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Official Pre-Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield Speculation & Leaks thread

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Dec 30, 2008
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This thread is for speculation on the upcoming Pokémon games for the Switch. Speculate on the games, talk about your wishes for Gen 8, or discuss any leaks or rumours. Please direct any speculation on Let's Go Pikachu/Let's Go Eevee to its discussion thread.
Note: We would prefer you not post links to 4chan or its archives so we're not sending users to sites that clash with our policies. Screenshots are okay, assuming the content aligns with our rules and standards. Please attach screenshots or add them as imgur links.

Below is a catalogue of the leaks we have so far.
Text in this colour is confirmed fake info.
Text in this colour is confirmed real info.


Chinese Forum (December 2017)
There has been talk among the Chinese forums about using the Joy Cons to throw Pokeballs and perform Z-Moves.
Chinese Leak 3.0? (December 2017)
According to the leaker, the next game will be a Kanto remake of sorts. The post was removed.
"Pokémon: Let's Go Pikachu!" and "Pokémon: Let's Go Eevee!" (May 2018)
Pt.1 (Twitter)

Pt.2 (Misc)

Chinese PokéJungle Leaks
Recently some of our loyal readers in Taiwan and China have contacted us about some information that allegedly comes from an internal working demo. Again, I must state quite plainly, this is absolutely hearsay until we have verifiable evidence. We can just break down what seemed to be shown and and some generalizations we can draw from it.

  • PokéRide seems to be coming back, or at least the concept of it. A trainer uses Lapras to navigate a water-based trail. The bulky gear that Lapras wore in Generation VII is gone, but the trainer still appears to have a helmet and sports outfit on while riding.
  • Following Pokémon may also be coming back. Whether any Pokémon can follow you or just a select few remains to be seen. In the demo an Eevee perched on the top of its trainers head while riding through the water on Lapras. It’s hard to imagine something bigger having that much leeway or how it would be handled. It follows that Eevee would stay outside of its Pokéball while walking as well.
  • Battles start by running into a Pokémon; unlike previous installments in which players would randomly trigger battles while walking through grass, water, etc this appears to show the Pokémon on the route swimming—until you bump into one. Whether they aggressively try to chase you down or not also remains to be seen.
Riddler Leaks
Says the next game will be a reboot game
Posted a picture of Rebootmon as a hint (Rebootmon)

Pokémon 2k19 Switch
Starter Leak (April 2018)



Starter Leaks (Feb 2018)



Monster Riddler Leak (February 2018)
It is speculated to represent a Grass Shrew, Fire Minotaur, And Water Kappa

Starter/Player Characters Leak (April 2018)




Revealed fake on Reddit

Italian Starter Leak (Feb 2018)


Revealed fake in an interview with Pokémon Millenium

Plus And Minus (2014)
GameFreak were one of the first development studios inside Nintendo to receive Alpha-Prototype hardware, now have been upgraded to the Beta-Prototype hardware above.

Have a few areas marked out, TONS of concept art traveling between Pokemon Company and Nintendo Co Ltd.

GameFreak plans to completely overhaul the basic systems of battle, simplifying the process.

The development team is “going to put a lot of ideas they have wanted to do for years in this game”.

Two versions already have code names, possibly final: Pokemon Plus and Pokemon Minus.

Theme is “Old Tradition VS New Exploration”

New region, no name yet, is based on South East Asia with one large peninsula and many smaller islands.

Three new starters with no names: Water evolves into Water/Steel and is a squat, teardrop shaped humanoid that has a jar filled with on its head as it evolves it grows taller and the jar bigger until it needs another set of arms to hold it on it’s head. Fire evolves into Fire/Fairy and is a tiny cute goat with fire blowing out of its horns, it’s horns and look evolves more menacing until it has curly ram like horns and a motorcycle hot-rod-like look. Grass evolves into a Grass/Electric and starts with a leap for a face with a nubby root as a body and evolves until it grows into an electric producing palm tree with each flower petal having a different face.

The main legendary for Pokemon Plus is a Shi Foo Lion-looking Psychic/Ground-type that has multiple faces, the Pokemon Minus legendary is a Ghost/Fairy type that has two dashes for eyes and is a hurricane-like appendages with many arms and hands.

More traditional Pokemon-like gameplay will be on the Handheld controller while an all new gameplay aspect will be on the Terminal unit.

The “Pokken Fighers” render that was teased was running on Alpha kits, Beta kits now have advance cell shading. Going for very detailed “living anime” look.

The new “Team” villains are described as a bunch of “Sohei Zelots”-types who have discovered the player’s best friend as a reincarnation of a special type of person who only is alive every 100 years. They believe the old system where people were given a Pokemon egg and they stick to that Pokemon until they die and who’s function in society dictate what role that person is. They are against the “modern” trend of Pokemon Trainers and capturing multiple Pokemon and are making a holy pilgrimage to evoke the old Legendaries to turn everything back to normal. They keep the player away from their friend, saying the special one (who can do amazing things like mega evolve Pokemon without the use of a mega ring) only love is that of Pokemon and not people. It is planned to be reveal later that for the special one to fulfill their role in society they must be mortally sacrificed to awaken the legendaries.

Routes connection the island together are water bridges but clumps of island are connected together by underwater tunnels.

There is a “Stone Slowking” statue that is a parody of the Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho, Thailand.

Many Pokemon from Hoenn and Sinnoh will make a return.

Variety of Pokemon Gyms, one is a mail system that only uses flying types and focuses on sky battles. One only uses baby Pokemon, one is implied to be a real vampire and uses Ghost and Dark Pokemon. There is also a military like leader who uses Fire and Steel Pokemon.

The island gameplay with Gym Leaders and the Elite Four island can be played entirely on the Handheld and can be blown up on the Terminal for home play.

New Pokemon Type similar to Shinies, no details yet on how they work but I’ve been told they “change the game significantly”.

The “Mainland” is an MMO-like environment that is exclusive to the Terminal and is shared by both versions.

Players all over the world online can chat, trade, intermingle and experience new-updated story lines on the mainland.

Pokemon Band is a new mechanic introduced to get people involved who do not battle, a co-operative experience where Pokemon dance and make music together to achieve the highest group score.

Pokemon Bank are actual locations on the Mainland and Handheld areas where people can import past Pokemon, mainly from Pokemon X and Pokemon Y into the new game.”

