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Nintendo should make a powerful console.


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Sep 3, 2021
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I've heard people make the argument that "Nintendo shouldn't make a powerful console to directly compete with Sony and Microsoft, since the N64 and GameCube, both powerful consoles, failed!"

Here's the thing: The N64 and GameCube didn't fail because they were trying to compete against Sony and Microsoft, they failed because Nintendo made stupid decisions with those consoles, like sticking with cartridges and using mini-DVDs. A Nintendo console on par with the PS5 and Xbox Series X would most likely do very well. Imagine a Nintendo console with amazing first party AND third party games, and having Mario and Zelda in 4k and 60 FPS.

Nintendo didn't HAVE to make a console/handheld hybrid. All they had to do was make a console on par with the PS5 and Series X in power, not make a stupid decision with the hardware like they did with the N64 and GameCube, and make it easy to develop for, and that console would get third party support, which means more sales. It's actually really simple to make a console that sells well.
i mean, i agree in principle with making a stronger console but the fact that the Switch has outsold the PS4 in the US despite coming out 4 years later (and being a weaker console as far as im aware) is pretty indicative of its success. they didn't have to make a console/handheld hybrid, but they did, and it's selling incredibly well. nintendo learned from the mistakes of the Wii U and marketed the shit out of the Switch and did it properly.

for all of the Switch's faults (of which there are plenty), people like convenience, which is an area not taken advantage of by any other console manufacturer to date (i mean sure there's the PSP from Sony but yknow... rip). they could've made a rectangular-ish console like the xbox/ps(insert number here), but they wouldn't necessarily stand out in that way. the switch is proof that people care far more about the gameplay experience than the console strength.

that said, don't misunderstand: nintendo can do better. a lot of the desire for the "switch pro" was precisely because people wanted a stronger switch that can play games with a higher framerate/resolution. we'll see what's in the cards as for the Switch's successor, but it seems nintendo themselves are in a pretty good position at the moment considering even the OLED version of their console - which changes very little about the console except the screen size and type of screen it uses (and the lan port) - sold like 5.8 million as of their fiscal year 2022 report.
The thing is while Nintendo can make a stronger console, is that they won't. Ever since the GameCube era (and around when Iwata took over as well as after he passed), Nintendo pursues creativity and innovation over just producing the same console but stronger ever new generation. While they go with weaker graphic tech, this still doesn't mean their games look bad by any means (BOTW, the Switch XenoBlade games and Astral Chain to name a few) just like I said, they have to work creatively for stuff like this (Astral Chain does it perfectly).

Them using lower tech than a PlayStation and Xbox also makes the console more affordable, say all you want about the game prices; I am still going to buy a console that's cheaper and can have quality games on it then consoles I can't even get and then have to pay double the price of a Switch for.

Also in the Switch's case, they can't use the higher tech available to them anyways due to Switch size and the dock really have nothing in it, everything is in that small monitor of the Switch (sans the Lite), this is why the Switch overheats during long play sessions. So while Nintendo will most likely be continuing the Switch line and will most likely be more powerful and better optimized than the current Switch (and maybe something in the dock to help it this time), it won't be as powerful as the rival consoles and there will most likely never be Switch Pro. At best maybe an upgraded dock that makes it similar to a pro console but it just exists to make the Switch run and cool easier while docked.
You are probably right that Nintendo 64 and GCN weren't big successes because they made strange decisions with their hardware of the time. Nintendo oftentimes sees consoles not doing well and tends to embrace the worst ideas that will make them more popular (the Wii is a prime example of this, opting for a weaker, motion controlled console with a number of watered down entries to beloved franchises).

But with the Switch I actually like that it has the handheld bit of it. Nowadays, I don't really want to sit in front of a TV to play a game. The Switch is just so darn convenient. I have a lot of complaints about the Switch, but the handheld option is not one of them. It's probably the best idea Nintendo has ever had to "innovate", IMO.

If Nintendo could pull off both duel handheld/TV console and make it be powerful, I'm all for that. But right now I'm okay with it the way it is.
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