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TEEN: Pokémon: Mystery Dungeon: Adventures Of The Wonder Team

Nat The Emboar

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Dec 18, 2023
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This fan fiction is rated teen for violence, blood, death and some strong language.

Plot: Meet Erik, a boy from the human world that was sent to the Pokémon world as a Froakie. While running away from a Meowth, he meets a Tepig, named Nat, and together as partners, they join the Wonder Team, a team of Pokémon, led by Captain Stephen, an Infernape, dedicated to stopping evil Pokémon from taking over the world.

Main Characters:

Erik, the Froakie: Erik is a human from the human world that is turned into a Froakie, when he’s sent to the Pokémon world. Erik is at first the cautious type, when he realizes that he is in another world, especially in a world with only Pokémon, and talking ones too. But as times go on, he starts to accept the new world that he is in and the friends he makes there.

Nat, the Tepig: Erik’s fun-loving partner. Nat loves to eat lots of food, and every time he finishes eating, he always pats his belly and says, “Delicious!” He also loves to hug other Pokémon, as a sign of making friends and saying hello. Nat has gotten both these traits from his adoptive father, Henry, the Snorlax.

Supporting Characters:

The Wonder Team:

Stephen, the Infernape: Stephen is the tough leader of the Wonder Team. He expects nothing, but excellence from his teammates. He always punches his teammates whenever they fail a mission, as a sign of discipline. Even so, he still cares about his teammates and makes sure none of them die on his watch.

Monica, the Infernape: Monica is Stephen’s girlfriend and second in command of the Wonder Team. She is mostly the opposite of Stephen, where she is very nice towards everyone. Despite the fact that she think Stephen’s methods of discipline is harsh, she still cares for him and all the other teammates.

Light, the Scraggy: Light is a Scraggy who’s another member of the Wonder Team. His sarcastic and snarky personality gets him in trouble most of the time. He is also a coward, usually hiding in places in times of battle instead of fighting and makes smart-alecky comments on the sidelines.

Dino, the Tyranitar: Dino is the biggest and oldest member of the Wonder Team. He always says, “Yo!” whenever he says hello to another Pokémon. Despite his size, he is very gentle and a big softie. He has a wife, another Tyranitar named Susan and a son, a Larvitar named Jake.

Alice, the Pikachu: Alice is a Pikachu that is always fired up and really to battle. Sometimes, she gets so over excited that she even shocks herself. She also has a crush on Erik, even she knows that he is a human. When she was a Pichu, Alice had an older brother, a Pikachu named Leo, who was killed in an attack a few years ago, or so she thought.

Drak, the Riolu: Drak is a shy Riolu that wants to become stronger every day to impress his teammates. He trains everyday alone because he is embarrassed when others watch him train.

Sandy, The Hippopotas: Sandy is a Hippopotas that is afraid of water and likes to play in sand. She also likes to run around a lot.

Rock, the Bonsly: The youngest member of the Wonder Team. Since he is the youngest, Rock talks like a baby and cries most of the time whenever he is hurt.

Other Characters:

Henry, The Snorlax: Henry is Nat’s adoptive father, who visits Nat at the Wonder Team base on occasions. Like his son, Henry loves to eat lots of food, and every time he finishes eating, he always pats his belly and says, “Delicious!” He also loves to hug other Pokémon, as a sign of making friends and saying hello.

Susan, the Tyranitar: Susan is Dino’s wife who cooks food for the Wonder Team after a successful mission.

Jake, the Larvitar: Jake wants to be just like his father when he grows up. He looks up to his father a lot, because they have a good relationship.


Christopher, the Raichu: Christopher is the main antagonist of the story and the rival of Erik and Nat. Alice believes this is her brother Leo, who she thought was killed as a Pikachu a few years ago in an attack.

Gerald, the Meowth: Even though they are on the same team, Gerald and Christopher don’t get along that well. Gerald is also the one chasing Erik after the Froakie lands on the Pokémon world.

Cross, the Gengar: Cross is the only Pokémon that Christopher considers a friend. Cross is cruel at times, even to his teammates, except for Christopher, because he also considers him a friend.

Marlene, the Emolga: Although not as evil as the others, Emolga joined this evil team because she and Christopher are in a relationship. She deeply cares for him, and would do anything for him.

Zabi, the Darkrai: The leader of the evil team, who wants to take over the Pokémon world. Zabi is ruthless to the point that it would kill anyone, even his teammates if they fail too often.
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Chapter 1: It All Begins

“Where am I?” a voice said. Here lies a boy on the ground, in the grass. He laid there next to a pond that was clean and blue. It was a sunny day out, and the wind was blowing calmly. “What is this place? How did I get here?” the voice said. He looked around the area. “No one here,” he said. He stretched his arms out, and that’s when he noticed that his arms were blue and that his hands were white. “What in the world!?” he shouted. He noticed the pond next to him and saw in his reflection that he turned into a Pokémon. “No way, I turned into a Froakie!”

Suddenly, the trees around him started moving around the Froakie.

“Who’s there!?” he shouted as he looked around cautiously. As he kept looking around, A Meowth landed in front of him from the trees. “A Meowth!” the Froakie shouted, looking surprised.

“Hello there,” said the Meowth. “How about giving me all of your poké!” he shouted.

“Huh!?” went the Froakie. “You can talk! And what is poké?” he asked.

“You know, money!” the Meowth shouted as he sharpened his claws. “Give me your poké to me now! My master is waiting for me!”

“Well, I don’t have any money with me right now,” the Froakie said. “And even if I did, I don’t want to get robbed by you!” he shouted, as he started running away.

“Oh, no you don’t!” shouted the Meowth, and he started chasing after the Froakie.

“Oh man, first time in a place like this, and this Meowth wants to rob me!” the Froakie shouted and he ran very fast. After two minutes of running, he bumps straight into someone else.

“Ow!” the other Pokémon shouted. Lots of food fell out is him. “Oh no, my precious food!” he shouted as he looked at the Froakie. “Hey, are you okay?” he asked. The Froakie got up and looked at the other Pokémon.

“Hey, a Tepig!” the Froakie shouted. “And you can talk too!”

“What do you mean?” asked the Tepig looking all confused. “We all can talk. You’re a confusing Froakie aren’t you?” he asked.

“Who is we?” asked the Froakie politely.

“All the Pokémon in the world,” said the Tepig. “Anyway, my name is Nat, nice to meet you!” he shouted, as he went to hug the Froakie.

“Um, what are you doing?” asked the Froakie, confused.

“I’m hugging you,” Nat said. It’s my way of making friends and saying hello!” he shouted as he let go of the Froakie. “So what is your name?” asked Nat.

“Oh, my name is Erik,” said the Froakie. “Hello.” He noticed the food on the floor. “Sorry about that.”

“It’s no problem,” said Nat, and smiled. “The food is still good to eat!” He picked up all the fruit and berries and ate them. He then patted his belly. “Delicious!” he shouted! He noticed the berries he didn’t eat yet. “Oh no, I forgot to give some to you!”

“Thanks,” said Erik, as Nat gave him the remaining berries. Erik smiled as he ate them.

“Aha, there you are!” shouted someone from behind. It was the Meowth. He looked at Nat. “I see you already made a friend here.” He sharpened his claws again.

“Hello,” said Nat, smiling, as he was about to walk up to the Meowth and hug him.

“Don’t do it!” Erik shouted at Nat, as Nat stopped to look at Erik. “This Meowth is not friendly, Nat! He want to steal poké from you!”

“Oh?” went Nat, as he stared at Meowth.

“Yes, that is right!” shouted the Meowth. “Now give me all of your poké!” He gave out a sinister smile.

“I have a better idea,” said the Tepig, smiling. “How about we battle instead. If you win, then you can take all my poke, but if I win, you will run away.” He looked back at Erik. “Let’s do this Erik.”

“Um, I guess now is a good time to tell you,” said Erik, looking worried. “You see, I am actually human who is not from this world it looks like. Plus, I don’t know how to use moves.”

“You’re a what!?” shouted Nat, looking all surprised. “A human who isn’t from this world and doesn’t know how to use moves!?

“Oh, now that is interesting,” said Meowth, still with his sinister smile. “A human, who isn’t from this world. Show me how tough you are!” he shouted.

“Alright, here goes!” shouted Erik. “Water gun!” he yelled as he took a deep breath. But instead of water coming out of his mouth, it was bubbles.

“Hahahahaha, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” laughed the Meowth. “It’s true, you can’t use any moves!”

“But I can!” shouted Nat. “Go, ember!” he yelled as he used ember on the Meowth.

“Whoa!” shouted the Meowth, as he barely dodges the ember. “You could have burned me!”

“Yeah, that was the point!” shouted Tepig. “Again! Nat used Ember again on Meowth and got him this time.

