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[Non-story Indigo Disk Spoilers] What's your Throwing Style?

What's your preferred Throwing Style?

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Apr 27, 2022
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On the BB League Club room pc, you can spend BP to unlock and equip different throwing styles to give your trainer a bit more extra flair when sending out Pokemon in battle (Kinda wish it changed your throwing style in the overworld too, but I get why that probably wasn't feasible). You can see em in detail right here (under the Generation IX section)

Anyway, so I ask, what's your current throwing style?

Mine's the Twirling Style. It's so ditzy and cute with just a bit of oomph. It really matches the energy I was trying to capture for my trainer.
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twirling style is definitely my favorite. i remember seeing rika using it during her e4 match and i went, "oh my god, i love the way she throws out her mon."
now i can throw out mine as stylishly as rika does, thank you mitch from the baseball club <3
While I technically don't have the DLC, the mere thought of getting to throw like Rika sounds amazing, so twirling style is definitely up there for me (runners up probably Galarian Star, Smug, and Reverent styles!)
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Okay, realizing it's basically Rika's style, makes me love the twirling style even more

I'm terms of other ones, I really appreciate the peppiness of the Reverent Style and the snappiness of the Elegant Style
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I am not sure, so far I haven't worried about it. It's probably the standard/Normal style, unless the game has automatically changed it during us first interaction in BB League Club.
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