Happy New Year, heres some info

>Games will be releasing late next year most likley, there will be minimal gameplay shown at the direct in about 2 weeks
around 30 new pokemon are added
The Battle System changes are real, but havent been portrayed very well by anyone. You move around in real time selecting up to 4 moves on the left joycons d pad, kind of like Stadium. Movement varies based on pokemons size, speed, and terrain (flying pokemon fly, water pokemon swim, ect)
Speed stat works differently, not based on a number but on the stature of the pokemon. Two similar pokemon can have varying speeds though, not 100% on how it works but this was how i understood it
PP works differently now, and is a stat. Its an energy meter, if you have enough meter you can use a move. PP is not something attached to individual moves anymore.Slowly will recover over time. All moves have cooldown. One drawback of Zmoves and Megas is their heavy use of PP
Playable charcters will be Red (not 100% if its kanto red) and some chick with blonde & colored hair i think
Not quite a kanto remake, and not quite gen 8. Its better to think of it as a “kanto reimagining”
game apparently tries to take a more open approach, after the long ass tutorial, you can beat gyms in any order you pick and will range in difficulty based on your badge count. However some areas will just be too hard without properly trained teams
theres no evil team, but two groups in the region, one trying to sustain tradition and culture, and the other trying to transform the region. The conflict causes lots of trouble for the region.
They are continuing RR storyline. There is talk of DLC, But they were most likley refering to mega stones they would add later as no new megas will be available from the start.The new megas will be 1 of the gen 4 starters. That, or the battle frontier, which i’ve heard is absent
starters will be bulbasaur, charmander, squritle, and pikachu.Each will havean exclusive Z move

AA Leaker (October 2016)
Titles are Pokemon Infrared and Ultraviolet
No new Mega Evolutions
Region forms are now redefined and Pokemon have variations in appearance and stats based on the environment, lore, and genetics. Most of these are in the concept stage and an example is a Poison/Other Type Snail that has its shell change based on its second type
The region is based on the US, California in particular. Notable locations include an Amusement Park, Redwood forest, Silicon Valley, Hollywood, and San Francisco inspired city, a huge Railroad System, Drive in Theatre, Mining Dig site, Racetrack, Shopping Malls, and a Battle Festival
Starters are a Grass Ant, Fire Bear, and Water Bat
The gimmick is Temporary Battle Exclusive Fusions. Only the new Pokemon and some old ones can do this but there are restrictions, they have to be of the same seven letter Gene Code (Like Pokemon Blood Types) and have to be FE. Genes aren't random, they are assigned based on certain traits almost like Breeding Groups
Legendaries are based on Microscopic organisms with Electric/Fire for Infrared and Electric/Water for Ultraviolet and could fuse because of their special Gene Code
Marshadow is related to Magearna. It is like Magearna's opposite.
Around 80-120 new Pokemon
Breeding is more complex because the stat system is expanded on. There is more strategy and involvement to the point of, raising an egg and infant Pokemon is a game in itself
New stats include Intelligence, Happiness, Discipline and Health. You can "educate" Pokemon through "classes". Pokemon that are "Smarter" have higher Accuracy and a bigger move pool. Health is separate from HP so if your Pokemon faints a lot they "die" but can then be cloned. This is also how fossil Pokemon are made
Gyms are bigger and Feature specific modes focusing on specific stats
New Evolutions of older Pokemon include Starmie, Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Electrode, Lanturn, and Spiritomb
Battle system is revamped with Accuracy and Power no longer being move specific but based on how a Pokemon is raised. Pokemon also move more in battle like living creatures and interact with each other. Also the new stats have a part to play. Discipline for example could result in a Pokemon befriending an enemy Pokemon instead of attacking it
The player has much more interaction in the world and one plot point involves interacting with the "police" to fight an evil team
Graphics are similar to Pokken
To be announced probably Summer 2017
NPCs are overhauled featuring dialog trees, missions, and changes based on how you react
There is no 3rd version of Sun/Moon Planned

Vacto Leak (November 2017)
games are Pokemon North and Pokemon South
region is called Vacto, and it's based on Italy, lots of old buildings and detailed architecture to showcase what the Switch is capable of
starters are a Grass type bear with a cape-like leaf on it's back, a Fire type gecko with hot coal fingertips, and a Water type bird with seaweed feathers
Cover Legendaries are a turtle and a Phoenix that both have four holes on their backs from which plasma-like hands emerge
some Mega Evolutions of Pokemon that aren't part of a 3 stage family have become normal Evolutions
this isn't a retcon, an explanation regarding how some Mega Evolutions have become their own species of Pokemon through enough trainers bonding with them is given
motion control gimmicks and expanded Pokeride that makes use of them, playing docked and undocked changes the kinds of Pokemon that appear in certain areas
being co-developed with Ninty themselves because Switch dev takes longer and needs more manpower if you want to keep up a similar release schedule to DS and 3DS
>announcement scheduled for January in a Pokémon Direct

Anonymous Leaker (August 2017)
US/UM are being kept under wraps because their plot connects directly into these games
The games are called Pokemon Infra Red and Ultra Violet and are planned for release November 2018
This is a re-imagination of the first Generation 1 games and features a redesigned Red and a new blonde girl who retcons Leaf from canon
Your rival is a Gary/Blue clone who's gender matches yours
Kanto is now bigger and more expansive featuring areas from the Anime and all of the towns, cities, routes, and dungeons are redesigned
Brock and Misty are more like in the Anime and act as "friendly rivals" like X/Y and S/M/US/UM. They appear consistently throughout your journey and often partner in double and triple battles
Team rocket is much more of a threat, their goal now is to clone Mew who is now retconned into a Pokemon from Ultra Space (more like Cosmog than the other UBs) and create Mewtwo
Postgame features the Orange Islands and the 4 Alola Islands (Which are retconned to be part of the Orange Islands) however since this takes place long before Generation 7, it is all just small villages and island territories. There is no Aether or Island Challenge. This part of the Postgame also features 2 quests based on the Anime, and Ultra Space Portals to find the UBs
Postgame also lets you catch Ho-Oh in Kanto and there are new ways to obtain Mew, Mewtwo, Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos, and Lugia
New Pokemon variant called Clone Pokemon and they are based on the Mewtwo clones in the Anime. These are obtainable from the Mew/Mewtwo side quests
Alolan Forms are now renamed Exotic Forms and there are 40+ Exotic forms. Some of these include the Pink Pokemon, Ice Type Snorlax, and Crystal Onix