“Ouch!” the Meowth yelped. “That’s it, no more Mr. nice Pokémon!” he shouted. “Go, feint!” he yelled and hit Nat in the face.

“Hey!” went Nat. “My cute, adorable face! That’s it, now I am angry, and when I am angry, the fire in my body flare up!”

“Oh no,” the Meowth went, with a very worried look on his face. “This doesn’t look good!” he shouted.

“Ember, go!” yelled Nat, as he used an even stronger ember on Meowth.

“AYAIYAIYAIYAIYAI, HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT!” screamed Meowth, as he jumped up and down. Then he had an angry look on his face. “Fine, keep your stupid poké! But this isn’t the last you have seen of me, Gerald the Meowth!” he yelled as he ran away.

“Wow, that was neat,” said Erik, with a big smile on his face. “And short too.”

“Yeah, fire type Pokémon like me tend to be real powerful,” said Nat, also with a big smile on his face. “Hmm, we have to do something about your moves.” He waved his hand. “Come on, let’s head to town, I know a team of Pokémon that will be able to help you with your problem.” So Erik and Nat decided to travel together to the nearest town.

“I guess it is okay,” Erik thought to his head. “Maybe with the help of some more Pokémon, I may find a way back to my home world, but in the meantime, this doesn’t seem like a bad place at all.” Erik and Nat smiled at each other.

Meanwhile, Gerald the Meowth, was in another town, when a Raichu stopped in front of him.

“So Gerald, I see you came empty handed,” said the Raichu, as he smiled.

“Oh, shut up, Christopher!” shouted Gerald, with an angry look on his face.

“GERALD!” yelled another Pokémon. A Darkrai, Gengar, and Emolga showed up.

“Oh, hey master Zabi,” Meowth said to the Darkrai. “How are you?” he asked.


“But master, I just found out something!” he shouted in panic. “There is a human in this world, and he is in the form of a Froakie!”


“Alright fine, come on, Christopher,” said Gerald.

“Yeah, I will make sure you don’t mess up,” said Christopher, with a huge grin on his face.

“Oh shut up,” said Gerald, as they left their town.

End of chapter 1.
Chapter 2: Erik’s First Battle

Erik, the Froakie and Nat, the Tepig were walking from the forest, when they saw a nearby town. Above the town was the beautiful blue sky and shining yellow sun.

“Hey, this is it!” shouted Nat, as he started running toward the town.

“Wait up!” shouted Erik, as he started chasing after Nat, looking all surprised. They slowed down as soon as they entered the town.

“Oh, I forgot to introduce you to this place,” said Nat, and he smiled. “Welcome to Croft Town,” Nat said as he waved his arm out in the air, pointing at the town.

“Wow, this place is pretty, Erik said, looking around as other Pokémon from the town walked by and waved at them. Erik and Nat waved back at the Pokémon passing by.

“So, where do you want to go first?” Nat asked Erik.

“Well Nat, didn’t you say that there is a team of Pokémon here that can help me to learn how to fight in my Froakie form?” Erik asked Nat back.

“Yeah, why?” asked Nat, with one eyebrow raised.

“Why don’t we go there first?” Erik asked.

“But I was going to introduce you to my home and my dad,” said Nat, looking upset.

“Nat please, I need to know why I came to your world, and why I also can’t seem to use my moves,” Erik said. “I am pretty sure I won’t be able to learn it while we are at your home with your dad.”

“Oh, fine,” Nat said, still with the upset look on his face. His sad face turned upside down into a smile when he looked at a big building to the right of Croft town. “Well, the Wonder Team headquarters is this way.” Nat pointed at the big building.

“Great, let’s go there then,” said Erik, as he started walking toward the Wonder Team headquarters.

“Wait, hold on!” screamed Nat, and he stop right in front of Erik.

“What’s wrong now?” Erik asked Nat, with a confusing look on his face.

“You see, I was there yesterday, and I was kicked out by Captain Stephen,” said Nat, scratching the back of his head with his left hand, looking all embarrassed.

“Who is Captain Stephen?” asked Erik.

“He is the leader of the Wonder Team, and a tough one too,” said Nat.

“Okay, why were you kicked out?” Erik asked Nat, with a mad look on his face.

“You see, he thought I didn’t have what it took to become a member of the Wonder Team,” he said, with a sad look on his face. “He thought I was too soft.”

“Oh, but the way you stopped Gerald was awesome!” Erik shouted with a huge smile on his face. “How could your captain think that!?”

“Yeah, well I am the nicest and sweetest Pokémon there could be,” Nat said as he blushed. “Besides, you are the only one who saw what I did with Gerald.”

“I guess you are right,” said Erik. “Anyway, let’s go now.” The two partners started walking towards the Wonder Team headquarters and stopped right at the entrance.

They stood there for a few seconds until Nat said, “Let me handle this,” as he knocked on the entrance door. The door opened and a Scraggy came. He looked at Nat.

“Oh, it’s you again,” said the Scraggy. “What in the world do you want again?” he asked in a mean way.

“Hello again, Light,” Nat said, as he went and hugged Light, the Scraggy.

“Please get off me, you’re heavy,” said Light in a snarky way.

“Sorry, that is just how I like to say hello and make friends,” Nat said, with an awkward smile.

“Yeah, I know, and I don’t like it,” Light said, with a mean look on his face. “So what do you want now?” he asked.

“Well, I have a friend here with me,” said Nat. “His name is Erik and he is a human from another world that has turned into a Froakie. He wants to know why he came to this world as a Froakie and needs help to learn to fight in his condition.”

“Wha… huh?” went Light, with a funny look on his face as he turned his look to Erik. “The frog here is a human from another world?” he asked. “Okay, maybe Captain Stephen can help with that, come in.” Light opened the door and let both Erik and Nat inside the Wonder Team headquarters. “Hey, the pig is back, and he brought a friend with him. He says this friend is a human from another world that got turned into a Froakie and can’t fight!” he yelled out loud in the main hall. Two Infernapes, a Tyranitar, a Pikachu, a Riolu, a Hippopotas and a Bonsly came rushing into the main hall.

“Hello again, all!” shouted Nat, as he started going to each Pokémon to hug them, except for one of the Infernapes in the middle of the hall, who shook his head no.

“No thank you, you know I don’t like to hug,” said the Infernape. He then had a cold look on his face. “I thought I kicked you out because you were too soft!” he shouted.

“So, this is Captain Stephen?” asked Erik, while he started at the Infernape.

“Did I say you can talk right now!?” shouted Stephen, the Infernape. Suddenly Erik had a scared look on his face.

“Wow, Nat is right, he is tough,” Erik thought to his head.

Erik and Stephen stared at each other for a minute, until Stephen asked, “So, you are a human from another world, correct? And it seems you turned into a Froakie and can’t learns any moves, right? You can talk now,” he said.

“Yes, my name is Erik and I came from the human world,” Erik said. “I don’t know why I came to this world, but I need to know, and I need to learn how to fight in this form.” Erik then looked at Nat. “Nat was able to defeat a Meowth, named Gerald because I wasn’t able to use any moves.”

“What, is that true?” Light asked, with a questionable look on his face, as if he didn’t believe what Erik was saying.

“Yes, it is true, I really did defeat Gerald,” said Nat, as he looked at Light.

“Hmm, I guess I could be wrong about you, Nat,” said Stephen, and then he looked at Erik. “Sorry, but I don’t have the answer as to why you came to our world. Alright, let me introduce you to everyone here, I am Stephen, the Infernape.” Stephen then pointed at Light. “I see you already met Light, the Scraggy at our front door.”

“Hey,” said Scraggy to Erik.

“This is my girlfriend, Monica, an Infernape, just like me,” said Stephen, as he pointed and looked at Monica, the other Infernape in the hall.

“Hello there,” said Monica, and she waved at Erik, and smiled.

“The Tyranitar over here is Dino,” Stephen said as he pointed at looked at Dino, the Tyranitar.

“Yo!” shouted Dino, as he waved at Erik. “How’s it going?” he asked.

“Good, I guess,” Erik said, as he stared at the ground.

“The Pikachu over here is Alice,” said, Stephen, as he then pointed and looked at Alice.

“Hi, it so nice to meet you!” shouted Alice, all excited. “You know, you are kind of cute,” she told Erik.

“Oh, uh, thanks,” Erik said, as he started awkwardly at Alice and blushed.

“I am really excited to meet you!” Alice shouted, as she jumped up and down, as suddenly, she shocked herself and fell on the floor.

“Oh no, are you okay!?” shouted Erik, very concerned. Alice, got up.

“Yeah, I’m okay, I just get too excited, that’s all,” said Alice, in an embarrassing manner.

“Alright, moving on,” said Stephen, as he looked and pointed at the Riolu. “This is Drak, he is shy, but he wants to become stronger, every day.

“Um, hello, I’m Drak,” said Drak, quietly. Stephen looked and pointed at the Hippopotas. “This is Sandy.”

