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Paldean Pokémon for older characters

Jun 8, 2019
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  1. He/Him
I know that many of us are having fun keeping up with Horizons right now — but in a hypothetical world where the previous series continued as normal into the Paldea region, what Gen 9 Pokémon would you have given Ash and the original cast of characters? Whether you feel like they could've been likely, or maybe they're just Pokémon you would've liked to see with them.

Here are just a few that I came up with, but I'm curious to hear what other people's "wishlists" would have been.
  • Ash: Sprigatito, Clodsire, Kilowattrel, Klawf, Cyclizar, Dudunsparce
  • Misty: Palafin, Dondozo
  • Brock: Arboliva, Orthworm, Toedscool
  • Tracey: Grafaiai
  • Gary: Revavroom, Garganacl, Brambleghast
  • May: Espathra
  • Dawn: Tinkaton
  • Paul: Houndstone, Kingambit
  • Iris: Baxcalibur, Tatsugiri
  • Cilan: Smoliv
  • Spidops for Tracey, could be Scyther's mentoree.
  • Dolliv for Mallow, it could help her with new recipes.
  • Armarouge for Paul and Ceruledge for Gladion.
  • Bellibolt for Clemony, he could use well a defensive wall and it would be very happy to help him on his inventions and experiments.
  • Grafaiai for Jessie, it seems to have a mischievous and chaotic attitude.
  • Glimora for May, would work well with her contest style which is more physical and less "sparkly" than Dawn or Serena's.
  • Palafin for Kukui, it would work well with his backstory and champion status. I wanted to give it to Misty but it would compete a bit with Mega Gyarados so if anything I would give a couple Finizen to her gym.
  • Revavroom for Sophocles or Max, who are the only ones who can ride it (and Bonnie would look weird imo).
  • Cetitan for Misty, would give her some type coverage while remaining true to her theme.
  • Tatsugiri for Lana, fits her fisherwoman job.
  • Walking Wake for Iris, a bit OP but none of the other options convinced me, and both are known for their big hair.
  • Gholdengo for Bonnie, it would start as a Gimmighoul and eventually evolve thanks to her curiosity.
  • For Ash: Roaring Moon, Clodsire, Cyclizar, Tinkaton, Lokix, Kilowattrel.
Idk if I did this before (I probs did) but here’s my takes on Ash’s team:
Take 1: Ash catches two or three but evolves one (like Johto before Journeys, Kanto, Unova and Alola) or two (like Johto after Journeys and Sinnoh)
  • Pikachu (obvious reasons)
  • Skeledirge (fire Pokémon that evolves, ace)
  • Sprigatito
  • Quaxly
  • Squawkabilly (plumage doesn’t matter OR he gets one with a never before seen color plumage; also regional bird)
  • Iron Treads OR Great Tusk (brings back his Phanpy Donphan which somehow turns into one of these)
Take 2: He gets one starter and the weaker goes to Nemona and the stronger goes to Clavell
  • Pikachu
  • Skeledirge (fire starter, in Gen 3+6 he only got one starter; Gen 3 was Grass, Gen 6 Water, so Gen 9 Fire)
  • Palafin (ace Pokémon that trained with his Lucario who trained with Greninja)
  • Arboliva (type balance and idk why)
  • Annihilape (brings back his Primeape and it evolves)
  • Cyclizar (if there’s racing event or if he ever needs it to get around)
Just in case you ask why Arboliva is added, I am really into type balances and plus, why not.
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