Switch Leaker (September 2017)
Pokemon Rain And Shine, Based on New Zealand, Scheduled for release around September 2018 likely the 28th or 30th.
Right now the game is just concept art and a few demos to see how it runs on the Switch. There are currently 27 New Pokemon with the possibility of more being added later in development (In the first leak, they said there where 23 but they came back some time later and added a few in another post)
Starters are a Grass type fanged deer with a bunch of flowers around its neck. It becomes Grass/Fighting Type and grows large flowery antlers in its final form. Fire type snake with embers running along the side of its body. It becomes Fire/Poison and has a large wreath of fire around its head in its final form. And a Water type sea urchin with a large eye in the middle of its face. It becomes Water/Rock and it turns into a large golem with the original Urchin on top and two Urchins for hands and it uses a ball and chain like attacks in its final form
Rain legendary is a Dark/Electric Eagle with storm clouds for a tail and storm clouds surrounding its neck. Shine legendary is a Dragon/Fairy cobra with a Corona as a hood and featuring all the colours of the rainbow running down its body
Generic Pokemon include a 3 stage Normal type Regional Rodent based on a Groundhog/Gopher and gains Ground type, A 2 stage Flying type Regional Bird based on an Emu and gains Fighting type, A single stage Rock/Flying Cassowary, A single stage Water/Steel Ferrofluid Pokemon with an ability similar to Stance Change, and a Rock/Ghost Bleached Coral Pokemon with an ability that curses any Pokemon that makes physical contact
Pseudo Legendary is a Dragon/Steel Pangolin with scales forming a suit of armour and crown. It's signature move is called Royal Scales and sets up Dragon type Stealth Rocks which are not affected by Defog or Rapid Spin
New Regional Form Pokemon include a Dragon/Water Type Garchomp which has adapted to the fierce currents of the region and which features an ability called Riptide which doubles damage of Whirlpool like moves and makes their effects last twice as long. Rough skin is its hidden ability and when it Mega Evolves it becomes a bit faster and gains Swift Swim. Bug/Rock Skorupi line has adapted to the caves of the region and feature a new ability called Blackout which lowers accuracy the longer the Pokemon is on the field
Current Dex Based On The Information Above
001 Grass Deer

002 Grass Deer

003 Grass/Fighting Deer

004 Fire Snake

005 Fire Snake

006 Fire/Poison Snake

007 Water Sea Urchin

008 Water Sea Urchin

009 Water/Rock Sea Urchin

010 Normal Groundhog/Gopher

011 Normal Groundhog/Gopher

012 Normal/Ground Groundhog/Gopher

013 Flying Emu

014 Flying/Fighting Emu

015 Rock/Flying Cassowary

016 Water/Steel Ferrofluid

017 Rock/Ghost Bleached Coral

018 Dragon/Steel Pangolin Pseudo

019 Dragon/Steel Pangolin Pseudo

020 Dragon/Steel Pangolin Pseudo

021 Dragon/Water New Zealand Grachomp line

022 Dragon/Water New Zealand Garchomp line

023 Dragon/Water New Zealand Garchomp line

024 Bug/Rock New Zealand Skorupi Line

025 Bug/Rock New Zealand Skorupi Line

026 Dark/Electric Eagle Legendary

027 Dragon/Fairy Cobra
Dex Leak (May 2017)
Pokemon From Generation 1

Variant Dragonite (Dragon/Water)
Variant Ekans (Poison/Water)
Variant Arbok (Poison/Water)
Variant Growlithe (Electric/Rock)
Variant Arcanine (Electric/Rock)
Variant Gyarados (Water/Dragon)
Variant Machamp (Fairy/Fighting)
Pokemon From Generation 2

Variant Chinchou (Electric/Dark)
Variant Lanturn (Electric/Dark)
Variant Corsola (Rock/Steel)
Variant Stantler (Normal/Ghost)
Variant Qwilfish (Water/Steel)
Pokemon From Generation 3

Variant Tropius (Ground/Flying)
Pokemon From Generation 4
Pokemon From Generation 5

Variant Lillipup (Ice)
Variant Herdier (Ice)
Variant Stoutland (Ice)
Variant Litwick (Fire/Water)
Variant Lampent (Fire/Water)
Variant Chandelure (Fire/Water)
Variant Purrloin (Dark/Ice)
Variant Liepard (Dark/Ice)
Variant Vanillite (Ice/Psychic)
Variant Vanillish (Ice/Psychic)
Variant Vanilluxe (Ice/Psychic)
Pokemon From Generation 6

Variant Diggersby (Ground/Dark)
Variant Goomy (Water/Ground)
Variant Sliggoo (Water/Ground)
Variant Goodra (Water/Ground)
Variant Skiddo (Fire)
Variant Gogoat (Fire)
Pokemon From Generation 7
Tapu Bulu
Tapu Fini
Tapu Koko
Tapu Lele
Type: Null