“Hello, hello, hello,” said Sandy, as she ran around Erik, as she kept saying hello.

“And this is Rock, the youngest member of the Wonder Team,” said Stephen, as he looked and pointed at the Bonsly.

“Hi, nice too meet chu,” said Rock, talking like a baby.

“Now that is all done with, we will start tomorrow to help you learn how to fight,” said Stephen. “In the meantime, let’s have some dinner.”

“Oh boy, dinner!” shouted Nat, as his stomach started growling. “Hee hee, I’m hungry,” he said, as he put his hands on his belly, blushing and laughing. “What is for dinner?” Nat then asked.

“My wife, Susan has made some potatoes today,” said Dino, as he smiled. “Let’s head into the dining room.”

“Yay!” shouted Nat, as he jumped up and down, making a big smile. Everyone then went to the dining room to eat their potatoes.

Dino handed everyone each their share of potatoes and went, “Bon appetit!” Everyone started eating.

As Nat was the first one to finish and eat fast, he patted his belly and went, “Delicious!” and smiled.

“Yeah, it sure is,” said Erik, and he smiled. As everyone else finished eating, they went back to the main hall.

“Alright, to the other side is the bedrooms,” said Stephen. “You will be sleeping there for now. We will start your training tomorrow, Erik.”

“You hear that?” asked Nat. “Your training will start tomorrow,” he said as he smiled at Erik. Erik, Nat and Stephen walked into the bedroom hallway, and Stephen pointed at the one at the end of the hall.

“That is where you will be staying,” said Stephen.

“Goodnight,” Nat said to Stephen. “Come on Erik,” he said to Erik. Erik and Nat went into their bedroom and started going to sleep. A few minutes later, Erik was still up and couldn’t sleep. “What’s wrong?” Nat asked Erik.

“I can’t sleep, it’s not really comfortable here,” said Erik.

“If you don’t think that is comfortable, you can use my belly as a pillow,” said Nat, as he showed Erik and patted his belly.

“Huh, use your belly as a pillow?” asked Erik.

“Yeah, I always use my dad’s belly as a pillow to sleep on,” said Nat. “His belly is very big and soft to sleep on. My belly isn’t as big as my dad’s, but it still is big and soft enough to sleep on.” Nat went on to grab a chunk of fat from his belly.

“No thank you, it’s alright, I’ll manage,” said Erik. He stared out the window, the starry night sky, and then he started closing his eyes, and went to another position in his bed.

“Alright, time to wake up, now!” shouted Stephen, the next morning, hitting his fist against the wall in the bedroom Erik and Nat were sleeping on.

“AHHHH!” Erik and Nat both screamed, as they jumped up from their beds and hugged each other in fear.

“No more sleeping, your training to help you use your moves begin now!” shouted Stephen to Erik. “Come to the main hall!” As Erik and Nat let go of each other, they and Stephen went into the main hall of the Wonder Team base, where all the other members were waiting. Stephen walked to the center of the hall. “Alright, you will train by fighting me,” he told Erik.

“What!? I’m going to fight you!?” a shocked Erik asked. Everyone else in the hall had shocked look on their faces.

“Is there a problem?” asked Stephen.

“No sir, there isn’t a problem,” a frightened Erik said.

“There shouldn’t be, after all, you are a water type Pokémon, and I am a fire type,” said Stephen. “So this should be easy for you to defeat me in battle. If you do, I will let both you and Nat join our Wonder Team.” Stephen smiled.

“Really, that is awesome!” shouted Nat. “Come one Erik, you can beat Stephen!”

“Remember, my boyfriend is a tough one to beat,” Monica said to Erik. “Even if you are at a type advantage.”

“Sir, is it alright for Erik to fight you?” asked Dino, in a concerning way.

“Yes, it is,” said Stephen as he looked at Dino. “It is the only way he could learn how to fight.” Stephen looked at Erik again. “Alright, Erik, show me what you got!”

“Okay, here goes!” shouted Erik, as he took a deep breath and used water gun on Stephen. But what came out was bubbles again.

“Hahahahaha!” laughed Light. “It looks like the frog can only use bubbles!”

“Quiet, Light!” shouted Stephen, and Light suddenly stayed quiet. “Now it is my turn, mach punch!” Stephen ran really fast to Erik and used mach punch right on Erik’s face.

“Argh!” went Froakie, as he got hit and fell to the ground.

“Ohhh,” Nat went, with a sad look on his face. “That looked like it hurt.” Erik quickly got up.

“Alright then, is that won’t work, then I’ll use quick attack!” shouted Erik. He used quick attack on Stephen, but wasn’t fast enough, as Stephen dodged.

“Here I go, mach punch!” shouted Stephen, and he used mach punch on Erik’s stomach, and Erik fell to the ground again.

“I can’t do this!” shouted Erik, as he slowly got up again. “I can’t do this!” he went again.

“Stop making excuses for yourself, and keep fighting me!” shouted Stephen. “Close combat, go!” He used close combat right on Erik’s face, as each hit landed on him.

“Oh no, I can’t watch, poor Erik!” shouted Alice, as she covered her eyes, not wanting to watch. Erik started bleeding from his mouth and nose. Erik started catching his breath.

“Erik, now’s your chance!” cried Nat. “He used close combat, which means his defense and special defense is down!”

“Right!” shouted Erik. “Come on, you can do this!” he told himself. This time, he took a much harder deep breath, and used water gun again. This time, it worked, and it worked so much, his water gun got to Stephen in such lighting speed.

“Argh!” Stephen went as he had one knee to the ground.

“Erik, now is your chance, again!” shouted Dino. “Use water gun again, quickly!”

“Alright, one more time!” shouted Erik, and he used water gun again on Stephen. As his water gun hit Stephen, he fell to the ground.

“Yay, Erik did it!” everyone shouted. They all jumped up and down in excitement and joy, as they were cheering at Erik, for winning his first battle. Stephen then got up and walked to Erik, with an oran berry.

“Here you go,” Stephen said, and handed out the oran berry to Erik. “You’re bleeding so you might want to take this and then wipe all the blood from yourself.” He smiled.

“Thanks,” said Erik, as he took the oran berry from Stephen and ate it. The oran berry healed Erik and he wiped all the blood from his mouth and nose. Stephen gave out two scarfs to Erik and Nat, as everyone else in the wonder team had them on.

“What are these?” asked Nat.

“These are the wonder team scarfs,” said Stephen. “Since Erik has defeated me, it means that you guys are now members of the Wonder Team, good job.”

“All right, we did it!” shouted Nat, as he jumped up and down again in excitement. Both he and Erik took the scarfs from Stephen and put them on.

“Now as members of the Wonder Team, this mean you will have to obey every single one of my orders, understand?” asked Stephen.

“Yes sir!” shouted both Erik and Nat, and they both saluted to Stephen. Suddenly, the entire Wonder Team Base shook.

“What was that?” asked Erik.

“Someone is attacking the base!” cried Stephen. “Everyone, be on you guard!” As Stephen said that, the roof of the base blasted open and Gerald, the Meowth, and Christopher, the Raichu busted in and landed in front of the others. Erik saw Gerald and gave him a mean look.

“It’s you again!” shouted Erik, angrily.

“Yep, it me again!” shouted Gerald, as he smiled an evil grin. “Now let’s start where we left off shall we?” he asked, as he sharpened his claws.

End of chapter 2.
Chapter 3: Erik and Nat’s First Mission

Erik, the Froakie, Nat, the Tepig, and the rest of the Wonder Team were all staring at Gerald, the Meowth and Christopher, the Raichu, who had just broken to the Wonder Team base. Erik looked at Christopher, giving him a mean look.

“So who is this Raichu with you, Gerald?” asked Erik.

“The name is Christopher,” said Christopher, and he smiled. “It is nice to meet you all.” Christopher changed into a position, ready to battle.

“I demand to know what you both think you are doing, breaking into our base like this!” shouted Stephen, the Infernape.

“We’re here to take the human with us!” shouted Gerald, with his claws still out.

“Take me, why?” asked Erik.

“As a human, you can be pretty useful to us,” said Christopher.

“Erik, now is your chance!” shouted Nat. “Use you water gun on them!”

“Oh, right!” shouted Erik. “Here goes!” Erik took a deep breath and used water gun on Gerald and Christopher. They both jumped back, dodging Erik’s water gun.

“So you can use your silly water gun now!” shouted Gerald. “Impressive!”

“Ha!” Christopher went. “Don’t you know water attacks aren’t very effective to an electric type, like me!? Take this, thunder punch!” he shouted, and he used thunder punch on Erik.

“AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!” cried Erik, as he was hit by Christopher’s thunder punch.

“Erik, no!” cried Nat, and then he gave Christopher an angry look. “His water type moves might be weak against you, but my fire type moves aren’t, and to think I was going to hug you! Ember!” Nat shouted and he used ember on Christopher.

