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RP Teen Marvel multiverse RPG adventure thread

Eddie: (stares, confused) Are you...like...a Team Plasma offshoot or something?
(Eddie's bag, containing Venomask, moves slightly)
Venomask, whispering through his connection to Eddie: The Team Plasma? I remember...the first ones who locked me in a tube and poked me, they called themselves the Team Plasma! (bag shakes more violently) Give me to them! Give me to them so I can poke the Team Plasma! Poke them again and again!
Eddie: (grabs the bag to stop the shaking) Uhhh, Mister, I don't know if you actually want the Pokémon I have on me. It's...kind of violent. And I'm more or less broke right now, so money isn't really an option either. Sorry.
(Eddie tries to edge past the man)
the Team Dominion grunt says "A violent Pokémon? the boss might find a use for that. also, we are not related to Team Plasma directly, though lets just say the boss has his hands in everything."
The Team Dominion grunt looks like he just realized something. He lets a growlithe out of it's pokeball and uses it to weld the door shut. "No one will leave until enough stuff has been 'donated' to Team Dominion"
Eddie: (throws out his Pokeball. A Beheeyem emerges. Eddie points at the Growlithe.) Ross, use Psybeam!

I'm just going to note this here so I remember to have a consistent moveset. Ross's moves are: Psybeam, Teleport, Cosmic Power (defense and sp. defense boosting move), and Dark Pulse. The first two are naturally learned by Beheeyem before level 42 and the last two are taught by TM. If any of the move choices cause a problem with the rp mechanics, let me know and I can definitely change them.
because of the fact i am using pre made rule book, unlike normal pokemon battles, order in battles is decided by vigilance checks instead of speed. also, i have been slow because i was quickly making stat's for the pokemon that capture their in game stats but follow this games rules

the opposing growlithe manages to attack first, using flame thrower. it misses.

it is your turn in battle. i know this is different then traditional pokemon battles, but because of the rules i am using for battles, i am going to let you decide if you still want to use psybeam or change attack
it works and does quite a bit of damage. then the grolithe uses flamethrower and also does quite a bit of damage. you turn again.

quick note, i can be a bit vague with descriptions, so if you have any questions about what you see, ask. it probably isn't relevant right now, but just wanted to let you know
this game pretty much uses the same stats for attack and defense, defense is just the ability you defending against + 10. But, it is possible to add just to the defense, so since the original adds to both kinds of defense, all defense scores are raised until the end of battle

You raise your defense stats. The growlithe uses flame thrower. It works despite the rased defense stats. It does about the same as last time. Ross should be able to survive another hit like that, but only barely
It doesn't work. Then the growlithe uses flame thrower and gets a hit that is almost even better then critical hit and instantly knocks out Ross

first, on the "does it hit?" roll for the growlithe I got something called a fantastic success, so damage was double, and then I somehow rolled 6 on the "how much does it hurt" roll, so the growlithe basically just got the most damage possible through this games rules
Just as an FYI, I'm probably going to be slow responding this weekend due to Easter stuff.
Eddie: Of all the stupid times for a critical hit to land--(quickly recalls Ross)
Venomask: Poke him, poke him...
Eddie: (under his breath) Not. In. Public. What if security sees us?
Venomask: What security? No security has come for the Team person.
Eddie: ...I hate it when you have a good point. (unzips the bag top as he speaks to the Team Dominion grunt) Ok, mister, one more warning: you can try to take my Pokémon if you want. But if you do, it's not going to be pretty.
the Team Dominion grunt stops being calm and instead get's panicked "what's that!" he screams, and tries to run out the door, and then remembers he welded it shut after trying to open it for 30 seconds.
Venomask: THIS IS MORE FUN! Let's test how good your protection is, Team Plasma!
Eddie: ...He said he wasn't Team Plasma
Venomask: WHO CARES?!?
(The composite lunges at the grunt's Growlithe with a Metal Claw-like attack)
it hit and does quite a bit of damage. panicked, the Team Dominion grunt has his growlithe use flamethrower to melt the door, it succeeds(not just that, half the wall is gone too). and he calls the growlithe back into his pokeball and runs away.

OK, so, unless you want to chase him, this sessions done
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