Variant Mimikyu (Ghost/Grass / Fire / Water)
Variant Minior (Rock/Ice)
Variant Salazzle (Poison/Fighting)
Pokemon From Generation 8
Pangolin 1 (Grass/Steel)
Pangolin 2 (Grass/Steel)
Pangolin 3 (Grass/Steel)
Thylacine 1 (Fire)
Thylacine 2 (Fire/Ghost)
Thylacine 3 (Fire/Ghost)
Dolphin 1 (Water)
Dolphin 2 (Water)
Dolphin 3 (Water/Fairy)
Otter 1 (Normal/Water)
Otter 2 (Normal/Water)
Kookaburra 1 (Flying)
Kookaburra 2 (Flying)
Kookaburra 3 (Flying)
Platypus (Water/Poison)
Stick Insect 1 (Bug/Grass)
Stick Insect 2 (Bug/Grass)
Stick Insect 3 (Bug/Grass)
Pyukumuku 2 (Water)
Kangaroo 1 (Grass)
Kangaroo 2 (Grass/Fighting)
Dingo 1 (Fire/Dark)
Dingo 2 (Fire/Dark)
Drakeon (Dragon)
Basculin 2 (Water)
Hurricrane 1 (Water/Flying)
Hurricrane 2 (Water/Flying)
Hurricrane 3 (Water/Flying)
Relicanth 2 (Water/Rock)
Ghost Rock 1 (Ghost/Rock)
Ghost Rock 2 (Ghost/Rock)
Tiki 1 (Grass/Fire)
Tiki 2 (Grass/Fire)
Shuckle 2 (Bug)
Shuckle 3 (Bug/Dragon)
Panda Ant (Bug)
Durant 2 (Bug/Steel)
Dumbo Octopus 1 (Flying/Psychic)
Dumbo Octopus 2 (Flying/Psychic)
Flaringo 1 (Water/Fire)
Flaringo 2 (Water/Fire)
Lumineon 3 (Water)
Digeridoo (Rock/Grass)
Frilled Lizard 1 (Grass/Dragon)
Frilled Lizard 2 (Grass/Dragon)
Frilled Lizard 3 (Grass/Dragon)
Bearded Dragon 1 (Grass/Dragon)
Bearded Dragon 2 (Grass/Dragon)
Bearded Dragon 3 (Grass/Dragon)
Komala 2 (Normal)
Macaw 1 (Grass/Flying)
Macaw 2 (Grass/Flying)
Seviper 2 (Poison)
Gorilla 1 (Fighting)
Gorilla 2 (Fighting)
Chair 1 (Normal)
Chair 2 (Normal)
Chair 3 (Normal)
Dunsparce 2 (Normal/Dragon)
Virus (Electric/Psychic)
Panther 1 (Dark)
Panther 2 (Dark)
Panther 3 (Dark)
Lapras 2 (Water/Ice)
Dhelmise 2 (Ghost/Grass)
Dhelmise 3 (Ghost/Water)
Kraken 1 (Water/Dark)
Kraken 2 (Water/Dark)
Kraken 3 (Water/Dark)
Pegasear (Fire/Flying)
Unglomerate (Psychic/Fighting)
Devolving 1 (Dark)
Devolving 2 (Dark/Fairy)
Devolving 3 (Fairy)
Farfetch’d 2 (Normal/Fighting)
Cerberus 1 (Dark)
Cerberus 2 (Dark)
Cerberus 3 (Dark)
Boar 1 (Ground)
Boar 2 (Ground)
Boar 3 (Ground)
Milotic 3 (Water/Psychic)
Steel Dragon 1 (Dragon/Steel)
Steel Dragon 2 (Dragon/Steel)
Steel Dragon 3 (Dragon/Steel)
Death Worm (Ground)
Druddigon 2 (Dragon/Rock)
Druddigon 3 (Dragon/Rock)
Blobfish (Water)
Arctic Owl 1 (Ice/Fire)
Arctic Owl 2 (Ice/Fire)
Arctic Owl 3 (Ice/Fire)
Reefiathan (Water)
Aegislash 4 (Steel/Ghost)
Feraligatr 4 (Water/Ice)
Flygon 4 (Ground/Dragon)
Hydreigon 4 (Dark/Dragon)
Kommo-o 4 (Dragon/Fighting)
Krookodile 4 (Dark/Ground)
Meganium 4 (Grass/Fairy)
Porygon 4 (Normal/Psychic)
Reuniclus 4 (Psychic)
Staraptor 4 (Normal/Flying)
Togekiss 4 (Flying/Fairy)
Typhlosion 4 (Fire)
Tiger Snake (Dragon/Poison)
Constrictor (Dragon)
Rainbow Snake (Dragon/Fairy)
Varindomitor (Grass/Poison)
Fuegoleo (Fire/Rock)
Haast’s Eagle (Electric/Flying)
Megalodon (Water/Ground)

YouTube Leak (December 2017)
The game will be called Pokémon Indigo and will take place in a reimagined Kanto
There will be 96 new Pokémon and 48 new regional variants, The starters however, remain the same (Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle), and some old legendary Pokémon appear (Birds, Beasts, Mew Duo, Jirachi, Deoxys, Ho-oh/Lugia, and Celebi)
Regarding the legendary Pokémon, all of them will be connected to Mew and the player will visit ruins of the ancient Culture that worshipped Mew
Voice acting will be featured but it will be gibberish, the Pokémon however will now say their own names like in the anime
The battles are now much faster
The game is not open world, but the world will be much bigger and offers more exploration, also the Pokémon models will be the same but the textures will be better and the visuals of the game will be brighter and more stylized
Set in the region of "Indigo" which includes Kanto, Johto, the Sevii Islands and some never before seen areas including a frozen tundra in west Johto. It is "assumed" that all generations will be referenced in some way. Regarding level cap, your Pokémon will be in the 40s by the end of Kanto, 50s after the Islands, and 70/80s by the end of Johto
Story wise its a combination of the original games, anime, and manga, however things will be different to make things more original
Natures now change on their own randomly, but can be influenced by interactions and items
Seasons, Day/Night, and over world Weather will return
The league is now a tournament featuring random trainers. There are 4 rounds and if you win, you will then face the E4 and Champion.
Mega Evolution doesn't return, neither does the PWT, HMs, or Pokeride
There is a new evolution mechanic that involves Joycons
Trainer customization returns
There will be in game events on certain holidays
The Hoenn starters are obtained in the wild and the Alolan starters can be "chosen "in the Sevii Islands
Plenty of Puzzles and Dungeons
Unknown will be treated more like a legendary
There are ways to quickly level up Pokémon
Human/Pokémon interactions are amplified, they are now treated as virtual pets you can pet, feed, play with, educate, discipline, and trai
Pokémon can be transferred from the 3Ds
Dunsparce and Unown don't get evolutions, and Tropius is in the regional dex
Random encounters are removed, instead Pokémon appear in the over world
There will be new mechanics improvements that will make Pokémon good
You can catch a special Pikachu early game
New evos and prevos for existing Pokémon
Difficulty mode (Beginner, Normal, Expert, Master) and an unlockable Nuzlocke mode
Mew gains a new form called "Voodoo Mew"
Unknown Twitter Leak (December 2017)
The next game will be darker and the game rating might even be different
A number of scrapped things from Generation 6 will have a comeback
There may be a female rival
Polish Leak (January 2018)
In the last weeks I was in the marketing department of Nintendo Poland that in the last years became more active. I saw few Pokemon Switch trailers (for translation to Polish) that I guess were supposed to be released few months from now. They showed some pretty important stuff, I was surprised to find so much info this early. So, get ready guys, this might be weird.