“NOOO!” yelled Christopher, as he got hit by Nat’s ember. “You’re going to pay for that! Thunderbolt!” He used a thunderbolt so powerful, it got everyone in the hall. Some Pokémon that the thunderbolt got were finer than others.

“Is everyone okay?” asked Alice, the Pikachu as the others got up from the ground.

“I think so,” said Dino, the Tyranitar as he looked around and saw that Gerald and Christopher disappeared. “They got away!” Dino shouted.

“Hey wait a minute, where is Light?” asked Alice, and then they all heard a noise coming from the closet.

“Is it over?” asked the voice coming from the closet, sounding all scared. Alice went to open the closet door to find Light, the Scraggy inside, covering his face in fear.

“Light!” shouted Alice in an angry voice. “How could you have closed yourself in here? You’re nothing but a big coward! Some help you turned out to be!”

“Hey, at least I was safe in here!” Light shouted back at Alice, also with angry voice.

“That is enough, the two of you!” Stephen shouted loudly. “Light, get a hold of yourself!” he told Light, as Light came out of the closet.

“Yeah, Captain Stephen is right,” said Alice. “In the meantime, I am going to look for Gerald and Christopher, and see where they went!” she shouted and left.

“Wait, Alice!’ shouted Monica, the other Infernape, but it was too late.

“Okay, I’ve decided,” said Stephen as he looked at Erik and Nat. “Erik, Nat, this will be your first mission. Your mission is to track down where Gerald and Christopher are heading, Alice might already be on their track. Follow her and make sure she doesn’t get hurt, or worse.

“Yes, sir!” both Erik and Nat shouted and saluted at Stephen.

“Okay, Erik, this is our first mission as members of the Wonder Team,” Nat said and smiled. “Let’s go find Alice and those two meanies, Gerald and Christopher!”

“Right,” said Erik, as he also smiled. They both left the Wonder Team Headquarters. Erik and Nat looked around town, but there was no sign of Alice, or Gerald and Christopher.

“They must have left town,” said Nat, a little worried. “Come on, the nearest exit is to the right.” They both went to the nearest exit on the right from Croft Town.

Meanwhile, Gerald and Christopher were walking in the forest, heading to their town.

“So, what are we going to tell master Zabi?” asked Gerald. “We didn’t get the human.”

“Well, we’ll just tell Zabi that we had some trouble,” said Christopher. “Besides, we can get the human later.” Suddenly, there was a noise from the bushes behind.

“Hold it, stop right there!” shouted Alice, who came out of the bushes. Gerald and Christopher stopped moving. “Turn around, so that I can see you right now!” Gerald and Christopher turned around. As they both looked at Alice, Christopher made a surprised look on his face.

“Alice?” went Christopher, not convinced if that was someone he recognized.

“Wait, how do you know my name?” Alice asked Christopher, with a very surprised look on her face. “No way, could you be…?”

“Sorry, but we need to take someone for master Zabi!” Gerald shouted and he used feint so hard, that it knocked Alice out.

“What was that for!?” Christopher angrily told Gerald.

“Hey we need someone to take to master Zabi, better her than no one at all!” shouted Gerald back. Christopher walked up to the unconscious Alice and picked her up, and they continued walking to their town.

At that time, Erik and Nat were searching for Alice, Gerald and Christopher in the forest on the bright sunny day.

“I don’t see them here either,” said Nat. They both continued to search the area until Erik noticed footprints on the floor.

“Nat, look, over here!” shouted Erik as Nat came up to him. “Footprints!” Nat looked closely at the footprints.

“Hey, there are three different footprints here,” said Nat, as he looked even closer at the footprints. “It’s Pikachu, Meowth, and Raichu footprints here, it must have been them! This is bad, Alice must have gotten to a fight with them and lost!” Nat shouted, with a concerned look on his face.

“Okay, then we have to track them down, quickly, before something bad happens to Alice,” said Erik. “Let’s follow these footprints.” They started to follow the footprints of Alice, Gerald and Christopher. Erik and Nat kept following the footprints for an hour until they saw Gerald and Christopher, with the unconscious Alice with them, along with Zabi, the Darkrai, with the Gengar and Emolga, behind Zabi from the distance. Nat was about to walk toward them. “Wait!” shouted Erik, as he grabbed Nat, and hid behind a big tree. “Let’s listen in on what they all are saying.”

“GERALD, CHRISTOPHER!” yelled Zabi, with its loud voice. “I SEE YOU BROUGHT A PIKACHU WITH YOU! DID YOU DEAL WITH THE HUMAN!?” Zabi asked, as Christopher put Alice on the ground.

“Well, no,” said Gerald. “He is still alive.” Zabi then gave Gerald an angry look and then changed his look to the Gengar.


“Right away, boss,” said Cross, the Gengar, as he made a huge smile on his face. Cross walked up to Gerald. “Shadow punch!” Cross shouted, and he used shadow punch multiple times on Gerald. Gerald fell to the ground.

“But… why?” asked Gerald, trying so hard to speak, as he tried getting up.

“Because you messed up, stupid!” shouted Cross, as he placed his right foot on top of Gerald’s head.

“OW, STOP IT!” cried Gerald, in pain.

“I’ll stop, when you stop messing up!” shouted Cross.

“Cross, please stop, that’s enough,” said the Emolga.

“What, are you going to stop me, Marlene?” asked Cross, as he looked back at Marlene, the Emolga.


“Hold it right there!” shouted Erik, as he and Nat ran from the tree they were hiding in and in front of the other Pokémon. Alice woke up, and noticed the situation she was in.

“Erik, what is going on!?” shouted Alice, as she got up real fast from the ground and ran to Erik and Nat.

“It’s the human!” shouted Christopher, as he ran closer to Erik, Nat and Alice.

“Alice, stay back!” shouted Erik, as he let out his right arm in front of Alice. “Let Nat and I handle these punks!”

“It’s only me you are going to deal with!” shouted Christopher. “Remember, you are a water type, and therefore weak against me!”

“We’ll see about that, I have Nat here to help me!” shouted Erik, as he and Nat smiled at each other, ready to battle.

“Alright then, thunder punch!” went Christopher, and he used thunder punch on Erik.

“You think you can get to me!?” Erik shouted, as he dodged Christopher’s thunder punch. “Quick attack!” Erik used quick attack on Christopher.

“Darn it,” Christopher said, as he got hit by Erik’s quick attack.

“Hey, don’t forget about me!” shouted Nat. “Ember!” He used ember on Christopher, but Christopher quickly dodged it.

“No, I haven’t forgotten about you!” shouted Christopher. “Discharge!” He used discharge on Nat.

“Endure!” cried Nat, as he used endure as he was hit with Christopher’s discharge. Nat fell to the ground and immediately slowly got up.

“Hmm, I see you managed to endure my attack,” Christopher said, with a smirk on his face. “No, matter, I will still defeat you.”

“Not on my watch!” shouted Erik. “Quick attack, again!” he went, as he used quick attack on Cristopher again.

“I’m not going to lose this fight!” cried Christopher, and he use a discharge so powerful, that it hit both Erik and Nat, paralyzing them, as they hit the ground.

“No…” Erik went. “Christopher is too powerful.” Christopher slowly walked up to Erik and Nat.

“Now time to finish you off!” Christopher screamed, as he was about to use another discharge.

“I would back off if I were you!” shouted someone else. It was Stephen, who came out of the trees. The other members of the Wonder Team were with him as well.

“Stephen, help us,” Nat said, as both he and Erik were still on the ground, paralyzed. Stephen came up to Erik and Nat, as he held two cheri berries on his right hand.

“Here, these cheri berries will cure your paralysis,” said Stephen.

“Thanks Stephen,” said Erik, as he and Nat took one cheri berry each and ate them. They got up as there paralysis was removed from their bodies.

“Hey, who do you think you are, stopping Christopher from killing the human and his pig!” shouted Cross.

“I am the captain Stephen of the Wonder Team you see before you!” Stephen shouted, as he stared at Zabi. “You must be their leader, as members of the Wonder Team, we are dedicated to stopping evil Pokémon like you, so now that you know of our existence, I suggest you never, ever come back or hurt any of my team members again, are we clear!?”


“Then we’ll be there to stop all of you!” went Stephen. “You can count on that!” As the villains started to leave, Christopher looked back at Erik and Nat.

“From now on, consider us rivals,” said Christopher, and they left to their village.

“Alright guys, it is time to head back to our headquarters in Croft town,” Stephen told all of his teammates. As they all started heading back, Alice looked back for a few seconds. An hour later, as the sun was setting, the Wonder Team was back at their headquarters in Croft town. “Erik and Nat, congratulations on your successful first mission,” said Stephen.

“Thank you, sir,” both Erik and Nat said, as they high fived each other.

