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Pokemon Masters EX Updates to 2.34.0 - Developer update previews new seasonal event and sync pairs

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Pokémon Masters EX Update
A new version of Pokémon Masters EX, version 2.34.0, is now available for download. This new version brings several new features and quality-of-life changes, such as skip tickets quantity, improvements to gem display, shop screen display change for Ios users, and more. The producers of Pokémon Masters EX have also revealed details on several new components of the game in their monthly message to players, along with information about upcoming Sync Pairs. The following letter is slated for late July and will include information about new Sync Pairs coming at the end of that month and details on events that will be running in August.

Update Summary

The full changelog from the Version 2.34.0 update can be read here.

Irida Arrives to Trainer Lodge
From June 30th, at 11:00pm (PDT), a new trainer will make their mark and enter the Trainer's Lodge: Irida. Players will be able to invite Irida as a guest to the lodge if they've been able to team up with Irida & Glaceon from the Irida Master Fair Scout, which will continue running until July 9th.

Japanese Voice Changes
Following the recent retirement of Ami Naga, the Japanese voice actor for Tate, the character has now been recast. All of Tate's lines have now been re-recorded by their new voice actor, Yuna Ogata. No chamges have been made to any English voice actors.

Skip Ticket Quantity Selection Button
Players can now select the maximum and minimum number of skip tickets that they wish to use with a single tap on the area info screen. The maximum number of tickets that can be used at once is now 50.

User Interface Improvements
Quality of Life changes have been made with the display of gems, and of various prompts where gems are used. For iOS users specifically, the display of the shop screen and gem purchases have also changed where in-app purchase restructions have been enabled on the device.

Bug fixes
The upgrade items for the 3★ Ice Bandanna and 3★ Ice Pin from the currently ongoing Ice-Type Gear event were incorrect. These have been corrected to the Ice Scissors and Ice Needes, as originally intended.

An issue which had been ongoing since June 4th which was preventing the song Battle! (Galar Gym Leader) (Pokemon Masters EX Special) from appearing properly in the Music Player section of the Jukebox has now been resolved..

New seasonal story content and sync pairs coming for Tanabata
A new story event, Twin Stars Far Apart will arrive in Pokémon Masters EX on June 29th. In this event based on the Japanese festival of Tanabata, Tate and Liza are chosen to be the main stars of Pasio's star festival. When Liza suddenly disappears during the festival, Tate seeks assistance from an unlikely ally to help find her. Both Tate and Liza will appear alongside this event in special Seasonal Scouts, featuring their new seasonal outfits.

Tate & Jirachi
Tate (Summer 2023) & Jirachi are a Steel-type Tech Sync Pair that go into battle by utilizing the effects of their skills. After every second move they make, their Doom Desire Passive Skill activates, dealing additional steel damage, and one of Attack, Defense, Sp. Atk, Sp. Def, Speed, Accuracy, or Evasiveness is boosed by two stat ranks. Tate (Summer 2023) & Jirachi can also use Thunderwave and Charm to debuff and weaken their opponents. In combination with another Passive Skill that causes any opponents they target with a move to have their Sp. Def lowered by two stat ranks, this pair is able to quickly weaken opponents to their allies offense.

Tate (Summer 2023) & Jirachi's seasonal scout will begin from June 29th at 11:00pm (PDT), and continue until July 16th, at 10:59pm (PDT)

Liza & Celesteela
Liza (Summer 2023) & Celesteela are a Flying-type Strike Sync Pair who are able to shift the normally Normal-type move Giga Impact into a powerful Flying-type move. Unusually for a Strike sync pair, this pair is able to boost their own Defense by two stat ranks with Iron Defense, while Into the Night Sky! raises their accuracy by one stat rank and critical-hit rate by three stat ranks. With their Passive Skills raising their Defense by two stat ranks and applying the Free Move Next effect to themselves whenever they use a status move, meaning they can use Giga Impact for zero slots, making them a strong gaugeless striker.

Liza (Summer 2023) & Celesteela's seasonal scout will begin from July 1st at 11:00pm (PDT), running through until July 16th, at 10:59pm (PDT)

High Score Event
The new battle content mentioned in May's letter from the producers has now been revealed. In the High Score Event, players will aim to score the highest amount possible within a set of five battles. Points will be earned by satisfying various conditions which will be used to evaluate how players completed each battle. The three main battle rules that will determine a player's score are completion time, the total number of stat raises, and the total number of attacks. Each time this content occurs, it will focus on a specific type or types, and players will only earn a score by completing each battle using a team that includes at least one of the types designated for the event. Players able to boost their score by incorporating as many sync pairs from this type on their team as possible.

By completing battles, players will be able to earn a variety of rewards, including 5★ Power-Ups, Certificates of Excellence, and Move Candy Coins. As might be expected from something named a High Score Event, a ranking feature will also be included, similar to the Legendary Gauntlet, allowing players to see how well they've done against other trainers.

The first High Score Event will make its Pokémon Masters EX debut on July 10th, and be focused on Water-type Pokémon. As each Sync Pair will only be able to join a single battle in the set of five, players will need to have teamed up with a wide variety of Water-type Sync Pairs if they want to ensure the highest score possible.

Other upcoming Updates and Events
A new chapter of the Villain Arc
The first part is the Galar chapter of the Villain Arc will be added to the game sometime in mid-July. This is the final currently planned region for the Villain Arc. The second part of the Galar chapter will follow in late July.

Summer Nights and Wishing Stars Story Event Re-run
This story event featuring N and Hilda in special seasonal outfits, which originally ran between June 30th and July 17th, 2022, will be making a return to Pokémon Masters EX sometime in July.

Miscellaneous events
In addition to the above two events, a new opponent is planned to be added to the Legendary Arena in July, and a new Trainer Files event will also be launched. No further details on these have been released at this time.

Future Updates
A new Daily Type Rotation Event is currently under development, which will see players battling Sync Pairs of various types. The final part of the Paulo chapter is also currently in the works. No further information on either of these additions is available at this time, with details likely to be released in the July letter from the game's producers.


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