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You say it, I draw it (Mudkipz’s art shop)


I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream :)
Oct 31, 2023
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Hoi! So I decided to make an art shop to fill up my free time so I’m hoping to be generally fast with requests.

For stuff I’m willing to draw nothing too romancey (if you’re not sure what the limit is describe and I’ll tell you) or like really violent.
I’m fine with drawing things that aren’t Pokémon but Pokémon stuff is probably going to turn
your wondering what my art style is like check Here, I recommend looking at the latest stuff as my style is constantly changing slightly and improving (I hope)
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Ok I got really inspired for boutique shipping so I got it done pretty fast (I hope Shauna looks decent enough this was my first time drawing her lol)

Hoi! So I have a bunch of time on my hands today and tomorrow so if I get any requests they’ll probably be finished pretty quickly
You there friend, I would like to make a request if you don't mind

would it be ok if you drew Rika? Any pose or whatever is fine, I don't mind.
Ok @Catz your Rika is ready! Thnx so much for this suggestion, it was my first time drawing her and it was a lot of fun, hope you like how it turned out

Yay a request!!!

do u have a personality for this human? It’s fine if you don’t just wondering
Yes Wallace is awesome, will probs get that to you either late tonight or tomorrow
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