“But believe me when I say that your missions after won’t be as easy as this one,” Stephen told Erik and Nat.

“Now let’s celebrate with some chocolate cake that my wife made for us!” shouted Dino, as he made a big smile on his face!

“Oh boy, chocolate cake, one of my favorites!” shouted Nat, as he jumped up and down, in excitement. Everyone went into the dining room and started eating their chocolate cake. As Nat finished eating his chocolate cake first, he patted his belly and went “delicious!”

“Yeah, it sure is,” said Drak, and he smiled.

“I want more,” said Rock.

“Yeah, I want more too,” said Nat, as he and Rock looked at each other and smiled.

“Sorry, but that is enough for today,” said Dino.

“Now it is time for us to go to sleep,” said Sandy, and they all smiled, as they all went to their bedrooms to sleep in the starry night sky.

The next day, Erik and Nat woke up and started walking to the hallway when they noticed Alice all by herself in the main hall.

“Hey, it’s Alice, what’s she doing all by herself in the main hall?” asked Erik, with one eyebrow raised. As they headed to the main hall, the rest of the Wonder Team entered the main hall as well.

“Alice, what’s going on?” asked Stephen. “How long were you in the main hall before we came?

“Earlier than usual,” said Alice. “There is something I should tell you all.” She had a sad look on her face.

“What is it, Alice?” asked Monica, looking concerned for Alice.

“This is going to be hard to say, but it’s about Christopher,” she said, as she looked carefully at every one of her teammates. “I think he’s my brother.”

End of chapter 3.
Chapter 4: The Shadow Gang

As Alice, the Pikachu said that Christopher, the Raichu is her brother to her Wonder Team teammates, they all looked at Alice in shock.

“Hold on a minute, you think Cristopher is your brother?” asked Light, the Scraggy. “What do you mean you think?”

“Well the truth is, my brother was killed in an attack a few years ago, at least that is what I have thought until now,” said Alice. “He was a Pikachu and his name was Leo. I was only a Pichu back then.

“Leo?” asked Erik, the Froakie. “So you think your brother Leo, who you believed was killed in attack a few years ago as a Pikachu, is now a Raichu named Christopher? Why would he change his name though?” Erik had a concerned look on his face.

“I’m not sure why,” Alice said, with a sad look on her face. “If Christopher really is my brother Leo, I guess that day of the attack must have changed him, and probably wants to forget about the past.”

“Are you sure Christopher is really your brother Leo?” asked Dino, the Tyranitar.

“Like I said, I am not sure yet,” said Alice. “But he knew my name was Alice.”

“But what kind of attack was it that would make Christopher, or Leo, make that kind of decision?” Erik asked. “What exactly happened these few years ago?

“That’s right, you are a human from another world, so this is new to you,” said Stephen, the Infernape. “It was about five years ago, up until then, our world was a very peaceful place. All we ever did that time was adventure around the world looking for treasures.”

“Then what happened?” asked Erik, even though he probably knew what Stephen was going to stay next.

“You see, we didn’t know it at the time until it was too late, but there was a group of Pokémon called the Shadow Gang,” Stephen said. “This group was dedicated to taking over the world with order. As they made themselves known to this world with their intentions, many Pokémon refused, believing that their world shouldn’t have order of their kind. So one day, they attacked Crescent Village.”

“Crescent Village?” Erik asked.

“Have you already seen the mountain just outside Croft Town?” asked Monica, the Infernape.

“Yes, I have,” said Erik, as he shook his head yes. “What is beyond those mountains?” he asked.

“Beyond those mountains is where Crescent Village used to be, until the attack by the Shadow Gang, five years ago,” said Stephen.

“Crescent Village is where I used to live before I moved here to Croft Town and became a member of the Wonder Team,” said Alice. “A lot of Pokémon used to live there. There’s nothing there anymore, and nobody lives there now. When the Shadow Gang attacked, they started a big battle there. Lots of Pokémon who were innocent, including my brother Leo, and Pokémon who were part of the Shadow Gang on that day were killed.” Alice still had the sad look on her face.

“You mean, they all died?” asked Erik, with a shocked look on his face, as he couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“No, there were Pokémon that survived the attack,” said Stephen. “The survivors scattered all over the world. Everything in that village, including homes, and been destroyed, there is nothing there now, but the souls of the ones killed in the attack.” Stephen looked down on the ground when he said that.

“Wow, that is sad,” Erik said, with a sad look on his face.

“The world hasn’t been peaceful since that day,” said Dino, the Tyranitar. “And it won’t stop until the Shadow Gang is gone for good,” he went as he clenched his right fist.

“Speaking of the Shadow Gang,” said Nat, the Tepig. “You think Gerald, Christopher and the other Pokémon are members of the Shadow Gang?” he asked.

“I believe so,” said Stephen, as he shook his head yes. “In fact, the Pokémon we saw yesterday may be the remaining members of the Shadow Gang.”

“And if Christopher is my brother Leo, I have to confront him one day, and ask him how he survived and why he decided to join the Shadow Gang,” Alice said.

“I don’t think that is a good idea,” said Monica. “Remember what happened yesterday when you confronted Christopher the first time?” she asked. “We feared that you might have been killed, especially when Erik and Nat found you unconscious with Cristopher, Gerald and the other Pokémon of the Shadow Gang. You would have been killed if it weren’t for Erik and Nat. What if Christopher isn’t your brother Leo?”

“That’s a chance I am willing to take one day,” Alice told Monica. “I have to know if that’s my brother or not.”

“One day, you will have that chance,” Stephen told Alice.

“So, what are we going to do in the meantime?” asked Nat, with one eyebrow raised.

“Well, we can talk more about what we are up against, which is the Shadow Gang,” Stephen said, as he walked to the middle of the Wonder Team Headquarters hall. “Okay, listen up!” he shouted. “We now know the members of the Shadow Gang. Erik, tell us who they are.”

“The Meowth and Pikachu are Gerald and Christopher, which we all already know,” Erik said. “The Gengar’s name is Cross, The Emolga’s name is Marlene, and their leader, is a Darkrai named Zabi. Nat and I learned this as we were hiding from the Shadow Gang and listening in on their conversation,” Erik told his teammates in the main hall.

“Now that we know who they are and what they look like, it will be easier for us to find them,” said Nat.

“That’s true, but we don’t know how, or even if we can beat them in battle yet,” said Dino.

“I guess we have to train more then,” said Erik. “The Shadow Gang wants to take over the world, and we need to prevent that from happening. Maybe this is the reason I came to this world.”

“Perhaps that is the reason,” said Stephen. “Okay everyone, time to start training!” he shouted at everyone.

“Yes, captain!” everyone else shouted, and they each went outside to train. As Erik and Nat were about to leave, Stephen stopped them right at the entrance.

“You know, perhaps you two should practice fighting each other,” said Stephen, as he made a big smile.

“WHAT!?” Erik and Nat both screamed and looked at each other in shock. “Practice fighting each other!?” they both shouted. “But we are partners!”

“Exactly, which is why you should practice fighting each other,” Stephen told Erik and Nat. “Everyone will be watching.”

“Everyone?” asked Erik. “Oh boy,” he sarcastically went. Everyone exited the Wonder Team Headquarters under the bright yellow sun.

“Okay, there is a place in the back of the Wonder Team Headquarters where the two of you will battle,” said Stephen, as they went to the back of the Wonder Team Headquarters.

“Wow, the back of this place is big,” said Erik, as he smiled. “Stephen, why didn’t you and I battle here before?” he asked, looking all confused.

“This area is for the members of the Wonder Team only, and you and Nat weren’t members yet, that’s why,” Stephen told Erik. “Now get into positons.” Erik walked onto one side of the back, while Nat walked onto the other side. The rest of the Wonder Team members were watching.

“So who do you think is going to win?” Drak, the Riolu asked Sandy, the Hippopotas, and Rock the Bonsly.

“My poké is on Erik,” said Sandy. “He does have the type advantage after all.”

“I want Nat too ween,” said Rock, talking like a baby.

“Alright Erik, are you ready to fight me!?” shouted Nat, and he had a big smile on his face as fire came out of his nose.

“Yes, I guess I am!” shouted Erik, and he also had a big smile on his face.

“Alright, I will be the referee!” shouted Stephen. “Are you both ready?” he asked Erik and Nat.

“Yes, captain!” shouted both Erik and Nat.

“Okay then, ready, set, BATTLE!” Stephen screamed.

“Water gun!” screamed Erik, as he took a deep breath and used water gun at Nat.

“Ha, you missed!” shouted Nat, as he jumped and dodged Erik’s water gun. “Just because you have a type advantage over me, doesn’t mean you can easily defeat me, go, tackle!” Nat ran to Erik and used tackle on him. Erik fell to the ground.