So, the Games will be called Pokemon Unity and Pokemon Freedom. The box legends are:
-Dreagiris Dragon/Steel A very Majestic Long Dragon with parts that look like Medieval Knight armor. Gold with Red eyes.
-Indrairur Dragon/Grass A more magical Dragon, covered in grass with some colorful flowers.
I also saw the 1st and last stages of the starters, they are:
-Spiflora Grass/Bug a small spider, evolves into Florknitta Grass/Dark a Feminine brown Spider Standing up and with some webs in its arms
-Fyroal pure Fire a cute red baby horse Evolves into Unidian Fire/Fairy a bipedal Unicorn with white armor like elements
-Eellied pure Water an angry, slimy Blue Eel Evolves into Cryptoxi Water/Poison looks like a spiky Loch Ness monster with Purple venom dripping
This post is already long, this is all I’ll tell you now. Right now I have info for one more post. I could Maybe anwser some of your questions, but don’t expect too much more.

So, okay this is weird, but there are actually 2 regions, one bigger one smaller. The bigger one is Kuing and is definitely based on the UK. The smaller one is probably based on Ireland and is called Derin. In ”Unity” you start your Adventure in Kuing with Professor Alder. In ”Freedom” you start in Derin and you meet Professor Yew. You travel through both regions in both versions. The release date is January 1st 2019. I saw some new pokemon, I think I should make that a separate post.

In Polish I explained this. There is a Nintendo Polish branch, it’s small and still in development. The translated trailers are supposed to be ”a new era" for Nintendo Poland.
Guys, really I’m just here to share something I think you’d like to see before the official reveal, just like I did.

Some new pokemon I saw were:
-Beakright Normal/Flying small Brown bird with a yellow beak. Final evolution is Rock/Flying named Coaflight with wings made out of rocks. Didn’t see much of the mid evo, looks like bigger Beakright.
-Badgetor pure Normal badger with something like a theatrical mask on its head. Evolves into Normal/Ghost Badgore a bigger palet badger with a sad face and dead like Purple eyes.
-Silvish pure Bug a small grey Bug with mean eyes. Mid evo is a Silver Barrel like coccoon named Silker, Bug/Steel. Probably has a 3rd evo, didn’t see it though.
-Finphin Flying/Water a sound based Dolphin with levitate Evolves into Phinecho same typing, Looks simmilar, has some weird Blue armor
-pure Steel Steamacher Looks like a dream powered robot. Evolves into Yapunkine Steel/Poison type simmilar, but Looks broken and more angry with some metal spikes. Both have an ability that boosts power of both Fire and Water type moves
-Mindition a small levitating orange humanoid Psychic type, has a special ability that makes it Psychic/Fighting and creates 4 floating fists. I think It’s activated when Mindition’s HP goes below half.
-Squirro Normal/Fire red squirrel with a Big glowing tail in a weird shape
-Lagud Grass/Fairy a cute plant root with a 4 Leaf clover on its head"
Piuk Room (April 2018)
Piuk said:
"Before leaving, I have an odd questions for you: How your room looks like? I’ve always been fascinated thinking how people rooms look like… In a way, a room is the mirror of your soul.

A room is that place you can personalize as much as you want: you can paint the walls, add decorations and even make it bigger if you have enough money… and if you are lucky enough to have a pet, it can run around and interact with you. There are so many games you can play together! Of course, if you are a blue whale owner this can’t be possible… but hey, the world is plenty of options.

Sitting in your room with a nice cup of tea is also great if you want to spend some time reorganising your life. For example, you can move your files around on your laptop and easily connect with your friends (or strangers) if you want to swap messages (or something else) and play together. In the end … who needs to go out in the real world when you can do everything from your room straight after the “opening titles” of your day?

It would be nice to see some pics of your rooms guys! Here you have a collage of mine to start, in the end nothing bad can happen if I share few random images of my little kingdom."
Trailer Leak (March 2018)
Games will be titled Pokémon You and Pokémon Me
Should be revealed in a Direct planned for this month however there is chatter they may put it in a Nintendo Direct
The graphics (models and environments) look much cleaner with hardly any outlines and less pixelated textures
Starters are a Grass Racoon with leaves as cheeks, a Fire Sheep with smoke like wool, and a Water Octopus with a translucent bubble head
Legends are a huge White and Blue Butterfly type thing, and a Dark Red Snake
We see a mini game for catching Pokémon. The Pokémon we see being caught in succession are: Lillipup, Ledyba, And Ekans
There is a village with a bunch of white buildings all connected by strings of colorful square flags. It is by the ocean and we see the player character walking through it as we see a bunch of NPCs and shops
We also see the player character go into a cave and then dive underwater
There is a sandy area where stone pillars rise up
There is also a glass type mirror maze thing we see the player character running through

Unverified Chinese Leak (December 2017)
The reason why I call it the "unverified Chinese leak" is because this is actually from another, English source who is getting their information from somewhere else and asked to be Anonymous. They mention translations being done in Chinese so it is very possible these are more "vague leaks from china", but it may actually be from multiple non-chinese sources

The Chinese localization team has already finished their version of the script
Generation 8 Pokémon have already been named and are currently being trademarked
The battle system has become changed, supposedly becoming more simplistic and it has been described as disrupting and damaging by some. It may be similar to Pokken or Digimon World (Semi turn based/real time)
IRUV "Freelancer From The Future" Leaker (October 2016)
Pokemon Infrared and Ultraviolet are the titles of the Generation 8 games
It's a reboot similar to what Generation 5
The region is based on Ancient China
The starters are a Grass Lemur called Leefmur , Fire Snake called Coaboa, and a Water Bear called Ursea
The evil team is called Team Rift
Gyms are returning
There is no Anime
The box legends are a Steel/Ghost Cobra for Infrared and Water/Ghost Hornet for Ultraviolet
Reginos Region Leak (August 2016)
This is seperated into 3 different parts, by 3 different leakers

Part 1
Region: Reginos
Island based on Great Britain

The region will be split into 4 "Shires" and follow the trial system like Alola and also have 4 traditional gyms. Leaders of each shire will be called 'Lords'. Expect a city based on London, castles, palaces, Stonehenge and Hadrians wall. Post game has an underwater tunnel that leads to its French counterpart...

Villain team is "Team Majestic". Their goal is to capture powerful Pokemon to use as weapons to take over the world. They will attempt to capture all 4 legendary Pokemon to summon the secret 5th legendary.

The legendary pokemon each live in a shire and are regarded as "symbols of the classic elements": Air, Earth, Fire, Water.

Scottish shire: legendary water type based on the Loch Ness Monster. Symbol of the classic water element.

N. Irish shire: legendary ground type giant (inspired by 'Giants causeway' myth). Symbol of the classic Earth element.

Welsh shire: legendary flying type based on a Wyvern. Symbol of the classic Air element.

