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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Predictions/Speculation/Discussion Thread

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Hello folks!

We've been getting frequent posts here regarding things that are only confirmed via leaks, datamines, and/or rumors. We ask you to avoid posting those here.

All posts containing stuff from leaks, rumors, and datamines should stay in our designated SV Leaks & Rumors Thread.

We know the general community has been talking about a lot of these like they're official, but there's people out there who'll want to avoid these prior to their official confirmation, so we like to keep a leak-free environment (outside of the designated thread) for them.

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The Loyal Three were only revived because Kieran got extremely frustrated.

It's probably a case of they only activate via strong emotions. That would also line in with Sada/Turo's obsession with the Paradoxes.
I would imagine that, considering the crystals are raid dens, there would be a LOT of strong emotions had in their radius.
Looked around for a better place to put this post, since the feedback for our failed AI project isn't exactly the best place to have this particular discussion.
Seems like there's no thread particularly about Nemona, so I guess this is as good a place as any.
I think the negative responses to the AI was due to Nemona's personality in game. She was very clingy and forced herself on the player. I recall reading a post from someone (don't remember who posted it) saying that they never finished Pokemon Scarlet BECAUSE of Nemona's personality. They didn't like how she forced her friendship onto you.
See, I don't understand this particular gripe about Nemona's personality at all.
First, it's not like the previous Pokemon games didn't "force" you to be friends or rivals with other characters, dating all the way back to Blue in Gen 1, but also including characters like Barry, who was incredibly hyperactive and could be incredibly annoying, Hau, who seems like a massive slacker to me, and Hop, the guy forever in his brother's shadow. I would not have been friends with any of those guys if given the choice. (I will clarify, I don't necessarily hate their characters, but they're just not compatible with my personality. Barry and I would literally annihilate each other in a giant entropy bubble.)

It's literally nothing new to the franchise, nor is the "but thou must" trope to Pokemon or to video games themselves. Literally in Gen 1 it looks like you'll have a chance to join Team Rocket after defeating the Nugget Bridge...but nope, you don't actually have a choice there. Hell, you're even forced to take the Pokedex with you whether you want to or not. The games have always had "options" that weren't really "options" and would sometimes give you the illusion of choice without actually having a choice.

People might argue that it's different now because Nemona literally stalks you and always seems to show up at the same Gym you do, which, given the open world aspect, suddenly seems a lot less plausible than it used to be. But ever since Gen 4, it's been hinted and pretty much confirmed that challengers can technically take on the Gyms in any order they want to. (Roark's line complaining about losing to a challenger with no badges makes no sense if he was always supposed to be the first Gym Leader).
In Gens 1 - 6, you're blocked from challenging Gyms in the "wrong" order by various obstacles, HM requirements, or what-have-you, but even as early as Gen 1 and Gen 2 there was flexibility in the games themselves over the order you could battle some of the Gyms in. (Most specifically, Erika, Koga, and Sabrina in Gen 1, and Chuck, Jasmine, and Pryce in Gen 2.) It's only in Gen 8 and Galar where there is a fixed order to the Gym Challenge, and, even then, it's clearly shown that the Gym Leaders hold back to battle you at specific strengths.

So, it's just as "creepy/stalkery/coincidental" that you happen to bump into your rival, your friends, the professor, or whoever in those games as well. In point of fact, most of the times you battle Blue in RBY, the dialogue (at least in English) specifically mentions that the rival is surprised to see you. But, with the open world nature of SV removing the forced in-game obstacles, it only seems more sinister in the new games.

Bottom line, people will always find a reason to complain. This one is just taken waaaaaaaaaaaay out of the context of literally every single other main series Pokemon game so far.
For those doubting the dream/imagination-theory regarding Tera-Crystals and Terapagos, even after the dinosaur-like Legendary Beast Paradox Pokémon which clearly can't be true ancestors and all bits of dialogue putting in question the existence of a true time-machine;

Someone on Resetera pointed out how some new Terapagos image (shot from above) shows how he basically looks like a dreamcatcher. Hexagons and all.

Make of that what you will.
Nice that it releases not long before Christmas, will probably have a few days off from work around that time to play it.

Also yay Megi can go to SV soon yaay.

Still feels like a good while to go though.
About time we got a date. was worried they wouldn't announce it til like a week out lol.

Surprised we didn't get a new trailer or anything though. Perhaps they've shown all they wanted to prerelease already.

Anywho a bit over one month til Meowstic seemingly makes it's SV debut! I'm excited!
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Some influencers had an official hands on preview of Indigo Disk.
Here are some notable details from a couple of the videos I watched:

-a majority of the battles appear to be double battles
-battles are very tough. The NPCs take items and abilities into account
-some of the Pokemon in the terrarium are a bit surprising and not ones you'd typically associate with that biome
-various regional forms can be found in the terrarium. Sometimes the regional and original forms can both be found
-pokemon are also not necessarily limited to just one biome, some pop up in more than one
-items in the overworld are a bit more unusual, including terra shards (and usually a high amount)
-instead of just shops and pokemon centers, vending machines to buy items and self healing stations are randomly scattered
-performance is alright, but basically no different from base Scarlet and Violet

The preview sounded promising and weirdly packed so I'm definitely excited
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New trailer tomorrow.

For me, I think I’ll avoid it and just go into hermit mode until next week.

I think you could watch it, it didn't reveal anything all that interesting.

It definitely feels more like a promotional trailer than one revealing anything significant.
Also, Darkrai mystery gift. Go and nab that

Nice, but meh.....They could make in-game events for these legendaries/mythic Pokémon, that aren't another battle via terastalization, instead of simply distributing them.

Anyway, considering that Darkrai is already available if you played the last generation games, putting a code to get it isn't the most exciting new thing.

BTW, I remember how happy I was when I captured a Shiny Riolu in Legends Arceus. Now they're giving away a Shiny Lucario via Mystery Gift too, Lol.
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