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Pokémon Air Adventures announces sightseeing flight around Mount Fuji featuring Pikachu-themed jets

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Pilot Pikachu in front of Pikachu BC1 and BC2
In collaboration with Skymark Airlines, the Hankyu Travel Agency, and Kobe Airport in Japan, Pokémon Air Adventures has announced their latest sightseeing day trip flight, which will take passengers from Kobe Airport on a scenic route around Mount Fuji, passing over Lake Biwa and flying along the Kii Peninsula. Passengers can begin reserving their seats now with the Hankyu Travel Agency, with the flight itself being scheduled for December 9th.

This flight is the third sightseeing trip offered by Pokémon Air Adventures, with the first being a round trip between Ibaraki Airport and Chubu Centrair International Airport in 2022, and the second being a departure from and return to Shimojishima Airport in January of this year.

Pikachu Jet BC1 and BC2, and Pilot Pikachu

As with the previous sightseeing day trip flights, this specially chartered flight will utilize Pokémon Air Adventures’ Pikachu Jet BC1 and BC2, which were debuted in 2021 and 2022, respectively. Passengers will be greeted at the airport and seen off by Pilot Pikachu, after which the approximately 4-hour flight will include commentary by the pilot, a boxed lunch, an in-flight raffle, and, of course, the view of Mount Fuji. After the flight, passengers will attend a class about aviation from an active pilot, and flight attendants will give a tour of a Pikachu Jet BC including its in-flight facilities like the kitchen, complete with a commemorative photo. The day trip concludes with a bus tour of the Kobe Airport.

Interior and exterior of Pikachu Jet BC1, and Kobe Airport as seen from above

Passengers on the sightseeing tour will receive a set of Pikachu Jet souvenirs, including a Tote Bag, Flight tag, 2024 Calendar, Hand towel, and their Pokémon Air Adventures themed boarding pass with charter flight route map. Pikachu Jet BC1 and BC2 are completely themed experiences, complete with Pikachu aprons for flight attendants, themed interiors and food service, and even Pokémon music and announcements by Pikachu. This day trip is priced at ¥37,800 ($252.26 USD) per ticket, which includes the flight, class and tours, in-flight lunch, and souvenirs.


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