English shire: legendary fire type based on Saint George's dragon. Symbol of the classic fire element.

5th legendary and box art for both games will a winged duel-type unicorn. One game has 'Attack form' (Ghost/Dark) and one game has 'Defense form' (Psychic/Fairy). One form makes it white while the other form makes it black. It is the symbol of the classic 'aether' element ("Void" in Japanese).

You will be able to crossbreed Mew and Mewtwo to hatch a Mewthree in the day care centre.

The exclusive feature for this game will be "Super stones". This is 1 stone that permanently evolves a pokemons type and gives it 4 new moves. Only a select handful of pokemon can "evolve type" and they will be known as "Super Pokemon".

Pikachu - Fairy (but it can not evolve into Raichu after this)
Lapras - dragon
Tauros - steel
Hitmonlee - dark
Muk - ghost
Kabutops - ground
Snorlax - fighting
Weavile - Psychic
Zangoose - ice
Flygon - bug
Ho-oh - flying
Lugia - water
Part 2
The "super stones" translation were misinterpreted. These stones temporarily change the typing of a handful of "super pokemon" in battle. When a stone is used, these special Pokemon temporarily have THREE typings in battle and three secret moves unlocked (which replace their normal 4 moves) - one move of each type. They also get surround by an aura that changes color depending on the type of the selected move.

Triple type combinations that will be available are:

Ground/Rock/Steel - Steelix
Grass/Poison/Ground - Venosaur
Electric/Fairy/Dark - Pikachu
Fire/Dragon/Flying - Charizard
Water/Ice/Steel - Blastoise
Ghost/Dark/Psychic - Gengar
Water/Ice/Dragon - Lapras
Water/Dragon/Dark - Gyrados
Fighting/Normal/Psychic - Lucario
Bug/Dragon/Flying - Flygon
Bug/Poison/Rock - Kabutops
Fighting/Ice/Normal - Zangoose
Psychic/Flying/Ghost - Ho-oh
Psychic/Flying/Water - Lugia
Psychic/Fairy/Normal - Mew
Psychic/Fairy/Dark - Mewtwo

Each game will have 8 "super pokemon" respectively
Part 3
I am the person who gave the original Gen 7 chinese leaks and new Gen 8 leaks. Gen 8 leaks were originally on tumblr and fans have been adding their own ideas which are not true. "Super pokemon", Mewthree and triple types are not real. The image attached is all the correct details for Gen 8. I've cropped the post circulating to the correct info. Although this is the information in bullet points.

Gen 7 will be shorter than previous games, and that's why you can expect a quick follow up of Gen 8. There are no Megas in gen 7. Mega evolutions have been saved for Gen 8 as the region will attach to Kalos (UK - France: France where mega's originate; go figure).

The best news I can give you is the remaining starter Pokemon will all get Mega Evolutions - except for Gen 7 - in the gen 8 games.

Greninja starts using his tongue as a sling shot with its hands - and slings water balls.

Feraligatr will gain dark type.
Meganium will gain fairy type.
Typlosion will gain ground type.
Empoleon replaces steel type with ice.
Serperior gains poison.

There will be no other megas. There will be 2 gen of starters for exclusive to each gen 8 game. 2 and 4 starters/5 and 6 starters respectively.

Piuk 4chan (February 2018)
You guys don't believe "leaks" coming from Western countries. Trust me, at this stage here in Europe we only get text for translations with no information on characters or the games themselves. The funny part is that they divide us in loads of little teams so that we can't even understand what is going on in the main story. The only real leaks you'll get are from Asia ... or after the games have been announced and the testers get the beta copies. The part i enjoy more of my job is when we actually see the parts of the script we translate in the real game!
Anyway, as we started on late December i think it's a good guess to say that the games will be announced soon, so keep strong just a little more.
Piuk Leak (February 2018)
Hi guys. As you probably remember from my previous threads, beginning of this week is going to be the first submission deadline for the translations (at least for the European teams working on my same contractual formula).

Well, when we logged on to the project submission interface, we run a quick "inspect element" trick as there were few suspicious spaces in the header. One of them, was a broken image named "PokémonYou_PokémonMe". I am not claming these to be the titles of the games. They can be codenames, interface design aborted elements or link to a future facility for translators (e.g. an encrypted database for official names as it happened already for USUM).

I am not going to lie: when we saw those names (even if lame)... more than a bell rang, as there is something in the scripts fitting perfectly. But it can be a coincidence of course.

That's all. I just wanted to share this odd thing with you.
Marble Leak (January 2018)
Pokémon for Switch is the first game of Generation 8. It has been worked on to some extent since 2015 (assuming this was early design meetings) and is aiming for release in summer 2019. No name has been set in stone: the project is simply known as “Pokémon for Switch”, although internally it is referred to as “Pokémon Marble”. This is because the game is going for a Roman antiquity theme, taking place in a Mediterranean region, and the would fit traditional Pokémon naming conventions. Only one version appear to be in development, but since the game is still far out, there might be two versions eventually.

This new game has nothing to do with “Pokémon Stars”, which was intended to be an enhanced port of Sun/Moon produced by a small, mostly technical team to give the Switch a Pokémon game early, but which was cancelled in early 2017.
“Pokémon Marble” is an open-world game made in a new engine for Switch. Parallels to BOTW are drawn all the time, one of the more obvious reasons being that a few designers from that team (no names) have been helping Game Freak out in the creation of this new world. The team is trying to stick with a consistent, historic theme for the world in “Marble”. In general, the futuristic aesthetic present in Pokemon games seems to have been cut down on, to the extent where I was told Magnemite and Porygon will not be in the game because they don’t fit the setting. Dynamic weather appears to be a big deal, with new weather conditions such as mist, heavy winds, acid rain and ash clouds being introduced. Not all of these might make it into the final game, but they are intended to shake up battles as well.
  • Trading with earlier handheld games will not be possible, although some limited interaction with Pokébank data is planned. Around 300 creatures haven been selected to include in the game (this includes around 80 new Pokémon), which means the rest of the Dex might not even appear in the game’s code.
  • I haven’t seen any designs of new Pokémon, but this is what I’ve heard about:
  • a Sphinx
  • a gladiator Fighting-type;
  • an “Aquila” eagle (Legendary);
  • a wolf based on the Lupa Capitolina;
  • a Pokémon that looks like a boat (I’m thinking this game’s Lapras);
  • a laurel wreath Pokémon;
  • a Steel-type that has a collection of Scutum shields for armor;
  • a Fire-type goat;
  • and finally, a camel.
  • Regional variants of existing Pokémon will also return since they were very well-received in Sun/Moon. Tauros is one of the Pokémon getting this treatment.