“I may have not been able to use my moves when I first got here, but don’t think you can defeat me easily!” Erik shouted, as he got straight back up. “Quick attack!” Erik used quick attack on Nat, and Nat got hit and pushed back.

“That was good, but still not enough to beat me!” Nat shouted. “Defense curl!” He used defense curl to increase his defense. “Try and defeat me now!”

“I can still do this, water gun!” shouted Erik, as he used water gun again on Nat.

“Endure!” cried Nat, as he used endure the moment Erik’s water gun hit him.

“WHAT!?” yelled Erik in disbelief. “But how!?” he asked.

“Well, I increased my defense and then endured your hit,” said Nat. “That is why I am still fighting here!” he shouted. “Tackle, again!” He ran to Erik and used tackle on him again.

“NO!” cried Erik, as he put his hands in front of Nat, and they both started pushing each other away. “I can’t lose to Nat! I need to defeat the Shadow Gang, and it’s the reason I came to this world! I NEED TO WIN!” he yelled, and he used a new move, water pulse, on Nat.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” cried Nat, as Erik’s water pulse sent him flying to the ground real fast. Nat tried to get up after that, but couldn’t.

“Nat is unable to battle, the winner is Erik!” shouted Stephen, as everyone else cheered for Erik, except Rock.

“But eye wanted Nat too ween, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” Rock went, and he cried.

“Hey Rock, it’s okay,” said Nat, as Rock stopped crying. He got up and had a smile on his face, and then he looked at Erik. “Erik, that was awesome, you used water pulse to defeat me!”

“Yeah, I guess I did,” said Erik, all embarrassed, when Nat ran to him and hugged him. “Huh, what is this?” asked Erik.

“It’s me, hugging you, because we are officially not just partners, but best friends now,” said Nat, and his tail started waging.

“Oh, okay,” said Erik. Nat stopped hugging Erik and his tail stopped waging. “Hey, it’s getting late,” Erik said, as he and the others noticed the sun setting in the horizon.

“Well, it’s now time to prepare the macaroni and cheese my wife prepared for us!” shouted Dino, and he made a big smile on his face.

“Oh boy, macaroni and cheese, another one of my favorites!” shouted Nat.

“Man, is there any food you don’t like?” asked Light.

“No, hee hee hee,” laughed Nat, as the Wonder Team went inside the headquarters and into the dining room.

“Bon appetite,” said Dino, as he handed out the macaroni and cheese to the rest of the team and then himself. Nat was the first to dig into his macaroni and cheese, and eat really fast.

“Hey Nat, I notice that your belly is getting bigger,” Erik said, staring at Nat’s belly.

“Is it!?” asked Nat, as he used both his hands to grab big fat chunks of his belly. “I do love food,” he said. As he finished eating his macaroni and cheese, he patted his belly and went “Delicious!” This time, his belly jiggled a lot.

“Gee, you always eat fast and finish before us,” Light told Nat, “No wonder you are getting fat.”

“Excuse me, what did you say?” Nat asked Light, with a mean look on his face.

“Oh uh, nothing, forget what I said,” said Light, looking all scared.

“That is what I thought,” said Nat, and he smiled. “I prefer the term, chubby.” He patted his belly three times, and his belly jiggled up and down. “Besides, I got these traits from my father.”

“Okay, everyone, it is time to go to bed now,” said Stephen, as everyone else finished their macaroni and cheese. The team went to their respective bedrooms to sleep. As Erik and Nat started laying down and their beds, Nat grabbed Erik.

“Hey, what are you doing?” asked Erik, all shocked.

“Well, you were the first one to notice my belly got bigger, so I am allowing you to lay on it,” said Nat, as he placed Erik’s face on his belly.

“This feels weird,” said Erik, all embarrassed.

“Don’t worry, you will be fine,” said Nat. They both looked out their window at the dark blue sky, with the moon out.

“Do you really think we will be able to defeat the Shadow Gang?” Erik asked Nat.

“They want to take over the world, and want order,” said Nat, with a worried look on his face. “So I hope we are able to defeat the Shadow Gang.”

“Yeah, I hope so as well,” said Erik.

“Don’t worry, we are getting stronger every day, so we will,” Nat said, and they both smiled at each other.

“Yeah, because after all, evil will never win,” Erik said.

“Yeah, evil will never win, good triumphs over evil,” said Nat.

“Here’s to tomorrow,” they both said, and they both laughed.

End of chapter 4.
Chapter 5: Visiting Time

“Alright sleepy heads, wake up, you’re late!” shouted Stephen, the Infernape, as he banged the wall in Erik, the Froakie, and Nat, the Tepig’s room.

“Yes, captain, we’re up, captain!” shouted Erik and Nat, as they got up quickly and saluted to Stephen.

“Come on, we are expecting some visitors,” said Stephen.

“What kind of visitors?” asked Nat.

“Don’t worry, you already know them,” Stephen told Nat. “Erik, this will be your first time meeting them,” he then told Erik. “Now let’s go into the main hall.” The three of them left the bedroom hall and entered the main hall of the Wonder Team Headquarters, where all the other members of the Wonder Team were already waiting.

“So, I wonder what kind of visitors we are having today,” said Alice, the Pikachu, and she smiled.

“I hope they aren’t scary looking,” said Drak, the Riolu, and he looked scared.

“Oh, I’m sure they aren’t scary looking,” said Monica, the Infernape and she smiled. There was a knock on the entrance door.

“It looks like they are here,” said Stephen, as he smiled. “Light, can you go get the door?” he asked Light, the Scraggy.

“Yes, captain,” said Light, as he walked up to the entrance door and opened it. A Larvitar and another Tyranitar entered the building.

“Daddy, we are here!” shouted the Larvitar, and he made a big smile on his face.

“Yo, Jake, how’s it going buddy!?” shouted Dino, the Tyranitar.

“I am doing good daddy!” shouted Jake, and then he looked at his mom. “Right, mommy?” he asked.

“Yes, you are,” said his mom, and she smiled.

“Hi, Susan,” Dino said to the other Tyranitar, and he waved hello.

“Hello Dino, is everyone doing fine with the food I always prepare here?” Susan asked Dino.

“Yes, the food you make are real good!” shouted Nat, as Susan looked at him.

“Hmm, it looks like the other visitor is late,” said Stephen, and suddenly, there has a big boom at the entrance of the door. A Snorlax was stuck at the entrance door.

“Oh, it looks like I am too big to fit in here,” said the Snorlax. “Sorry I am late, I was sleeping really well before.” He was able to get out of the entrance and into the main hall.

“Dad, it’s you!” shouted Nat and he made a big smile and his face.

“Nat, hey, how’s it going!?” shouted the Snorlax, as he also made a big smile on his face. They both ran and hugged each other.

“I am doing great!” shouted Nat, and he started wagging his tail, in happiness.

“And how is your belly doing?” the Snorlax asked. “You been eating a lot and well?”

“Yeah, my belly is big and soft, just like yours dad!” shouted Nat, as he patted his belly and it jiggled. “And yours?” he asked.

“That’s right, big and soft as well,” said Snorlax, as he also patted his own belly and it jiggled a lot.

“Yeah, meaning your both fat,” said Light, in a mean way.

“What did you say!?” shouted both Nat and his dad, as they went up to light. “We prefer the term, chubby!”

“Yeah I know, I heard that yesterday,” said Light, looking a little scared. Erik walked up to Nat.

“Hold on a minute, your dad is a Snorlax?” asked Erik, looking all confused.

“Well, he is actually my adoptive father,” said Nat. “Dad says that we will tell me about my real parents when the time comes.” He then looked at his dad, the Snorlax. “Dad, this is Erik, my partner,” Nat told his dad.

“Hello… AAAAAAH!” Erik went, when the Snorlax ran to Erik and hugged him.

“Hello Erik, my name is Henry, and I am a Snorlax,” said Henry.

“You’re… crushing me!” shouted Erik, as his face was inside Henry’s belly.

“Oh, sorry,” said Henry, as he let go of Erik. Henry then looked at the others.

“Uh oh,” said Light. He knew what was going to happen, as Henry went to the other Pokémon and hugged them. Their faces were all inside Henry’s belly

“Hello all, have you been treating my son well?” asked Henry.

“Well yes, of course,” said Stephen, as Henry let go of the others.

“Man, Nat and his dad are so much alike,” said Light, in a sarcastic way.

“And that’s not a bad thing,” Alice, the Pikachu told Light.

“So, what do you need my dad for?” Nat asked Stephen.

“Yeah, and my wife and son as well?” Dino also asked Stephen.

“Well, for today’s mission, we need as many of us as we can, which is why I asked for help from Henry, Susan and Jake,” said Stephen. “Today, we will make our headquarters better, staring by making it sturdier.” Stephen pointed at the hole in the ceiling, where Gerald, the Meowth, and Christopher, the Raichu came crashing in. “You saw what Gerald and Christopher did to our headquarters, so we need to make our headquarters sturdier so that it can withstand an attack like that again. I would suggest making our headquarters out of steel, especially since our headquarters is made of wood. So we will need lots of steel.”

