in at least the next 5 years simply because in Digital they're at the highest quality offered unless we're looking at CG.
I knew Channel 7 was digital, but I just assumed it was HD as well, like how each of the big network stations in America has an analog and an HD signal. If it's just a digital channel, then that kinda answers that.

I knew Pokemon being in HD seemed too good to be true. Not like the cheap animation budget could really take advantage of it, which is why I was really looking forward to the widescreen part the most. Nearly every other anime went to that long ago, so it's about time Pokemon caught up.
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