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What Pokemon do you think should be added to Smash Brothers?

Dec 12, 2022
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  1. He/Him
I’m not even sure what section this should be under, but here we go. Pokémon in the super smash brothers series… exists. But what if you could add Pokemon to smash which ones would you add, and how would they play?

Here are my picks from each region:

Kanto: please don’t give us more kanto Pokemon Nintendo, but if you do, make it some bagshit insane pick like dugtrio.
Johto: maybe scizor as a speedy combo character with low damage output?
Hoenn: Pokemon trainer 2, with torchic, grovyle, and swampert
Sinnoh: Hooooooly hestu's gift there are a lot of options here off the top of my head we have:
  • Garchomp: Would a fast, heavy, high damage charcter be broken as hell? Yes. Do I think it would be fun as hell? Yes.
  • Weavile as a rushdown lightweight
  • Gallade as a sword fighter
  • Rhyperior as heavy, high damage combo food
  • Magmortar/Electivire as echo fighters of each other, with different effects and a couple unique moves based on their cannons/tails
  • Bidoof as an amalgamation of every different archetype
  • Gliscor as a slow floaty damage machine
and the list goes on... most fully evolved sinnoh pokemon would be good, or at least better than lucario and his gimmicky stuff
Unova: Bisharp as a close range sword fighter
Kalos: Pangoro as a slow brawler maybe?
Alola: Golisopod would be awesome man, not sure how he would play though.
Galar: Give us grapploct as a grappler you cowards
Hisui: Kleavor, some good axe representation
Paldea: Tinkaton, with some inspiration from King Dedede

Anyway, I would love to here what all of you think!
To fill out the underrepresented generations, here are my selections
Gen 3: Castform. It would be a blast to see how they handle it's weather gimmick
Gen 5: Excadrill. Nothing much, I just really like Excadrill
Gen 8: Cinderace for a speedy close combat fighter with some decent options for ranged attacks (They also love to add starters too)
Gen 9: Tinkaton would add some hammer representation to the roster (It's also a fan favorite to boot)
Deoxys, with its 4 forms, could be an interesting (versatile) character.

I thought about Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan and Hitmontop working as a trio but since they're all Fighting-type Pokémon that use their legs or fists, making them a trio would be a little pointless.
Hitmonlee alone, with its stretchable legs and arms, could be fun, though, if it's not too similar to Min Min.

Other picks : Shiftree, Toxicroak, Victini, Ogerpon.
Ya know for being a huge Smash and Pokemon fan, I don't have that many Pokemon wants. Regardless here's some that come to mind:

I : Eevee. I feel like if Smash were started today, she would've been a shoo-in, but she's definitely gotten outprioritized now. Regardless, I think she'd be fun

II: Hmmmmm... Uhhhhh... Smeargle? Definitely not realistically the choice, but it'd be hilarious.

III: Gardevoir. Arguably the poster child of this gen. I think she makes a lot of sense. Alternatively, maybe Absol? I think Kecleon using moves of several types would be fun, but he realistically probably wouldn't even be on the radar.

IV: Croagunk. I find him hilarious, plus he's already been in Pokken, so he's no stranger to fighting games.

V: Victini. A huge favorite of mine, and the thought of a mythical getting in is fun.

VI: Meowstic. I am biased beyond belief ahaha.

VII: Bewear: Big burly brawler. Works too well I think.

VIII: Cinderace. Idk, he just had that Smash energy to him, ya know? Is also a big meme in one of my friend groups for reasons, so him getting in would be hilarious.

IX: Ogerpon. She's cute, and her masks would be perfect for like a form changing character.
1. i'd rather not kanto, but eevee is probably the most realistic.
2. tyranitar makes the most sense here i think. maybe scizor... hope they don't bring elemental damage back...
3. gonna go gardi or metagross here. deoxys could be fun, but the form-changing character i would most like is ogerpon. blaziken is also a possibility i guess.
4. garchomp was the first mon that came to mind. i don't really care for it but i think it could work super well in smash. (i would love shaymin. no fucking clue what its moveset could be but i would love it anyway.)
5. SERPERIOR OR CHANDELURE PRETTY PLEASE WITH A CHERRY ON TOP!!! (biased, check signature) zoroark could be fun as hell too.
6. yveltal would be so badass but it would feel a little weird to have it but not xerneas. in other words... zygarde maybe?
7. decidueye. maybe an unpopular opinion but i think it deserved a spot a little more than incineroar (coming from someone who is a bigger fan of the litten line). any of the ultra beasts could also be fun, nihilego or naganadel probably has the biggest chance i believe.
8. cinderace, realistically... my heart though. my heart says alcremie :bulbaLove:
9. i've been beaten to ogerpon, but i think my second most wanted would be dachsbun on grounds of it being really cute. meowscarada or tinkaton are also relatively-safe-but-cool picks.
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Way back in Smash Ultimate DLC spec, I predicted Corviknight would get a spot. It:
  1. Was shown in prerelease, giving it an edge
  2. Has a Gigantamax, so it gets to show off the new thing
    1. The G-Max move has an obvious analog in several existing Final Smashes
  3. Thanks to Mystery Dungeon, bird Pokemon have an association with mail which happens to dovetail with Smash Bros's marketing's recurring invitation concept.
Well, it didn't happen. Regardless, I'm rather in favor of it. Probably something about inevitability, in that Corviknight would be bulky and have a strong recovery yet not be especially strong. So it would create long drawn out battles, and hopefully win off consistently getting in hits during its long lifespan. Now that I think about it, this is basically just Kirby but as a heavy weight and dropping some of the power. Fittingly, I also wouldn't give Corviknight a projectile and instead have Mirror Armor as a reflector, which would increase the idea of it being a fortress but not give it a poking tool so that it has to risk take damage more often.
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