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Gary's final goodbye when he raises one hand reminds me a lot of Paul's goodbye. A reference to DP? I guess this could symbolize that Gary became a kinder person thanks to Ash (compare and contrast with the first episode when all he cares about is fame).
well well well... As of today, it's officially been one year since the final episode of the series, where we saw these two for the last time. And... I'm still not over it, so surprise surprise, I'm back here again. after all, somebody's gotta keep this thread alive, don't they...?

I, er, obviously don't have anything new to talk about. But even though the anime is over, I still have more Pallet propaganda to share to commemorate the occasion. :swirlix:
So... I think we're all probably familiar by now with that one interview given by Ms. Yūko Kobayashi (yes, the one that piece of official art came from). But did'ja know there was actually another one held with her back when JN068 first aired? There is a ton of seriously great and insightful stuff in there (the whole thing was translated by Dogasu here. she even mentions the episode Power Play of all things!!! I love her tbh) — but this part in particular really stuck with me ever since I first read it:

''There's that scene where the two of them are walking together, shoulder to shoulder, and it's thanks more to their relationship as childhood friends than their relationship as 'classmates' that made that scene what it is. You know how when you go to a school reunion and you'll be transported back in time to when you were a student there, at least for a little bit? Well, I think something similar to that must have been happening for those two.''

That's just so sweet to me and it's completely recontextualized that entire scene in my mind. All that time apart didn't even matter to them, 'cuz they just fell right back into their old habits around each other like no time had passed at all. :bulbaCute:

I'm a year late to even discovering this one, but apparently there was also an interview with executive director Kunihiko Yuyama right before the ATBPM arc began, who had this to say about the scene from its final ep:
''We struggled a lot with deciding who should say that line. But when you think about it, Shigeru really is the only one that can confront Satoshi with something. He's the reason the line is what it is.'' (translation by Dephender on SPPf)

"He's the reason the line is what it is." .....ow. </3 I mean, of course he's the only one who could really get Ash to stop and think about something as big as his life's goal!!! Who else's words would ever mean that much to him? But even though it's something that's clear as day everywhere you look, seeing it spelled out like that still really gets to me...



I'm just kinda having a hard time believing it was a year ago already. We might never see these two goofballs again, and I've already seen others beginning to move on, but they'll always have a special place in my heart... they just mean way, way too much to me to ever stop rooting for them.
Now if you'll excuse me, I think I hear a Silver Conference rewatch callin' my name. *sniffle*
i think no matter how much time has passed even since their final appearance they'll forever be iconic as the originals. i'm not really a huge anipoke fan or watcher, but for years palletshipping has held a special place in my heart, even if most move on they'll still have lots of dedicated fans for years to come and that makes me happy...
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