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Name one Pokemon who's about the same height as the user above you


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Jun 1, 2023
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  1. She/Her
Just another one of those "user above you" threads. First, you have to list your height. Then, the user below you has to name one Pokemon who's about the same height as you are, and then it keeps going down from there.

I'll go first:

I stand at 4'11" tall (short, I know lol).

Now all you gotta do is name any Pokemon (it has to be one, tho) who's the same height as I am. :)
I'm going with Blastoise. It matches your avatar, too !

I'm 186 cm, or 6'1". (gosh I dislike the imperial system >< )
Congrats, you're two inches taller than Chesnaught. That's kinda neat actually-

5'8 (again lmao)
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