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Mean Look on Wild Pokémon

Feb 16, 2018
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  1. He/Him
I am not sure if this thread should go here or the "Other Pokémon Games" Forums (I suppose it could work in both places).

How does this move work, it's a wild Pokémon? What prevents it from just running away? Preventing the Pokémon from being recalled back into it's Pokeball makes sense. What if it's wild? I remember that episode of the anime where Entei appeared (the one where Brock's Pineco evolved) and the Character of the Day has their Midreavous use Mean Look on it. What if the Entei didn't know roar? What's stopping it from just running away?
We have seen Mean Look to be used on a Pokémon without a Ball in M19. Alva ordered his Gengar to use it on Magearna, and the latter is unable to move because of it.
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