  • Pokémon models in “Marble” are based on the existing 3DS ones, but a lot of work is now being done in animations because 1. Battles are intended to look way more dynamic and physical (think: better than PBR for the Wii) and 2. Pokémon are intended to appear physically in the overworld, as wild Pokémon or as your companion in the field. Seems Game Freak wants to make a believable world where Pokémon actually live and roam around, and this is hard to do for 800+ creatures.
  • There’s some aggressive cutting being done to facilitate the sort of game “Marble” is supposed to be. I have two very major examples of things that have been cut because they complicate the team’s vision for this game:
The Flying-type and Levitate
Pokémon now either fly or they don’t, and you can tell by simply looking at them; the team figured no other signifier was really necessary at this point. The void left by Flying will be filled by two new types: Air (think Koffing, Drifloon) and Bird (Pidgey but also Psyduck). Other Pokémon with Flying simply lose the type or gain another, specifically Gyarados, who is now finally a Dragon-type!
(Jelly)Fish-like Pokémon
Pokémon that can’t reasonably fight on land unless they’re magically floating are a major problem of logic, so Game Freak has decided to not include any in “Marble”, at least for battling purposes. So you can’t train a Goldeen or Tentacool, although Magikarp and Gyarados are somehow still in. (I’m thinking it helps that Magikarp being useless on land is kind of the point.)
  • To be clear: this is a singeplayer game first and foremost, so no MMORPG.
  • I did not realise this before because I view the Switch mainly as a home console, but two Switch units can apparently communicate wirelessly like the 3DS. “Marble” will use this for trading and battling.
  • GTS will not be in this game because the team feels it’s too anonymous, which doesn’t gel with the Pokémon philosophy of having meaningful encounters and making friends.
  • The game will allow for only one savefile per NNID.
  • Progression is non-linear, which means you can challenge Bosses (so not Gym Leaders) in any order you want because their strength scales with your own. Level scaling seems to apply to basically anything in the world except wild Pokémon.
  • Catching has been changed significantly, with the addition of a separate minigame that triggers when you throw a Pokéball. Is said to make catching harder, and catching Pokémon at higher levels than your own nearly impossible.
  • Pokémon will no longer evolve by reaching a certain level, but by visiting certain places on the map, obtaining items or interacting with the world in more specific ways. Example: Slowpoke will actually need a Shellder to bite his tail or head to evolve.
  • The Pokémon League will return, but it will be closer to the tournament seen in the anime than to the Elite Four of earlier games.
  • Exp. Share returns. As for difficulty options: it is being seriously considered because level scaling is now a thing, but it's obviously not a priority at this stage.
- I have very little information on what could be considered a “story”. “Marble” will allow you to freely explore the world so there might not be much of a linear, central story like in earlier games. It seems like this stuff is still not finalised at this stage, so there’s not much to share, except that there will be a new Legendary (the aforementioned “Aquila” eagle). The only characters I’ve heard about is the unnamed professor (another old man) and a seemingly important Boss character (shady Dark-type trainer).
Battles still take place in a separate screen and are turn-based. My source stressed how it’s a big deal the game will actually cut certain moves (specifically Stealth Rock and Terrains are gone) and break with tradition in this regard, but more than anything that tells me the battle system wasn’t changed in any significant way, or the cutting of some moves wouldn’t be news.
  • Pokémon will be restored to full HP after most encounters, and PP no longer exists. Status conditions like poison and burn do not heal automatically and can be caused and cured by interaction with your environment.
  • Items can no longer be used in battle.
  • For weaker wild Pokémon you can take out in one hit, you have the option to not go into the battle screen at all.
  • Trainer battles and wild Pokémon battles have been split into two categories: aggressive and casual (that’s what I call them, not sure they’ll have any name in the game).

“Aggressive battles”
Triggered by evil characters (think Team Rocket equivalent) that detect your presence, or by aggressive Pokémon in the field. In these battles, you will have only a few seconds to think about what move you’re going to use next, or what switch you will make. If you don’t choose in time, your Pokémon will incur the opponent’s attack first regardless of speed, after which it will use a move of its own choosing (random). If you lose a battle against an aggressive trainer, they will steal one of your Pokémon! To get it back, you’ll have to find the same trainer and reclaim it by beating him.
“Casual battles”
Triggered when challenging regular trainers, and when attacking neutral Pokémon in the field. Regular trainers will not force you to fight them like all trainers did in earlier games. You will have infinite time to pick moves or make switches, and the opponents will allow you to switch Pokémon freely. Some of these can still be challenging but there is no consequence for losing.
  • Photography is a big deal in “Marble”: your Pokédex will include a camera option, and you will be required to photograph Pokémon in order to complete dex entries. Think Hyrule Compendium.
  • I’ve also been told the team is looking at ways to make collecting Pokémon more rewarding. The division into several Dexes per island in Sun/Moon was one idea: it gave you more bars filling up at the same time. Sub-goals and daily challenges are being considered for “Marble”.
  • The way Pokémon’s stats are calculated has changed (as they changed for RSE) though I don’t know the specifics. You will get to liberally “invest” stat points in the Pokémon you’re training to some extent. Could be a replacement for EVs but I’m not sure how similar the systems are.
  • No sign of Mega Evolutions. Game Freak wants to bring Z-moves over because the Switch’s motion controls could be used to activate them, but it’s not a priority right now so we will see.

This surprised me as well, obviously having that connection is good for everyone and they could still change some of the game's mechanics without shelving Pokébank (RBY/GSC are also on Pokébank). I'm thinking Pokébank compatibility will eventually be restored, if not in Marble through updates, then certainly in the next game.

Sun/Moon went without Pokébank for a few months as well, it wouldn't be that big of a departure."
Hints (April 2018)
Hint #1 said:
Speed of light: 299792458 m/s
Speed of sound: 343 m/s
Hint #2 said:
Hint #1 has been solved by anon so here is the second
น้ำ: amosyhcarb sairalc
ไฟ: kajtnum sucaitnum
หญ้า: amsaps amredagem
น้ำ: Clarias Brachysoma
ไฟ: Muntiacus Muntjak

หญ้า: Megaderma Spasma
Hint #3 said:
Well looks like hint number 2 has been solved, here will be hint number 3 about the villainous team of the games, mostly what their purpose is in the game.
  • Bronius
  • Giallo
  • Gorm
  • Rood
  • Ryoku
And most importantly: Zinzolin, Lacunosa.town
Pokemon is about catching wild creatures and capturing them in pokeballs. We don't agree with this. The team is a set of zealot monks who want to:
This is the goal of the evil team in the Pokemon Switch games.

