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Need help designing a team to defeat Volo


Oct 3, 2021
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Hello i'm trying to find a easy solution to build up my team before facing Volo. My current strongest pokemon's (most are in my travelling team)

H-Typhlosion lv. 77 (Flamethrower Mystical Fire Infernal Parade and Shadow Ball)

Alpha Garchomp lv. 88 (Bulldoze Dragon Claw Outrage and Earth Power)

Alpha Lucario lv. 80 (Aura Sphere Close Combat Dragon Pulse and Crunch)

Darkrai lv. 71 (Dark Void, Psychic, Shadow Ball and Dark Pulse)

Cresselia lv. 71 (Psycho Cut, Lunar Blessing Psychic and Moonblast)

Haven't added a 6th member yet the picture shows my potential reserves from what i've heard but Volo's coverage is really strong
@Pokefan_1987 If you're still looking for help I know of two Mons that can steamroll Volo AND Giratina through their STAB alone: Gardevoir and Rhyperior. Gardevoir's Moonblast clobbers Spiritomb, Garchomp, and Giratina itself while Psychic will help crumple Roserade. Rhyperior's Rock Slide/Stone Edge can crush Togekiss and H-Arcanine while High Horsepower will flatten Lucario and especially H-Arcanine. And that's before factoring in some coverage moves. Giving Gardevoir Mystical Fire and Thunderbolt will allow it to take down Lucario and Togekiss, respectively, while giving Rhyperior a combo of Shadow Claw, Poison Jab, Fire Punch, Aqua Tail, and/or Ice Punch can expand the range of its victims (specifically, Giratina with Shadow Claw and Ice Punch, Garchomp with Ice Punch, Togekiss with Poison Jab and Ice Punch, Roserade with Fire/Ice Punch, Lucario with Fire Punch, and H-Arcanine with Aqua Tail). Those two Mons alone can pretty much cover Volo's entire team and Giratina single-handedly. I wouldn't recommend using Legendaries like Darkrai and Cresselia, as they'll crumple to certain moves surprisingly quickly, especially against Giratina itself (Giratina has Aura Sphere to handle Darkrai and Shadow Force for Cresselia, the latter of which will further hamper any attempts to strike back due to the move "obscuring" it, making it harder to hit). Hope that helps.
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Hopefully you've already beaten him and this advice is moot! However if you haven't yet, a Pokemon I personally love and use on my team whose type lines up VERY well against his team is Gliscor. Fast, high attack, decent survivability, and most importantly Volo has absolutely Nothing super effective against it (which is only water and ice type), while if you teach it Ice Fang and a ground move of your choice, you've got Super Effective moves against absolutely everything on his team other than Spiritomb. I personally think it'd be a better pair with Gardevoir than Rhyperior due to the many weaknesses Rhyperior has; it certainly has some bulk to make up for it but it's certainly not 2x bulkier, to say nothing of 4x (which makes moves like Petal Dance a bit scary if he gets them off against you).
From my own experience, keeping up on effort levels can be important for closing a gap too. I had all of mine maxed up and the gauntlet actually wasn't too bad. It was reassuring as heck to OHKO Spiritomb with Gardevoir's unboosted normal Draining Kiss at roughly equal levels.
Turned out Cresselia and my Alpha Garchomp were a good match on my team. the Obscured effect is truly a godsend in battles.
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