“But where can we find steel?” asked Erik.

“There’s a cave just south of here,” said Monica. “We can get some steel from there.”

“Don’t worry, since you asked for us to handle this mission, I can take all the steel I need!” shouted Henry, and he smiled.

“Sure, just don’t sleep on the job,” said Light, in his usual sarcastic way.

“We need to be careful inside this cave though, because I know a Bastiodon that lives in the cave and likes to keep all the steel there for himself,” said Stephen.

“That’s sounds scary,” said Drak, with a worried look on his face.

“It’s okay, together, that Bastiodon is no match for us!” shouted Alice, and she jumped up and down in excitement. Drak’s frown turned into a smile after he heard what Alice said.

“Okay then, who is ready?” Stephen asked everyone else in the main hall.

“We are!” shouted everyone else.

“Alright, we will now head out of Croft Town and head south to the cave,” said Stephen, as the whole Wonder team, along with Henry, Susan and Jake exited the Wonder Team Headquarters, and left Croft Town’s south exit.

“So the cave should be here,” said Monica, as they all kept walking far from the town. “Ah, there it is,” she went, as she pointed at a hole in a rocky passage. “There’s the cave.” They all entered the cave.

“It’s pretty dark in here,” said Drak, as he sounded so scared, looking around the cave.

“It’s okay, the fire on our heads will light the place up,” said Monica, referring to the flames on her and Stephen’s heads. As they all walked deep into the cave, they noticed a lot of steel on the ground and the walls.

“Look, here they are!” shouted Sandy, the Hippopotas. “The steel are right over here!”

“WHO DARES COME TO MY CAVE TO TAKE MY STEEL!?” yelled a voice from deeper in the cave.

“Wah, a scawy voice!” shouted Rock, the Bonsly, talking like a baby. Big footsteps started stomping from the distance.

“Look, someone is coming!” shouted Alice, as the footsteps stomped closer and louder.

“That’s the Bastiodon that wants to keep the steel for himself,” said Stephen.

“The name is Fredrick!” shouted the Bastiodon. “Now who dares to take my steel!?” he asked. Drak, Sandy and Rock, the three youngest members of the Wonder Team, were shaking in fear.

“We do,” said Erik, looking mad, ready to fight. Fredrick stared down at Erik.

“Alright then, since it was you who said that you all do, I will give them to you, only if you, and I mean ONLY YOU, can defeat me,” said Fredrick. “Are you ready?” he asked.

“Yes, I am ready,” said Erik.

“Erik, are you sure about this?” asked Nat, sounding all concerned.

“Yes, I am, because water type moves are super effective against rock type Pokémon,” said Erik.

“I’ll go first, here goes, iron defense!” Fredrick shouted, and he used iron defense on himself to increase his defense by a lot.

“Water pulse!” shouted Erik, and he used water pulse on Fredrick.

“Ha, you can’t defeat me that easily!” shouted Fredrick. “Tackle!” Fredrick tackled Erik to the ground.

“Erik, are you okay!?” cried Alice. Erik started breathing carefully.

“Yes, I am,” Erik said as he slowly got up. “Growl, let’s go!” he shouted and he used growl on Fredrick, and his attack power lowered. “Now you can’t hit me that hard!

“We’ll see about that!” Fredrick shouted. “Tackle, again!” Fredrick used tackle on Erik, but this time Erik pushed back.

“I can’t lose this!” shouted Erik, as he and Fredrick started pushing each other.

“Take down!” shouted Fredrick, and he used take down on Erik. Erik flew back and hit a wall. Erik started bleeding a little from his back.

“OUCH!” cried Erik so much, he used a powerful water pulse on Fredrick. Fredrick flew back on a wall and got knocked out.

“Wait, what just happened?” asked Light, looking confused.

“It looks like Erik won,” said Nat. “I guess whenever he gets injured like that, his moves are more powerful?” he asked in confusion.

“Oh… man,” went Fredrick, as he woke up and went to Erik. “I guess you won.” He handed Erik an oran berry. “I notice your back is bleeding,” Fredrick said. As Erik took the oran berry from Fredrick, he ate it and his injury healed.

“Thanks,” Erik told Fredrick. “So, can we have your steel now?” he asked. “We need it to rebuild our Wonder Team headquarters and make it sturdier.”

“Yeah, since you won, go ahead!” Fredrick shouted.

“Yay!” shouted Drak, Sandy and Rock, as they jumped up and down in happiness.

“Alright, Henry, Dino, and Susan, you three grab all the steel that we need to make our headquarters sturdier,” said Stephen.

“No problem, captain,” said Dino, as he, Henry and Susan went and took all of the steel they needed.

“Okay, let’s leave,” said Stephen, as everybody started leaving the cave.

“Goodbye!” shouted Fredrick. “Whoa!” he went as Nat and Henry ran up to Fredrick and hugged him.

“Goodbye!” both Nat and Henry said to Fredrick, as they let go of Fredrick.

“Hey, hurry up, or we will leave you two!” Stephen shouted to Nat and Henry.

“Oh, yes captain,” Nat said. Everyone left the cave and went back to the Wonder Team headquarters.

“Alright everybody, it is now time to rebuild this headquarters and make it sturdier!” shouted Stephen.

“Yes, captain!” shouted everyone else. After three hours of rebuilding the Wonder Team headquarters, they finished by making it sturdier.

“Okay, we need to test to see if this headquarters will stay sturdy,” said Henry, and then he looked at Erik. “Hey Erik, let’s have a battle, you and me,” he told Erik.

“What!?” shouted Erik, in confusion. “You want to have a battle with me, right here!?”

“Well, yes,” said Henry. “Don’t worry, after this we will have a big feast.”

“Oh boy, a big feast!” shouted Nat. “But, who am I going to root for, my dad or my best friend?” he asked.

“Okay, everyone, give enough room for Erik and Henry,” said Stephen. Erik and Henry went to the middle of the main hall of the Wonder Team Headquarters, as everyone else stood aside.

“Are you ready, Erik?” Henry asked Erik, and he smiled.

“Yes, I am ready when you are,” said Erik.

“Okay, I will let you go first!” shouted Henry.

“Water pulse, go!” shouted Erik. He used water pulse on Henry’s face, but Henry hit it off with his arm.

“No way!” shouted Erik, in disbelief.

“Now, I will use body slam!” shouted Henry. He went to use body slam on Erik, but Erik quickly dodged it.

“If water pulse doesn’t work, then I will use quick attack!” shouted Erik, as they both turned around. He used quick attack right on Henry, but he bounced off Henry’s belly without dealing any damage to Henry.

“Ha ha ha, that tickles,” said Henry, as his belly bounced up and down for five seconds.

“This can’t be, not only is he so big, but none of my moves do any effect on him,” Erik thought in his mind.

“If you think that I am already tough to beat, wait till you see this, belly drum!” Henry shouted as he used belly drum. “Now, heavy slam!”

“Wait, belly drum cuts half of his HP,” Erik thought in his head. “If I can dodge Henry’s heavy slam and then use a powerful move, I can defeat him!” As Henry ran closer to him, he jumped in the air, and Erik quickly dodged Henry’s heavy slam.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” Henry went, as he was still in the air.

“Now’s my chance!” shouted Erik, as Henry was still in the air. Erik grabbed a rock that he saw lying next to him, jumped in the air and used a new move, smack down, on Henry.

“OUCH!” cried Henry, and then he fell to the ground. Nat ran to his father and check on him.

“Dad, are you okay?” Nat asked Henry. Henry slowly got up.

“Yeah, I lost, I shouldn’t have used belly drum, hee hee,” laughed Henry.

“Erik, you won, and used another new move!” shouted Nat, and he smiled.

“Yeah, It wasn’t easy though, your father is so big,” Erik said, as he put his right hand over his head and smiled. Suddenly, Nat’s and Henry’s stomachs growled.

“Oops, were hungry,” said Nat and Henry together.

“Let Susan and I make something for you guys,” said Henry.

“Wait, you can make food too?” Susan asked Henry.

“Well, yeah, whenever I am not sleeping or eating,” Henry went. “Now let’s go make food, because we are hungry.” Susan and Henry went to the kitchen to cook, while the rest of the Wonder Team Pokémon went to the dining room. Half an hour later, the food was ready.

“So what are we having today?” asked Nat.

“My favorite, lots of Dazzling Honey, Plump Beans and Hearty Grain sandwiches!” said Henry, and he made a big smile on his face.

“Alright!” shouted Nat, and he smiled too.

“Okay, let’s give them the food now,” said Susan, as she and Henry gave out the food to the others.