Piuk Leak (March 2018)

Hi /vp/ friends. I hope you all are doing fine. Few weeks ago i shared with you some information regarding the scripts i was translating together with my team and I promised to come back here only in case i had few more details.

Surprisingly, the new scripts have been circulating slightly earlier than expected (I know for sure that one of the teams got their second document during the first week of March... while we had to wait a little bit longer).

Now, i'll be very honest with you: the amount of info i have is now quite big and i am not intended to attire attention with too many details. The only things i will share with you are the following:

There is an airport
Turbo mechanic (stats boost for weaker pokémon)
Snakes brothers (1 bad, 1 good and vice versa)
Evil team is building a huge town so to attract people from the villages and empty the island

More details in the attached image. They should be self-explanatory but sorry, for the moment i am not going to reply to questions.

I'll be back after the games announcement for more details related to what will be shown. Just remember the snakes and the big island and you'll know that these info are genuine.

Best Wishes guys.


Thread Poll Archive
When Will Switch be Revealed? - 40% of us think May
What will the grass starters final type be? Just under 20% think Grass/Electric
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Oh nice. We got a home again.

A lot is happening on the 23rd just realized.

Blastoise Pokken release (which we still have no real info on)
Detective Pikachu release
And probs the biggest, the Chunsoft twitch stream for those 4 games.

Next week and a bit is going to be busy.

Hopefully we can keep the negativity out of this thread.
Thanks for making a new thread guys. I think a little time and a restart is what we needed. Gave a us a little time to breathe and collect ourselves.

Anyway yeah I'd say once we get passed the Spiky Chunsoft announcements well continue to have a better idea of what this year has in store for us
Yeah, I think the original was made a bit too early (USUM wasn't even out yet) but I guess we had some good convo's there lmao.
So this is a new speculation thread? Good to know. 23rd is up next? Hope it will be good and worth the wait.
SC will be the first to announce a new PMD(if it's coming),no?Otherwise it wouldn't really be an announcement.
But,TPC wouldn't pass up the chance to mention it at the Direct.So,the Direct should be on the 23rd a bit after SC's announcement.But,that would be too late for Blastoise and Detective Pikachu,no?
SC will be the first to announce a new PMD(if it's coming),no?Otherwise it wouldn't really be an announcement.
But,TPC wouldn't pass up the chance to mention it at the Direct.So,the Direct should be on the 23rd a bit after SC's announcement.But,that would be too late for Blastoise and Detective Pikachu,no?

At this point, Detective Pikachu has had enough promotion and trailers for its release on 23 March. And there's supposed to be a Pokken Tournament event on 17 March, with a Blastoise reveal very likely then. I'd say if there's a possible Pokémon direct anytime after 23 March, Detective Pikachu would anyway have released and doesn't need anymore mention, and they can just have a brief mention about Blastoise.
Should we set some ground rules on what we can do to prevent spiraling down?
Don't do any of these things:
-Asking another user to leave a thread or stop posting
-Attacking/insulting another user because of their ideas, posts, or any other reason
-Encouraging other users to ignore or attack another user
-Liking another user's posts that puts themselves down.

Oh, and if we have a problem with another member, don't make any attempt to address it in the thread, just take it to a mod to be safe.
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Alright, nice to have this thread back, but I guess it wasn't that bad that it was down, since most of the conversations on the last one were getting kind of repetitive.
I guess there's not a lot to talk about until the 23rd or close by.
I saw that the last thread was closed, didn't read anything back from the last page, I hope it was not for the discussion about the corocoro announcement (that now, scans on my screen, we didn't get).
Since the thread has actually received a "reboot", I've come back, hoping no one is gonna react to this reboot in the same way a possible reboot in pokemon games was perceived. :)
Don't really know if there are new rumors/leaks but I saw that a new eeveelution was hinted in the merchandise.
I saw on yt a comparison between this hint and the one Sylveon received back in 2013 and it actually seems likely.
Do we know when the black mark will be revealed?


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Excuse my ignorance on this, I am new to the site, but what has everyone expecting an announcement on the 23rd? I get that the old Pokemon direct was taken down but I am just curious as to why so much seems to be riding on that date?
Excuse my ignorance on this, I am new to the site, but what has everyone expecting an announcement on the 23rd? I get that the old Pokemon direct was taken down but I am just curious as to why so much seems to be riding on that date?

@ThePokeSpectre summed up what's going on that day pretty well:

A lot is happening on the 23rd just realized.

Blastoise Pokken release (which we still have no real info on)
Detective Pikachu release
And probs the biggest, the Chunsoft twitch stream for those 4 games.

Spike Chunsoft creates the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games, which often come out when the main series has a gap year (or just a sizeable gap between games. For example, PSMD came out in 2015 in most regions). So if we get a PMD announcement, that will drastically decrease the odds of Gen 8 coming this year. (Spike Chunsoft does a ton of other games though so it's not confirmed to be PMD by any means.)

So at least personally, I'm not expecting anything main series on the 23rd but it's definitely a date to keep an eye on.
Excuse my ignorance on this, I am new to the site, but what has everyone expecting an announcement on the 23rd? I get that the old Pokemon direct was taken down but I am just curious as to why so much seems to be riding on that date?
That's basically the thing that makes people believe that a direct is coming around that date. Nothing else really suggests a direct on the 23rd. However, considering that Zeraora (if it actually exists) will probably be revealed in the next 2-3 weeks maybe that's when they've decided to finally get rid of the cat.
There was also a rumor about Zeraora being announced as a Pokken fighter, so who knows?
Since the thread has actually received a "reboot", I've come back, hoping no one is gonna react to this reboot in the same way a possible reboot in pokemon games was perceived. :)

Glad you came back! <3

But yeah, apparently Spike Chunsoft is announcing three 3DS games and one Switch game on the 23rd? So everyone's looking to see if there's going to be a PMD game announced.

Personally, I feel like we're going to have some big main series news hit between now and late April, since that's when the likely new eeveelution plush will be revealed. *bounces* So exciiiiiite, c'mon Nintendo, drop us a bone!
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