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RP Teen Marvel multiverse RPG adventure thread

[With considerable difficulty, Eddie manages to convince Venomask that running out into the street in pursuit of the Team Dominion grunt is a bad idea and would probably get them captured by the government. For the next few days, Eddie only leaves his apartment to go to work. He keeps a close eye on the media, worried that someone saw him transform or that the Team Dominion grunt will talk about the incident.]
a few people mention being saved from some pokecenter thieves by a strange guy who temporarily turned into a creepy monster. you also have noticed this same guy, a small man who is in a cowboy costume but somehow also looks sharply dressed, who seems to always be watching you
[Eddie walks down the street, clutching Venomask's bag and occasionally glancing over his shoulder.]
Venomask: Bite it.
Eddie: Excuse me? Bite what?
Venomask: I don't know. Something is bothering you. Find the something and bite it. Then it won't bother you.
Eddie: I'm not 'bothered', I'm nervous. It's a thing humans feel when they think something bad is about to happen.
Venomask: Then bite the nervous, so it can't do anything bad.
Eddie: Humans don't deal with all their emotions by biting.
Venomask: Humans are stupid.
Eddie: ...Look, I keep seeing this one guy every time I go to work, and every time I walk home. Practically every time, anyway. I'm worried he's from the government.
Venomask: Then we SHOULD bite him! Bite him before he puts us in cages!
Eddie: The fact that they got you in a cage in the first place makes me think they've got some kind of weapon that's super effective against you. Am I right?
Venomask: grumbling sounds
Eddie: That's what I thought. Hrmm...I'm gonna try something...
[Eddie takes the next crosswalk to the other side of the street, and starts walking opposite the direction he was walking before. He checks to see whether the sharply dressed cowboy follows him.]
It is bike store(since I forgot to specify what kind of store) so you duck behind a rack of bikes. You hear the door open. And footsteps "Let's get him. The boss will pay us good for this." You hear someone say in a cowboy accent
Eddie: (thinking) ...Oooor some opportunists who want to get their hands on a violent alien monster. For some reason. Some probably-not-good reason.
Venomask: (telepathically) Bite now?
Eddie: (telepathically). No, wait and see if they give us a chance to make a break for the door. If they find us back here first, then...then I guess we'll have to attack. Before they can get us.
Venomask: (telepathically chanting) Am-bush, am-bush, am-bush...
It hits. Ox shows slight pain but not much. You get to take another turn. Currently you can see the shop employees and the few people already here hurriedly running out the door in a panic.
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