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Newest song released in Pokémon Music Collective - “LEVEL UP!” by Matt Cab, BBY NABE & Charlu

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Level Up! single cover
The Pokémon Company’s collaboration with Universal Music, the Pokémon Music Collective, brings us the latest in a series of singles meant to reimagine music and sounds from Pokémon games. “LEVEL UP!” by American producer Matt Cab and Japanese artists BBY NABE and Charlu is the fourth of the five announced songs that will make up the Pokémon Music Collective EP, and incorporates the iconic chime that has played in every mainline game when a Pokémon gains a level.

Pokémon Music Collective EP poster

The final single is scheduled for release on September 27th of this year, at which point the five songs will be available at select Japanese retailers as a CD. The cover art from the limited edition first pressing of the CD has also been released, which will come as a set with a Blu-Ray of three music videos ("Sing," "One and Only," and "Ghost-Type") and a full-color magazine with details about the artists. The limited edition set is priced at ¥5,000 ($34.30 USD), while the CD on its own is priced at ¥3,000 ($20.58 USD).

All currently released Pokémon Music Collective singles are available to listen to on YouTube via the links below:
  1. “Sing” by imase
  2. “One and Only” by ENHYPEN
  3. “1999” by Michael Kaneko
  4. “LEVEL UP!” by Matt Cab, BBY NABE, and Charlu
  5. “Ghost Dive” by Polkadot Stingray


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