“Bon appetit!” they all shouted and started eating. Both Nat and Henry ate so fast, that they were the first ones to finish.

“Delicious, hee hee hee!” laughed Nat and Henry, as they patted their bellies.

“Man, the two of you are so alike,” said Light.

“Okay, it is time for me to go now and sleep the rest of the day,” said Henry.

“Jake and I have to go back home too, right Jake?” asked Susan.

“Yeah, bye daddy!” shouted Jake.

“Bye, Jake!” shouted Dino.

“Goodbye dad, I hope you come by again some other day,” said Nat.

“Me too,” said Henry, and they both hugged each other goodbye. Henry, Susan and Jake have left to go to their respective homes. Stephen looked out a window to see the moon rising.

“Okay, everyone, it is time for bed now,” said Stephen.

“Goodnight, everyone!” shouted everyone else. They all went to their respective bedrooms.

“Had a fun day today?” Nat asked Erik.

“Yeah, it was fun, but we still need to deal with the Shadow Gang,” said Erik.

“I know,” said Nat. “With your new moves, there is a higher chance we can defeat them.”

“Thanks,” Erik said. “Here’s to tomorrow, goodnight Nat.”

“Goodnight Erik, and here’s to tomorrow,” said Nat, and they both went to sleep.

End of chapter 5.
Chapter 6: Across The Snowy Mountains

As the sun outside rose early in the morning, Erik, the Froakie, and Nat, the Tepig stretched their bodies and got up from bed.

“I guess it’s time for us to get moving to the main hall, right?” Erik asked Nat.

“Yep, that’s what it looks like,” said Nat, as he looked out the window to see the sun rising. “We should get going now, before Stephen comes and disciplines us for being late,” he went as he made a scared look on his face.

“Yeah, let’s go,” said Erik, and they walked to the main hall of the Wonder Team Headquarters. Stephen and the other members of the Wonder Team were waiting for them.

“So, I see you both aren’t late this time,” said Stephen, the Infernape and he smiled.

“Yeah, it sure is a surprise,” said Light the Scraggy. “In fact you can probably win best Pokémon that is always on time,” he sarcastically went and smiled.

“So what is it this time captain?” Alice, the Pikachu asked Stephen. “What is our mission for today?”

“Our mission today is to check out Crescent Village,” said Stephen.

“Crescent Village?” asked Erik. “Isn’t that the village you said that was destroyed by the Shadow Gang five years ago?”

“Yes, it was,” Stephen told Erik. “But now there are rumors that the Shadow Gang is now trying to conquer and control the now destroyed village.”

“If these rumors are true, then we have to go there and stop them,” said Monica, the Infernape.

“So, what are we going to do first?” asked Erik.

“First, we need to gather all the items that we need for this mission, like berries,” said Stephen. “Once that is done, we can get ready to head across the snowy mountains. After the snowy mountains, we will then get to where Crescent Village used to be.”

“Usually it would be tough for anyone to go across the snowy mountains, but with fire and fighting types like Stephen and I, it should be easy,” said Monica.

“Hey, don’t forget me as well,” said Nat, and he smiled. “I’m a fire type too.”

“And me, I am a fighting type too,” said Drak, the Riolu.

“Heh, it looks like Monica forgot about you two,” Light told Nat and Drak, and he made a smirk on his face.

“Light, that’s enough, please,” Alice told Light, and she gave him a mean look.

“Okay, okay,” said Light, as he looked down on the ground.

“Alright, are we all ready?” asked Stephen. “This is an important mission,” he said.

“Yes, captain!” shouted everyone else on the team.

“Gather all the berries we need and let’s head out!” shouted Stephen. As everyone gathered all of the berries they needed, they headed out the main entrance of the Wonder Team headquarters and out of Croft Town. Stephen pointed at the snowy mountains just outside of town. “That is where we will be going across to get to where Crescent Village used to be,” Stephen said. “Are you all ready?” he asked. “Once we start heading to the mountains, there is no turning back for now.”

“Ready, captain!” shouted everyone else.

“Alright then, let’s go,” Stephen said, as everyone on the team started walking outside of Croft Town and to the mountains.

“Is it me, or is it getting colder as we get closer to the mountains?” asked Erik.

“Yeah, it does get colder when you are closer to these mountains, after all, it is snowing at the top too,” said Alice.

“I know, I saw the snow all the way from Croft Town,” said Erik, as he looked all the way up at the top of the mountains.

“You would have been colder if you didn’t have three fire types with you,” said Monica, referring to herself, Stephen and Nat. “The flames on our heads and inside our bodies will keep you warm,” she said.

“And if that doesn’t help, I could hug you warm,” Nat told Erik, with a huge smile on his face.

“No thank you, I’m good,” Erik told Nat, with an embarrassing look on his face.

“Okay, here we are,” said Stephen, as they all stopped right at the bottom of the mountains. “Starting from here, we climb to the top,” Stephen said.

“Wow, the mountains are so tall,” said Drak, as he looked all the way up at the snowy mountains.

“Yeah it sure is,” said Sandy, the Hippopotas, as she also looked up at the mountains.

“I’m too scared too goo up,” said Rock, the Bonsly, talking in his babyish way.

“Now enough of that,” said Stephen. “This is the only way to get to what remains of Crescent Village, now let’s go,” he said. Everyone started climbing up the hills on the mountains.

“Wow, these hills sure go high up,” said Dino, the Tyranitar.

“Are we almost there yet?” asked Drak. “It feels like it has been a while since we were here,” he said.

“We will be almost there once we reach the top of the mountains,” said Monica.

“Okay, that better be soon,” said Light.

“Be patient guys,” said Stephen. “We will get to the top of the mountains in about an hour.”

“Yes, captain!” everyone else shouted. After an hour of climbing the hills on the mountains, the Wonder Team got to the top of the snowy mountains.

“Yikes, we are so high up now,” said Drak, with a frightening voice as he looked back at the ground where they came from. Everyone else looked up at the clouds that were snowing above.

“Oh, are you afraid of heights?” asked Light. “HAHAHAHA, now that’s funny!” he laughed.

“That’s enough, Light!” shouted Alice, angrily. “Besides, you are afraid to battle!”

“Alice got you there!” Nat shouted at Light, and then he looked at the other side of the mountains. “Hey, I see broken down, burnt buildings at the bottom of the other side of the mountains! That must be where Crescent Village was!”

“Yep, that’s it alright,” said Stephen. “Okay everyone, let’s get down there!” he shouted.

“Stop right there!” shouted someone else. Suddenly, an Abomasnow came from behind a little hill in front of the others.

“ACK, I think this Abomasnow wants us out of here!” shouted Light, all scared.

“The name is Alec!” shouted the Abomasnow. “You better remember that!”

“What do you want, Alec!?” shouted Stephen. “Are you with the Shadow Gang!?” he asked.

“The Shadow Gang!?” asked Alec. “I don’t know what you are talking about!” Alec shouted. “I am here because this is my home, and no one is allowed on my home!”

“But we need to get through here in order to get to Crescent Village,” said Monica.

“Then you will have to defeat me in a battle!” shouted Alec.

“It’s okay, I’ll handle this!” shouted Nat. “After all, I’m a fire type, while Alec is ice and grass. I have 4 times the advantage over him, which means I can defeat Alec in one move!” Nat walked right in front of Alec.

“You think you can defeat me!?” Alec asked Nat, with a mean look on his face.

“Sure, but I’ll give you a head start and go first,” said Nat, and he smiled.

“Alright then, here goes nothing!” shouted Alec. “Ice punch, go!” Alec started running to Nat and used ice punch.

“Ha, too slow!” shouted Nat, as he dodged Alec’s ice punch.

“WHAT, NO!” cried Alec.

“Now it’s my turn, flame charge!” shouted Nat. He started stomping his feet to cloak himself in flames, and jumped at Alec.

“Oh boy, I should have known I would lose this easily to a fire type Pokémon,” said Alec, as he got hit by Nat’s flame charge. Alec fell to the ground, knocked out.

“You see, I told you it would be easy!” shouted Nat, and he smiled at the rest of the Wonder Team. After a minute, Alec got up.

“Alright, you win, you can go past this area to get to where you want to go,” said Alec.

“Thank you!” shouted Nat, and he went to hug Alec.

“Huh, what is this?” asked Alec, looking all confused.

“Just a sign of saying hello and making new friends,” said Nat, as he let go of Alec.

“I see,” said Alec. “Well, you best be on your way then.”

“Thank you Alec,” Stephen told Alec. “Okay, everyone else, let’s go!” he shouted at the rest of his team. They left the top of the snowy mountains and down the hills of the other side.

“Look, there is Crescent Village,” said Alice, as she pointed at the ruins of the village.

“Already everyone, let’s head there,” said Stephen, as the Wonder Team kept walking down further of the mountains and landed on Crescent Village.

End of chapter 6.
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