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Up vs Down Vol 107 - The Blinding One vs The Pokémon of Shadows


“Tastes like… Dirt.”
Dec 7, 2023
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  1. She/Her
  2. He/Him
  3. They/Them
  4. It/Its
Give it up for volume 107- hosted by me, Handium
And give it up for The Blinding One, Ultra Necrozma! In this corner while in the other, The Pokémon of Shadows, Giratina!

As per the rules the first team to get to 500, or 0 wins!
The Blinding One’s Ultra Recon Squad are heading up, up, to the sun and trying to get to 500 and restore The Blinding One’s light!
Meanwhile, The Pokémon of Shadows’ Galactic Team are heading down, down, to the distortion world and trying to fall to 0 and create a world without emotion!

(No ping ponging

The Blinding One’s Ultra Recon Squad
@mastermind lissi
@Jon Watercooler

The Pokémon of Shadows’ Galactic Team


Now let the fight begin, and let the plot be in your favor!

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I am legally required to support Giratina in any and all endeavours.

I'm sure it will even out later. Probably. Maybe.

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